Vote Information for Saturday 9 December 2006


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0:04200??57217.119.148.*BoratMakePayBigTimeBorat really pays, very honest, thx!
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18:20360??45 83.237.239.* Sigma Investmentgreat program, good paid!
17:24206??42195.0.252.*Minutely Fundpls answer to my mail, i need my password.xu3
17:12164??5024.119.51.*GoInvestmentClubPaid, thanks.
16:58359??74222.124.75.*F-InvestmentVery good new me become [hour/clock] client 15.23 WIB [hour/clock] 23.00 WIB have earned profit 5% cladding make F. Invest.
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16:00281??0987.110.50.*Europe Trade LtdEurotrade is unbelievably profitable program! I’m lucky, because joined it long time ago and now I’m in profit.
14:46229??15165.228.132.*VolHyipTotal spend $2675 in this pay everyday.
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14:06246??58194.145.216.*OIL FundPayments regular! I like to work with this program!
14:04246??58194.145.216.*Mutual InvestPayments regular! I like to work with this program!
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13:32233??80 80.246.69.* Hyip-DecemberThe project use our name in the SPAM. Our name is "News of Investment World" (The Delta Post). We didn't recommend this project. Delete this project.
13:28351??1082.99.245.*HexPaythanks admin, paid automatically 14/40
13:25362??40193.151.57.*FRXCIExcellent program!!!
13:24362??40193.151.57.*Beolic LtdExcellent program!!!
13:24362??40193.151.57.*DirectEarn IncExcellent program!!!
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12:49384??77200.88.125.*VolHyippaid 7 times,thank you.Sepnd $2100 and paid too.
12:46362??40193.151.57.*LifeDollarsExcellent program!!!
12:46362??40193.151.57.*OIL FundExcellent program!!!
12:45362??40193.151.57.*Mutual InvestExcellent program!!!
12:44362??40193.151.57.*Q-InvestmentExcellent program!!!
12:13342??64 60.52.55.* 1000PickNot Paying..Deceptive Admin..Their started with $1 minimum and raise it to $10 the next day. My deposit vanished without a trace..WARNING: DON'T INVEST HERE. PAYOUT STATS IS FULL OF CRAP!!! ADMIN, REFUND MY DEPOSIT!!!!
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10:33361??1882.160.48.*OnlineIncomeDirectVery Good !
9:28 361??76 222.124.118.* Golden FlowIts program often off ( [do] not online)
7:43361??12193.179.148.*NGFinPaid every day
6:03377??7164.46.15.*Land EarnMy withdrawal is pending for a day already.
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5:0937??7970.80.243.*2900DailyPaying ha ha ha ha....ridiculous..Another who take everyone for a turquey
3:41229??1280.227.0.*VolHyipToday,paid 12/45,great program.
3:05288??00 218.111.174.* Casio InvestNot Paying-Withdrawal saved by admin!!!!!!-Xplorer