Vote Information for Friday 15 January 2010


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18:16U317??3287.118.116.*RXN InvestmentsWell done - I like this program
18:13U317??3287.118.116.*OffshoreStockTradesWell done - I like this program
18:09U317??3287.118.116.*RTB ClubWell done - I like this program
18:07U028??36 87.252.255.* Money GuardDate: 1/15/2010 Batch: 26769236 Payer: U9725645 (MoneyGuard) Sum: $2.45 Merchant Reference: Memo: Withdrawal to attos from MoneyGuard
18:07U043??11200.108.111.*RefMotorGreat paying site, always paid instanly and giving free bonus everyday. / Username: clubdeldinero / Batch id = 26015118
15:53 U769??76 60.49.96.* RefMotorGreat site and paying!!!!
15:49U500??96195.47.212.*Golden InvestmentPayments regular! I like to work with this program!
14:33U113??02212.95.42.*XmasInvest, Inc.They are wonderful and BEST, BEST of all. They always pay on time.
14:12U849??20 113.53.48.* Flanita InvestmentsThis is a great program. It took me a while to join them.
13:00U624??04216.245.204.*High Luxury Fund, Inc.Date : 01/15/2010 06:33 From/To Account : U1322898 Amount : 0.46 Currency : USD Batch : 1931821 Memo : API Payment. Withdraw from High Luxury Fund, Inc. Payment ID :
12:53U746??89 58.62.122.* Perfect Cash, Ltd.Payment received again toady! this is very good site with stable plans!
12:40U940??90211.229.208.*ZijfundsThe admin never let me down, I've chosen this one as one of my main investment programs!
12:31U621??29 125.164.101.* Del Castro1/15/2010 10:33 26765233 U3997009 ( + $13.75 Memo: Del Castro Payout 3/4
12:21U881??4289.21.88.*Money GuardDate : 01/15/2010 12:47 From/To Account : U2955863 Amount : 2.19 Currency : USD Batch : 1934903 Memo : API Payment. Withdrawal to InfernusZp from MoneyGuard. Payment ID :
12:18U101??3378.129.147.*ZijfundsSeems a promising project, just put my test money here, will invest more after payment!
12:05U539??83204.12.214.*CazirocaNext payment received today. Thank you, Admin!
12:04U539??83204.12.214.*Rosalin FinanceNext payment received today. Thank you, Admin!
12:01U273??3264.120.153.*CazirocaYou are number one in paying on time.
11:59U273??3264.120.153.*Rosalin FinanceYou are number one in paying on time.
11:46U876??44 79.112.229.* Persona-FinanceI am not anxious any more,since I am sure you are always here to help me!good customer.
11:42U190??9077.78.143.*Persona-Financethis program is more than hyip really really helped me alot just keep doing the good work i will invest $1000 tommorow.
11:38U790??9586.100.107.*Persona-Financeadmin i have receive my payment thanx
11:31U636??51222.122.12.*CazirocaGreat HYIP. PAID Me.
11:29U636??51222.122.12.*Rosalin FinanceGreat HYIP. PAID Me.
11:26U481??0266.186.58.*CazirocaPaying on time! Admin please keep up the good work!
11:25U481??0266.186.58.*Rosalin FinancePaying on time! Admin please keep up the good work!
11:22U830??5161.145.41.*Cazirocagot payment again
11:21U830??5161.145.41.*Rosalin Financegot payment again
11:06U266??3788.102.58.*SantiventuresAdmin just paid me all of my profit. Deposited $700+70 bonus.
10:56U079??6088.102.58.*Persona-FinanceI am sure with this one now will invest with peoples comment and my investigation
10:45U940??6494.225.135.*Santiventuresthanks for the good payment i received mine too
10:45U650??8862.149.206.*IW FundsStill get paid on time from here! Great program & honest admin ! Date: 2010-01-15 03:21 Batch: 26753010 From Account: U2491305 (iw-funds PAYMENT account) Amount: $2.80 Memo: Withdraw to Jacob from IW Funds
10:32U122??4594.225.135.*Persona-Financepaying everyday never miss any payment 15/15 paid i will invest 500$ for the second and keep voting daily
10:29U143??1067.19.33.*IW FundsI received payment today from this hyip again,Wonderful program, I am happy to be in! Date: 1/15/2010 07:35 Batch: 26753449
10:06U327??51110.164.36.*Flanita InvestmentsGetting my profit, No problem to cashout ,very good program
9:59U256??57 112.142.150.* Flanita InvestmentsGreat program. I always get paid very fast.
9:49U830??85208.77.45.*Arby Fundreceived some ref commissions without problem.
