Vote Information for Wednesday 13 January 2010


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0:46U158??7761.6.39.*RefMotorPaid instantly today, Payment received.TQ. user: Mifaz batch:26645440
19:20U019??32188.62.250.*Pirex Fund LLCPaid : 1.36$ (batch : 26633557) kakashi234
19:17 U317??40 93.138.175.* Oil Forex Trading Co.Fake votes!!! They are not paying!!!!
19:11U019??32188.62.250.*Online-InvestmentLast Invest : 850$ => Get paid after 3 re-invest : 490.10$ x2 (batch : 26537567/26536194) => Profit : 130$ in 24hours
18:19U043??11 200.108.111.* RefMotorGreat paying site, always paid instanly and giving free bonus everyday. / Username: clubdeldinero / Batch id = 26015118
18:00U252??7779.12.90.*High Luxury Fund, Inc.It's a rather reliable program. I'm satisfied with their services.
17:59U252??7779.12.90.*Perfect Cash, Ltd.Got my initial! In profit now. Excellent work!
17:10U490??39217.119.151.*Cedex InvestmentAPI 1/13/2010 16:21 26615718 U1925660 (Cedex Payout Account) + $30.00 Paid quickly as usual, thanks !
16:55U780??36 112.142.2.* Flanita InvestmentsToday received payment very best admin good active and honest, I make money a lot of profit from this, Thank!!
16:34U095??96110.164.239.*Flanita InvestmentsPerfect working investment project. Recommend for everyone
15:59U904??31 118.174.56.* Flanita InvestmentsGreat support system and very fast payment when requested, thanks admin.
15:33U420??36 89.164.163.* OffshoreStockTradesYou don't have permission to access / on this server.
15:30U821??61208.94.174.*IW FundsNext payment and some ref coms received again1/13/2010 13:39 26601163 U2491305 (iw-funds PAYMENT account) + $9.25 Thanks Admin
15:18U746??89209.18.107.*IW Fundsbatch_id: 26593707 Received payments on investments.Thanks admin.
15:01U782??91110.173.50.*ZijfundsHonest payouts still on time! i got paid today as usual. really nice serious project!
14:52U098??45209.120.245.*High Luxury Fund, Inc.Date : 2010-13-01 10:12:37From/To Account : U6674728 (High Luxury Fund, Inc (P))Amount : 2.5200Currency : LRUSDBatch : 26582980
14:48U397??99221.214.27.*DBX ClubWell done - this is my favorite program !
14:45U404??15209.120.245.*Perfect Cash, Ltd.Payment is received!Date : 01/13/2010 02:54From/To Account : U2219506Amount : 0.75Currency : USDBatch : 1912864
14:44U317??32221.214.27.*KBD Investment ServicesWell done - this is my favorite program !
14:35U750??83 83.170.113.* UnixFundsGot 2nd payment. Thank you admin of!!!
14:34U113??0291.212.182.*XmasInvest, Inc.Admin are very impressived, got paid on time!
14:33U275??18 180.180.42.* Flanita InvestmentsGood job!!! 1/13/2010 13:15 26597321 U5377308 (Flanita) +$3.40,No problem to cashout, Thanks admin.
14:32U451??8912.165.82.*IW Funds$1.25 has been successfully sent to your LibertyReserve account U*.Transaction batch is 26606231.
14:13U483??5464.120.153.*RefMotori calculate they pay over 1000 bonus each day
14:11d??????????????e@gmail.com70.84.84.*Wish Investaid , many tanks
14:09U499??7158.8.39.*Flanita InvestmentsPaid!!! 1/13/2010 12:27 26594902 U5377308 (Flanita) + $1.50, Thanks admin.
14:03U406??40111.68.1.*ZijfundsAnother day paid on time. This one will be a great program! No doubt of it!
13:52U082??87 213.193.220.* Arby FundALL OK!!!THANKS ADMIN!!!PAID ON TIME!!!
13:42U348??86 115.60.59.* Zijfunds1/13/2010 12:51 26597052 U0828804 (ZIJFUNDS) + $247.20, another payment, thanks!
13:33U948??8665.44.141.*Arby FundEverything ok with me too.Great!Congratulations to admin and to us all.
13:12U293??2193.104.210.*ZijfundsVery good project and real investment program. Paid well and always in time! Excellent site!
13:10U626??50213.229.82.*XmasInvest, Inc.1/13/2010 03:46 26559676 U8751532 ( + $1.25
13:07U445??38120.106.24.*Arby FundExcellent program that never misses any payment. Fantastic!
13:06U228??7395.49.128.*Persona-FinanceSimply but the Best!!!!
13:02U228??7395.49.128.*Profit-CapitalIt just have paid to me account almost 100 dollars and this is very good
12:58U219??4089.216.230.*Persona-Financeall investor good luck,becuase this site is realy pay ment evry day.
