Vote Information for Saturday 9 January 2010


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0:57 U102??33 124.195.18.* RefMotorthis site is very good, i got paid again. thank you refmotor. username: eins batch: 25884197
19:40U801??0681.38.248.*RefMotorIS FANTASTIC
17:28U448??22 59.182.135.* RefMotorlike deposit gets immeditae in the site, payment gets immediate in LR. User Ganeshan, Batch is 26318643
17:15U763??30 110.164.231.* Flanita InvestmentsThis web investment interest be paid quickly pay real good.
17:05U934??9092.243.182.*RefMotorInstant payments! Solmaksim. Batch # 26305568.
16:21U795??83 125.165.153.* RefMotorA lot of profit from refmotor. its good. +$0.41 in my LR balance.Thanks a lot refmotor username:shevajo Batch is 26313754
16:16U615??2064.120.153.*Rosalin FinanceGot paid again, and am in profit. Thanks!!
16:14U615??2064.120.153.*CazirocaGot paid again, and am in profit. Thanks!!
16:12U515??10204.12.214.*CazirocaI decided to vote this program because i always got paid and on time
16:10U515??10204.12.214.*Rosalin FinanceI decided to vote this program because i always got paid and on time
16:08U714??0169.197.177.*CazirocaHonest payouts on time! Get paid today as usual. Nice serious project
16:06U714??0169.197.177.*Rosalin FinanceHonest payouts on time! Get paid today as usual. Nice serious project
16:04U393??1166.186.58.*CazirocaPaying on time! Admin please keep up the good work!
16:02U393??1166.186.58.*Rosalin FinancePaying on time! Admin please keep up the good work!
15:59U183??09218.61.33.*CazirocaReceive a ref commission ,paid on time,thanks very much!
15:58U183??09218.61.33.*Rosalin FinanceReceive a ref commission ,paid on time,thanks very much!
15:56U007??28125.92.70.*CazirocaGot payment again
15:56U745??98 61.19.237.* Zeus Capital ManagementSeems ZeusCM will going to be another BIG program just like geniusfunds, I'm really hope ZeusCM can also stand here more than 1 year
15:51U007??28125.92.70.*Rosalin FinanceGot payment again
14:51U918??20213.93.245.*High Luxury Fund, Inc.Very good site, another payment received today, Thanks
14:51U918??20213.93.245.*Perfect Cash, Ltd.Works clearly and seems paying to everybody.
14:14U139??69 114.56.144.* RefMotorVery fast Paidout, great admin. user name: logonme, batch: 26276920
13:44U275??18 180.180.43.* Flanita InvestmentsNice+ 1/9/2010 12:10 26298460 U5377308 (Flanita) +$5.80. Thanks Admin.
13:13U610??68213.180.112.*Perfect Cash, Ltd.Date: 2010-01-09 08:50Batch: 26289734From Account: U7924428 (Perfect Cash, Ltd. Payout)Amount: $3.50Memo: Withdraw from Perfect Cash, Ltd
13:02U867??66213.180.112.*High Luxury Fund, Inc.Date: 2010-01-09 05:34Batch: 26280621From Account: U6674728 (High Luxury Fund, Inc (P))Amount: $2.70
12:52U883??24 124.121.222.* Flanita is very nice and good site,payments without any problems,great! 1/9/2010 01:29 26232059 U5377308 (Flanita) +$3.00
12:39U199??72 113.53.98.* Flanita InvestmentsI am got profit today, this is a serious paying investment program. Always pays without problems, Thanks!
12:31U748??96 41.214.193.* RefMotorgood site , paid instanlty thanks admin Batch# 25940431 zouhir00
12:27U486??7196.9.169.*RefMotorreceived 75 dollars commission instantly!
12:06U662??28 112.142.62.* Flanita Investmentspaid : 1/9/2010 10:15 26292710 U5377308 (Flanita) +$2.00. Thanks Admin.
12:05U256??57 112.142.20.* Flanita InvestmentsGreat program. I always get paid on time.
11:03U410??8464.120.153.*RefMotorI hate evey site who want to scam us! I just lost my money in three sites,I'm angry, but the good news is refmotor still paying me every day,that is a really profect work
10:46U626??50219.118.189.*XmasInvest, Inc.Perfect working investment project.Thanks for paying me again!
10:23U654??6167.198.201.*RefMotoraha! My $239 back in to my pocket now!
10:03U792??23 95.58.153.* RefMotorsuper instantly payment,username; stas349 Batch is 26288146
9:45U370??30 122.162.22.* RefMotorToday as per liberty reserve server time and date 1/9/2010 06:05,I have again received instantly a payment of $2 vide batch no 26281985.Many many thanks to you Admin. My user i.d. with REFMOTOR is batravk786
8:55U122??45 24.251.57.* Persona-FinanceThinking about reinvesting money, hope program will pay as quick as usual
8:50U266??3724.82.11.*Persona-FinanceSuper Program! Quality program!
8:41U940??6424.82.11.*Profit-CapitalPayments regular! I like to work with this program!
8:35U940??64173.3.247.*Persona-FinanceStable Program, Always paid on time!
8:29U363??54173.3.247.*Profit-Capitalgood admin response
8:24U790??9589.228.246.*SantiventuresI received my payment today and I walk on the air.
8:21U647??86222.124.151.*RefMotorgreat investment plan, User: muhammadadnanzain batch : U6474486
8:13U363??5489.228.246.*Persona-FinanceI am near profit. Hope things will go perfectly!!
8:07U430??2789.228.246.*Profit-Capitalwe have tested you and we declear you 100% good to the world.
7:50U580??6761.105.175.*Zeus Capital ManagementGood HYIP, customer service has been great, they have always answered my emails right away.
7:42U079??6077.78.143.*SantiventuresPaying fast and ontime is here.Thanks
7:30U430??2777.78.143.*Persona-FinanceSupport is very friendly!
7:21U228??7377.78.143.*Profit-CapitalThank you for payment. Good job, admin. Very happy!!!
6:37U480??51213.229.82.*XmasInvest, Inc.1/8/2010 12:22 26225727 U8751532 ( + $1.25 got paid.
5:20U714??34 85.185.25.* Zeus Capital Managementpaid me again Date: 2010-01-08 11:49 Batch: 26223331 From Account: U1844391 Amount: $4.00 Memo: ZeusCM
3:46U963??40 66.90.74.* XmasInvest, Inc.The site working fine, I got paid today. Thank you admin.
2:15U989??90203.82.79.*Quest 4 Dollarthis site is scam..i never get paid
2:12U989??90203.82.79.*Gold Makersmy withdraw has pending for 2 day.. this site is scam