Vote Information for Wednesday 23 December 2009


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0:54U566??06217.25.26.*Forex-Benefit Inctoday they paid me . i paid from this ontime and instant . i love plans of it . its very nice
0:50U675??61 69.134.137.* Forex-Benefit Inctank you admin , your payments was very fast . very tanks for your rapid program
0:45 U610??57 87.241.214.* RefMotorInstantly payment! Good programm. Username: stikk, Batch id:25202900
0:41U305??34195.46.161.*Forex-Benefit IncGOT PAID , 7,300$ . Batch : 25318177
0:34U335??2962.135.2.*RefMotormazen123 8.00$ Transaction batch is 25316193. thanks admin
0:30U158??7761.6.39.*RefMotorgot paid instanly! TQ batch:25264625
0:25U983??7369.175.63.*Forex-Benefit Inctanks paid . very good
0:15U404??15173.13.170.*Perfect Cash, Ltd.Date: 12:01 23.12.09. Batch: 1791263. Memo: API Payment. Withdraw from Perfect Cash, Ltd..
0:08U098??45173.13.170.*High Luxury Fund, Inc.Next fast payment.Date : 2009-23-12 02:06:24From/To Account : U6674728 (High Luxury Fund, Inc (P))Amount : 2.5200Currency : LRUSDBatch : 25250614Memo : Withdraw from High Luxury Fund, Inc
23:50U505??69 94.179.43.* Financo22дек.письмо пришло а на сче�� в LR-нет. Сайтисчез.КУДА ДЕВАЛСЯ?КТО ПОДСКАЖЕТ?
23:39 U864??05 41.238.210.* RefMotorusername:mgabr200 ecxcellent progam paid again thanks batch:25148686
21:35U515??59 196.12.243.* RefMotorInstantly payment! Thanks username: said9tac batch id: 25312086
21:27U553??35 41.224.121.* RefMotorget paid instantly as usual user: gaaloul batch: 25303017 thank you very much admin
21:19U500??9691.203.136.*Golden InvestmentToday's payout received as usual, i am happy here.
21:03U694??49120.28.64.*Golden InvestmentI got all my payment!!! This site is paying again. Thanks very much Admin
20:54U499??18 83.25.235.* RefMotorUsername: martin-ptc, Batch No: 25292619.
20:52U816??06121.28.34.*Golden InvestmentNew Paid received!I hope this one can last long.
19:33U907??3671.137.150.*Global Market SolutionsI got my next payment. SUPER SITE and honest admin.
19:33U907??3671.137.150.*United Cash BankVery good program. PAID me well today, best investment project!
18:54 U390??49 202.152.172.*EcashMasterPending for amount $42, it's over then 24 hours.
16:45U651??6062.42.120.*Global Market SolutionsGrowing steady and payments are never late! Got paid again, thanks
16:44U651??6062.42.120.*United Cash BankPaid to me still no problem and it is regular! Thanks Admin, Keep up your faithful payments!
16:38U159??06 114.128.19.* Flanita InvestmentsThx admin recive now. 12/23/2009 17:19 25294291 U5377308 (Flanita) +$3.80
16:28U258??58 117.47.10.* Flanita InvestmentsWeb has been very good to pay a $ 1.50 dispensing very quickly thanks.
16:11U246??99173.20.42.*Global Market SolutionsPaying program! Think this project will work else long!
16:11U246??99173.20.42.*United Cash BankSuper site! always paid and received money from this program. I like it, they are really paying!! GOOD JOB ADMIN!
15:52U239??57 216.82.160.* FXZinc
15:49U273??32202.133.246.*Cazirocapayment still fine
15:48U273??32202.133.246.*Rosalin Financepayment still fine
15:46U636??51113.30.68.*Rosalin FinanceI am going to become rich with this hyip!!
15:44U702??24219.118.189.*CazirocaPayment correctly received. Thanks for the perfect service admin.
15:42U702??24219.118.189.*Rosalin FinancePayment correctly received. Thanks for the perfect service admin.
15:40U481??0261.63.82.*CazirocaGet paid quickly and correctly as always. Nice programm
15:39U474??7467.82.48.*Perfect Cash, Ltd.Got Paid directly to my LR. Great program! Thank you admin!
15:38U474??7467.82.48.*High Luxury Fund, Inc.Never experiencing any problems. Great!
15:38U481??0261.63.82.*Rosalin FinanceGet paid quickly and correctly as always. Nice programm
15:38U474??7467.82.48.*Global Market SolutionsPayment completed! How honest admin and excellent site!
15:37U474??7467.82.48.*United Cash BankVery good service! I really like this program. would like to invest more here.
15:35U830??51222.73.85.*CazirocaYAHOO!!! It works!!!
15:31U830??51 116.27.118.* Rosalin FinanceYAHOO!!! It works!!!
13:52U122??4589.102.106.*Persona-FinanceA man who is as sharp as a needle,never thinks about other sites;just invests here.
13:39U266??3789.102.106.*Profit-CapitalBIG investment & BEST program. Thanks alot admin.
13:33U266??3785.67.3.*Persona-FinanceYour fast paying is as clear as a day. Thanks alot.
13:15U940??6485.67.3.*Profit-CapitalGet ride of all your problems & be happy forever by this ontime paying.
13:06U940??6477.78.143.*Persona-Financevery stable and reliable great program.
