Vote Information for Thursday 31 December 2009


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17:57U725??00219.159.82.*RefMotorusername:huafei batch:1832583 thanks for payment!
17:39 U860??67 114.123.98.* RefMotorpaid instantly, username:w4hyu55 batch : 25081382. thx admin...
17:11U515??59 196.12.243.* RefMotorInstantly payment username: said9tac batch id: 25748601
16:41 U327??49 98.254.37.* Investment ForgeGreat program! my investment. I made thousands in profit the past 6 months.
15:37U471??75 189.58.68.* Golden Investmentvery very good program
14:55U560??1938.105.100.*Prestige BrokersInstant payment received. Thank you!12/31/2009 12:57 25733615 U9032557 (Prestige-brokers) + $1.53
14:21U904??5099.70.220.*Prestige BrokersAsk for withdrawal:Withdrawal processed, batch_id: 25736166
14:09U751??7799.70.220.*Perfect Cash, Ltd.$1.00 has been successfully sent to your LibertyReserve account.Transaction batch is 25702833.You can login here:
14:01U404??1599.70.220.*High Luxury Fund, Inc.Date: 2009-12-31 01:23Batch: 25703381From Account: U6674728 (High Luxury Fund, Inc (P))Amount: $2.20Memo: Withdraw from High Luxury Fund, Inc
13:58U808??84 69.197.158.* Earn higherpaying Batch: 25738922
13:56U130??4266.228.125.*Earn higherReceive a ref commission ,paid on time,thanks very much!
13:53U633??9161.63.82.*Earn higherHonest hyip. Earned some with it
13:51U781??42113.30.68.*Earn higherReally good and honest hyip.. Reinvest!
13:48U603??43 61.145.37.* Earn higherNo problem with it! Paid
13:27U747??27 81.235.205.* NDCA Traders FundPAID, very fast today. Thanks Admin. Pays as promised.
13:19U123??90 81.202.184.* NDCA Traders FundPayment completed! How honest admin and excellent site!
13:01U246??99173.21.82.*NDCA Traders FundI receive another payment today, admin paid on time, thank you!
12:46U987??27 81.84.44.* NDCA Traders FundI recommend you this fast and on time paying. This is fantastic.
12:46U397??99 75.126.148.* Green Financial ServicesSuper program - thank you Admin !
12:41U911??7282.160.29.*DBX ClubGot paid again - thanks !
12:38U911??7282.160.29.*KBD Investment ServicesGot paid again - thanks !
12:38U095??96110.164.241.*Flanita InvestmentsReply from admin in 30 minutes! Great support!
12:24U787??9678.22.171.*NDCA Traders FundPayment recived again! Very good site with stable plan!!
12:16U883??24124.122.77.*Flanita InvestmentsPaid to me no problem. 12/31/2009 12:12 25740204 U5377308 (Flanita) +$3.00
12:13U568??4889.77.124.*NDCA Traders FundI got all my payments! Admin honest and this site is the best!
12:02U707??64 70.254.22.* NDCA Traders FundAnother great program, One of the top paying site.
11:49U966??8382.238.171.*High Luxury Fund, Inc.Paid to my LR on time like clock work.
11:49U966??8382.238.171.*NDCA Traders FundAll request are processed very fast. thanks.
11:35U118??79 87.17.31.* NDCA Traders FundI have no complaints here. Good program, paid on time, thank you!
11:24U567??36172.129.30.*Perfect Cash, Ltd.Very Honest payouts and on time! Get paid today as usual.
11:23U567??36172.129.30.*NDCA Traders FundGreat investments! Been paid on time!
11:17U737??0459.34.129.*Flanita InvestmentsPaid. Thanks Admin. 12/31/2009 11:03 25723849 U5377308 (Flanita) + $0.30
11:14U662??28 112.142.63.* Flanita InvestmentsI'm grateful for your payment. It is a good time. I received it ($7.00). May your New Year be filled with joy and happiness.
10:43U780??36112.142.56.*Flanita InvestmentsGreat program best support and payout I'm make many profit from here, thank admin
10:30U256??57114.128.139.*Flanita InvestmentsGreat program. I always get paid on time.