9:42U626??5094.76.208.*XmasInvest, Inc.1/15/2010 02:41 26737956 U8751532 ( $3.00 paid me today!
9:27U679??6588.140.240.*Oil Forex Trading Co.scam! put your money out, here he is lost!
9:06U874??94 124.120.12.* Flanita InvestmentsGood program, friendly admin and fast payment! I hope this will stay long!
8:54U042??6664.120.168.*ZijfundsLow but reasonalbe ROI has created such a good program, you're in HYIP field, you should not miss this one!
8:50U679??6588.140.240.*FXZincscam! put your money out, here he is lost!
8:42U147??9798.126.177.*ZijfundsThe funds of this program get a steady and fast growth, let's keep it in hot status!
8:38U956??57 119.202.128.* Arby FundNever thought that such projects can give the real income.) really HIGH income!!!
8:35U480??5169.197.158.*XmasInvest, Inc.Batch is 26691520 Paying me everyday, Thanks admin, I m highly impressed with your service.
8:19U506??7967.19.33.*Prestige BrokersVery nice and perfect. A profitable program get pay without any problem. Date: 1/15/2010 07:46 Batch: 26753459
8:14U513??21 115.126.14.* Arby FundNo problems with the program,payouts in time,really good!thanks honest admin!
8:12U679??6588.140.240.*Bern Business Clubscam! put your money out, here he is lost!
8:03U824??7470.168.158.*IW FundsMaybe this is really the best program online Serious paying program. i got paid again and again. 1/15/2010 00:54 26741646 U2491305 (iw-funds PAYMENT account) + $6.00
7:59U722??49 118.174.54.* Flanita Investmentsexcellence program and pay quickly and on time Thank you admin
7:48U065??93218.15.1.*Flanita Investments$3.50 has been successfully sent to your LibertyReserve account U368xxxx. Transaction batch is 26747553.
7:41U499??7158.8.40.*TrueBankerThis site has been for a long time. It should invest.
7:31U275??18 125.26.219.* TrueBankerGood Job ,This program stay long time and very fast paid, Thank you admin.
7:23U824??7470.168.158.*Prestige BrokersJust look at the stats,since joined here i have double my investment and will continue to do so.
7:10U065??93218.15.1.*TrueBankerVery good project and real investment program. Paid well and always in time! Excellent site!
6:12U438??19 202.55.224.* Arby FundPaid as usual,like before.I think is the stable program.
6:08U883??24 124.120.201.* TrueBankerPaid without any problems for a long time. The site good to invest.
6:08U713??23123.252.171.*RefMotorI love this HYIP! Instant and paying bonuses! user: ajey Transaction batch is 26751131
6:00U157??9498.126.36.*TobafundI have invested $1600,got payment more times,thanks for admin
5:46U775??01 180.183.236.* TrueBankerThis program stay long time is so great program and very fast paid thank you admin.
5:46U241??53 76.66.22.* DBX ClubDidn't pay since last week and no one answer emails.
5:24U095??96110.164.239.*TrueBankerThis program has stay long time and very good program to be investment.
5:11U963??4067.114.242.*XmasInvest, Inc.Very Stable professional project. I got payment!
4:52U780??36 112.142.5.* TrueBankerLong life hyip very trusted site still paid on time I recommended
4:51U946??11 119.237.48.* Del Castropaid me everyday, no problem at all
4:24U145??3267.43.151.*Del CastroThis one keeps on paying and paying, great program
4:23U508??36 112.142.122.* TrueBankerThis site stay along time, always paid. recommed to join. Very nice admin.
4:19U942??07222.122.12.*Del CastroBatch 26739158 Thanks for payment
3:45U643??7595.143.35.*ZijfundsPaid on time, reinvest my money again and add more to this great program!
3:20U759??66 218.150.163.* Arby Fundreceived my payment today,so far so good!I thank admin very much!
3:07U158??7761.6.39.*RefMotorVery good program, paid instantly again, TQ. user: Mifaz batch:26741622
3:05U162??25174.139.11.*Deposit Palace1/12/2010 21:24 26542160 U5059427 (Deposit Palace Inc) + $9.90
2:55U636??51 67.21.82.* Deposit PalaceDate: 2010-01-14 01:34 Batch: 26646754 From Account: U5059427 (Deposit Palace Inc) Amount: $13.00
2:33U098??2064.120.168.*Deposit Palace1/14/2010 01:34 26646750 U5059427 (Deposit Palace Inc) + $6.60
2:21U603??43 119.133.155.* Deposit Palace2010-01-14 01:34:47 26646746 U5059427 (Deposit Palace Inc) + $36.30
1:29U874??94 124.120.14.* TrueBankerThis web very quickly and bepaid will be more long. Thanks Admin.