Vote Information for Monday 28 December 2009


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23:28U834??584.245.34.*Perfect Cash, Ltd.Very good site with stable plan! Got payment!
23:27U834??584.245.34.*High Luxury Fund, Inc.What a great project! Always paying and no delays, fantastic!
23:17 U202??19 217.150.241.*Stable Interest:(
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17:03 U501??79 211.76.175.* Stark Fundhuj wam w dupe
15:29U275??18 125.26.220.* Flanita InvestmentsPaid Again. 12/28/2009 06:45 25509812 U5377308 (Flanita) + $4.30 Thank Admin ^^
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14:01 U767??93 83.30.189.* Rosalin FinancePaid today !!!
13:56U159??06 117.47.233.* Flanita Investments12/28/2009 06:30 25508937 U5377308 (Flanita) + $10.20 ... more profit
13:53U830??82200.32.238.*Perfect Cash, Ltd.12/28/2009 01:42 25500556 U7924428 (Perfect Cash, Ltd. Payout) + $1.00
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13:38U303??49200.32.238.*High Luxury Fund, Inc.Received Payment 2.00 USD from account U1322898 to account U1668488. Batch: 1812045. Memo: API Payment. Withdraw from High Luxury Fund, Inc.
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