12:56U219??4089.216.230.*Profit-CapitalVery honest programm!!!
12:48U703??3379.112.226.*Persona-FinanceI come to terms with this honesty and fast paying,
12:44U703??3379.112.226.*Profit-CapitalVery friendly and fast admin, good PROGRAM ! I think it will last for a long time !!!
12:39U228??7377.78.143.*SantiventuresAdmin you are the best just keep paying my profit and i will vote you.
12:32U852??9675.125.78.*Arby FundA great program in my opinion. referral bonus paid on time and without problems. Very good work!
12:30U702??3489.103.69.*Persona-FinanceMagnificent and really great paying hyip.
12:29U506??79210.196.112.*Offshore-Money LLCVery honest admin, got paid daily profit again,thank admin. There are only best program i can trust
12:18U702??3489.103.69.*Profit-CapitalPaying well so far, they pay fast and on time.thanks.
12:11U384??2566.70.16.*Arby FundPaid again as promised,so nice program,i am happy in!
12:09U219??40213.89.107.*SantiventuresThanks for the payment God bless u
12:07U071??96 218.0.55.* RefMotorseems they want to be the best of 2010, I won't lost this chance
12:00U634??16213.89.107.*Persona-FinanceThis hyip is surprising & wonderful paying site. See this unique site.
11:55U199??72 113.53.99.* Flanita InvestmentsExcellent program, always paying! very recommended to join here,should reinvest here.
11:48U862??05219.101.150.*Offshore-Money LLCIt is one of the best investment´╝îmost solid and honest. Always paying, highly recommended. Date: 2010-01-12 12:59 Batch: 26541526
11:46U634??16213.89.107.*Profit-CapitalThey paid to me more than 2 months , thank you so much!
11:03U137??86 174.139.9.* RefMotorpaid!!!! my 200 usd paid instantly
10:23U654??88119.42.148.*ZijfundsThanks for more profit today. I think your program is the quickest and most userfriendly of all. Great!
9:26U762??85 110.138.41.* RefMotorThe best hyip with instantly payment, user maulana, Batch is 26529412. Thx RefMotor.
9:21U946??11116.49.10.*Del CastroReceived 2 nd payment thanks
9:10U143??10219.101.150.*Prestige BrokersQuick payment....excellent,i'm happy and satisfied with their service! thank admin. Date: 2010-01-13 02:20 Batch: 26544611
7:25U662??28 119.42.76.* Flanita InvestmentsWOW! WOW! WOW! Thanks Admin. [1/13/2010 08:05 26572206 U5377308 (Flanita) +$1.35]
7:25U862??05210.196.112.*Prestige BrokersOne of the best investment project! stable and always paid me on time. 1/13/2010 07:15 26544843 U9494347 (P-B Withdrawal) + $2.56
6:49U883??24 124.120.206.* Flanita InvestmentsNew Paid received! I hope this one can last long. 1/12/2010 13:22 26508093 U5377308 (Flanita) +$3.00
6:43U944??1766.197.200.*TobafundPaid to my LR account,thanks
5:20U963??4065.44.141.*XmasInvest, Inc.1/12/2010 07:07 26482553 U8751532 ( + $2.50 Paying, thanks admin.
4:50U907??3671.154.214.*High Luxury Fund, Inc.Very solid program, serious approach and regular payouts.
4:50U907??3671.154.214.*Perfect Cash, Ltd.New payment received like clockwork, great program, thanks!
3:54U117??9967.198.205.*TobafundThanks admin,paid and paid on time,paid fast again,oh!great programs
1:34U830??51112.121.165.*CazirocaNice payout received again.Thanks admin very much.
1:32U830??51112.121.165.*Rosalin FinanceNice payout received again.Thanks admin very much.
1:29U481??02122.195.244.* paid again and instantly my account. Thanks admin.
1:27U702??24122.195.244.*Rosalin paid again and instantly my account. Thanks admin.
1:26U102??8483.226.3.*High Luxury Fund, Inc.Good HYIP, customer service has been great, they have always answered my emails right away.
1:26U102??8483.226.3.*Perfect Cash, Ltd.Always paid on time to me! I think this is a good site.
1:26U158??7761.6.39.*RefMotorPaid instantly today, Payment received.TQ. user: Mifaz batch:26551020
1:25U741??01222.122.12.*Cazirocavery fast payment when requested and great support system
1:23U741??01222.122.12.*Rosalin Financevery fast payment when requested and great support system
1:21U539??8364.120.181.*CazirocaExcellent Very nice looking site! Hurry up to join and get your profit!
1:19U539??8364.120.181.*Rosalin FinanceExcellent Very nice looking site! Hurry up to join and get your profit!
1:13U898??90 60.54.50.* Rosalin Financealways paid to best HYIP well done Best ADMIN TQ again.