10:30U729??62 118.173.216.* Flanita InvestmentsAnother instant payment received. This program deserves to be rated 1st.
10:24U258??58 114.128.18.* Flanita InvestmentsHyip is very good pay very fast payment is already $ 1.5 many thanks admin.
9:35U143??10115.133.152.*Prestige BrokersVery cool program ,PAYING still well and instant! thanks admin! Date: 12/31/2009 07:11 Batch: 25644769 From Account: U9032557 Amount: $21.50 Memo: Withdraw to Uzcategui from :: Prestige Brokers :: Your financial solution
8:55U824??74189.126.109.*Prestige Brokers12/31/2009 10:35 25644765 U9032557 (Prestige-brokers) +$10.70 I have tested this admin and they are really good and paying me...I suggest you try and see...Very good project
8:11U506??7983.234.62.*Prestige Brokersreally good program.I was paid as usual. Thanks admin very much. Date: 12/31/2009 05:24 Batch: 25644753
8:01U694??49120.28.64.*Golden InvestmentAlways pay on time and excellent service....
4:41U713??23123.252.171.*RefMotorSuperb! Instant payment..user: ajey, Transaction batch is 25709315.
2:28U649??6860.173.12.*CazirocaGot payment. My deposit became larger and larger each day.
2:28U464??8691.66.90.*High Luxury Fund, Inc.I got my paid. This is a good paying site. Thanks admin.
2:27U464??8691.66.90.*NDCA Traders FundHonest payouts on time! Get paid today as usual. Nice serious project!!!
2:26U649??6860.173.12.*Rosalin Finance2009-12-28 23:34:47 25563090 U3533907 (Rosalin Finance) + $62.05
2:25U444??7866.56.51.*NDCA Traders FundThank you admin, Very fast withdrawal received.
2:24U444??7866.56.51.*Perfect Cash, Ltd.Hot program, they paid me after the investing. Thanks admin.
2:23U664??56 211.162.208.* Dream Funds LtdThis program is paying all investors constantly, seem can envision a bright future here.
2:21U488??91113.31.24.*CazirocaDate: 2009-12-29 20:22 Batch: 25623786 From Account: U1910569 (Caziroca) Amount: $6.00
2:20U488??91113.31.24.*Rosalin Finance2009-12-29 22:28:44 25630759 U3533907 (Rosalin Finance) + $75.50
2:18U145??32222.122.12.*Cazirocathanks admin your response was helpful
2:17U145??32222.122.12.*Rosalin FinanceGreat program that is still paying!
2:15U942??07112.140.186.*Caziroca12/29/2009 20:25 25624400 U1910569 (Caziroca) + $6.50
2:14U162??25112.140.186.*Rosalin Finance2009-12-30 21:19:31 25694865 U3533907 (Rosalin Finance) + $100.50
2:12U603??4364.120.153.*CazirocaExcellent program! Never misses payment
2:10U603??4364.120.153.*Rosalin FinancePayment received again,very fast. Thank you
2:08U781??42204.12.214.*Caziroca12/29/2009 20:25 25624155 U1910569 (Caziroca) + $3.55
2:07U781??42204.12.214.*Rosalin Finance12/29/2009 22:27 25630717 U3533907 (Rosalin Finance) + $25.90
2:04U633??9167.198.201.*CazirocaI am in profit ,this is a serious paying investment program
2:03U633??9167.198.201.*Rosalin Financepaid! With this site everyone will earn greater money!Thanks admin!!
2:01U130??4269.197.177.*Caziroca12/29/2009 20:24 25624054 U1910569 (Caziroca) + $35.00
2:00U130??4269.197.177.*Rosalin Finance12/28/2009 23:38 25563216 U3533907 (Rosalin Finance) + $50.90
1:58U808??8466.186.58.*CazirocaAlways received my payment from here, i am happy.
1:56U808??8466.186.58.*Rosalin FinanceBeen paid again! Great job from the admin! Thanks!
1:55U967??69119.133.151.*Caziroca12/28/2009 21:17 25558930 U1910569 (Caziroca) + $8.50
1:53U967??69119.133.151.*Rosalin Finance2009-12-30 21:19:30 25694801 U3533907 (Rosalin Finance) + $12.00