12:52U363??5477.78.143.*Profit-CapitalTheir honesty and punctuality arrest attention
12:47U876??4483.165.197.*SantiventuresYou beat other sites hands down.You are number one.
12:30U363??5483.165.197.*Persona-FinanceNever live from hand to mouth , because your money problems will solved here .
12:10U430??2783.165.197.*Profit-CapitalI admire your integrity & faithfulness.Really wonderful
12:08U904??5094.103.130.*RefMotorPayment received. Thanks admin.12/22/2009 16:51 25225433 U0239843 (RefMotor) + $3.21
11:54U310??1166.208.238.*RefMotorReceived $20 as referral instantlt just!thank very much!
11:46 U260??15 110.137.93.* GeniusFundsgood site give me more
11:44U821??61209.18.107.*RefMotori opened account and they paid me bonus for free today,thank admin!
11:37U746??8964.251.8.*RefMotorReceived 200$ instantly!i get many bonus here,it is very nice stie!
11:22U451??89208.87.240.*RefMotor$0.46 has been successfully sent to your LibertyReserve account U9422362.Transaction batch is 25256515.
11:14U615??20112.140.186.*CazirocaI decided to vote this program because i always got paid and on time
11:12U615??20112.140.186.*Rosalin FinanceI decided to vote this program because i always got paid and on time
11:10U515??1064.120.153.*CazirocaHonest payouts on time! Get paid today as usual. Nice serious project
11:09U515??1064.120.153.*Rosalin FinanceHonest payouts on time! Get paid today as usual. Nice serious project
11:07U714??01204.12.214.*CazirocaPaying on time! Admin please keep up the good work!
11:05U714??01204.12.214.*Rosalin FinancePaying on time! Admin please keep up the good work!
11:03U393??1167.198.201.*CazirocaReceive a ref commission ,paid on time,thanks very much!
11:01U393??1167.198.201.*Rosalin FinanceReceive a ref commission ,paid on time,thanks very much!
10:59U183??0969.197.177.*CazirocaBeing one of their investors bring me alot of happiness.250$ is received today.
10:58U183??0969.197.177.*Rosalin FinanceBeing one of their investors bring me alot of happiness.250$ is received today.
10:56U007??2866.186.58.*CazirocaI see only positive voices! It' great!!! I'm here with u.!!!!!
10:54U007??2866.186.58.*Rosalin FinanceI see only positive voices! It' great!!! I'm here with u.!!!!!
10:26U858??44195.216.213.*Forex-Benefit IncPayment Received , 2,150 $ . Batch : 25272197
10:15U566??06217.25.26.*Forex-Benefit Incthey paid to me and my son and i sent this good vote for them . very good
10:02U305??3494.102.53.*Forex-Benefit IncPAID
9:51U190??9094.225.131.*SantiventuresBe in the money, and forget your problems with this program
9:32U228??7394.225.131.*Persona-FinanceGood for you to have a fabulous & outstanding site like this.
9:20U228??7394.225.131.*Profit-CapitalInvest here and got backed fast and ontime.
9:15U727??13188.165.47.*KBD Investment ServicesGood job - thank you Admin
5:54U091??0163.151.138.*HY-InvestmentGroupPaid on time without any problem, perfect program,honest admin !!!
5:52U091??0163.151.138.*TopOnlineInvestGot my first payout, thank you.
5:23U456??5274.126.177.*HY-InvestmentGroupPaid quickly no problem,honest admin!thanks!!!
5:20U456??5274.126.177.*TopOnlineInvestI like this program, invests and obtains the profit very happily in here.
4:59U824??74222.122.12.*Prestige Brokers12/22/2009 23:56 25247145 U9032557 (Prestige-brokers) + $31.40 Payment received without any problem.I hope the admin will keep on his good job.
4:51U925??77 61.143.230.* Flanita InvestmentsNext payment Received instantly as usual batch_id: 25251678 Thank you, admin!
4:25U506??7998.126.177.*Prestige BrokersIt is one of the best investment,most solid and honest. Always paying, highly recommended. I will be invest here for a long time. and my money is safe, cheers!
3:54U495??25193.164.131.*RefMotorthey pay all the hollyday
3:16U862??0578.129.147.*Prestige BrokersNice payment received again.the program paid me normally.thank you admin. Date: 12/22/2009 19:41 Batch: 25235748 From Account: U9032557 (Prestige-brokers) Amount: $5.00 Memo: Withdraw to JasonAlane from :: Prestige Brokers :: Your financial solution
3:15 U396??64 222.124.203.* RefMotorMy First deposit paying by Ref Motor, username : Naudhaf, batch is 25190072
3:14U739??29202.150.213.*RefMotorthey paid people for open account
3:13U919??48 211.3.149.* RefMotorthey paied me my referral in a second
3:08U253??13110.173.49.*RefMotorthey paied me 256$ instantly
3:08U713??23 117.195.35.* RefMotorPaying instantly! user:ajey Transaction batch is 25214801
3:06U906??20 75.126.43.* Prestige BrokersThis hyip is surprising & wonderful paying site,Always Paid fast for me!
1:42U883??24 124.120.208.* Flanita InvestmentsPayment received very fast! 12/22/2009 12:01 25206070 U5377308 (Flanita) +$3.00
1:21 U385??84 219.118.189.*Prestige BrokersPaid again as always. it is a very good site ,admin is honest!