Vote Information for Thursday 10 December 2009


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0:50U081??63 66.53.212.* Private Asset ManagementWell structured and thought out program, thanks for payment!
0:49U879??87 190.252.245.* TheBestOnlineInvestI do not understand because this monitor says that this program is paying if I have a pending payment for more than 48 hours and do not cash in my account and my retirement request liberty said on Tuesday alone and nothing yet!
0:19U878??09 91.65.243.* Private Asset ManagementI got my paid. This is a good paying site. Thanks admin.
0:00U287??33 75.13.44.* Private Asset ManagementAfter for your support, I haved received the payment again, thanks admin!
23:41U246??99 173.21.166.* Private Asset ManagementGot paid punctually and invest again. Thanks!
23:30U651??60 62.42.138.* Private Asset ManagementMy payout request has been processed.
23:09U118??7987.13.32.*Perfect Cash, Ltd.I have no complaints here. Good program, paid on time, thank you!
23:07U118??7987.13.32.*Private Asset ManagementPaid again as always. This is a very good site and honest admin.
22:42U966??83 82.239.30.* Private Asset ManagementNo delay payments! Paid me without problems, thanks admin.
22:23U102??84 83.176.208.* Private Asset ManagementThey are paying me very good thanks again!
22:08U222??97 88.214.130.* Private Asset ManagementVery solid program, serious approach and regular payouts.
21:55U201??97 216.163.8.* Private Asset ManagementWell, just have been paid. Great hyip!
20:11U500??9691.203.136.*Golden InvestmentReceived your payment Admin
18:37U635??8966.197.213.*HugMoneyGood admin! Thanks for the fast support!
17:46U151??59202.150.209.*HugMoneyJust received my commission payment quickly, thanks admin!
17:44U920??92194.87.32.*Golden InvestmentPaid. I'm very glad!
17:23U804??62 188.163.96.* FinancoDate : 2009-10-12 18:00:55 From/To Account : U9877027 (Financo#2) Amount : 1.5000 Currency : LRUSD Batch : 24485367 Memo : Withdraw to xag197911 from FINANCO
16:57U643??7595.143.35.*HugMoneyThe site looks good and stable, invest my $20 here!
16:38 U705??11 85.241.82.* Fix 1000NO MONEY PAID!SCAM!
15:12U731??48211.229.208.*TheBestOnlineInvestFeel good about this one!paid again.Thanks admin.
15:00U162??25203.194.245.*CazirocaI have earned with my first investment and i am going to reinvest. Thank you very much! =)
14:57U162??25203.194.245.*Rosalin FinanceI have earned with my first investment and i am going to reinvest. Thank you very much! =)
14:52U603??4398.126.37.*CazirocaNo problem with it! Paid
14:50U781??4298.126.37.*Rosalin FinanceNo problem with it! Paid
14:47U633??9166.228.125.*CazirocaWow.. Really good and honest hyip.. Reinvest!
14:45U633??9166.228.125.*Rosalin FinanceWow.. Really good and honest hyip.. Reinvest!
14:41U967??69121.12.40.*CazirocaI am going to become rich with this hyip!!
14:38U967??69121.12.40.*Rosalin FinanceI am going to become rich with this hyip!!
14:35U808??84125.92.75.*CazirocaHonest hyip. Earned some with it
14:33U808??84125.92.75.*Rosalin FinanceHonest hyip. Earned some with it
14:32U560??1967.50.6.*Crude Oil Capital12/10/2009 10:42 24450542 U9022565 (Crude Oil Capital) + $1.60Memo: Withdraw from
14:15U904??50198.104.140.*Crude Oil Capitalpayment from the site12/9/2009 19:30 24416171 U9022565 (Crude Oil Capital) + $3.20
13:59U086??15 110.138.255.* Valas Fund InvestmentPaid me everyday without problem, thanks admin
13:53U310??11173.13.170.*Crude Oil CapitalReceived profits again today from,thank admin.always paid me on time.
13:52U151??5998.126.33.*TheBestOnlineInvestNew payment arrived, thanks admin, transaction batch is 24470324.
13:43U821??61173.13.170.*High Luxury Fund, Inc.Received payment!!12/10/2009 11:05 24452225 U6674728 (High Luxury Fund, Inc (P))
13:32U867??66173.13.170.*Perfect Cash, paying me12/9/2009 10:03 24382662 U7924428 (Perfect Cash, Ltd. Payout) + $2.00Memo: Withdraw from Perfect Cash, Ltd
12:28 U874??78 65.49.2.*RefMotorGot paid,thanks admin Batch is 24463624,ID:dastry
12:11U174??78110.173.49.*TheBestOnlineInvestNew commission payment $3.28 arrived fast, nice program!
11:59U153??57 85.244.251.* RefMotorUsername: hipmon. Batch 24363911 $1.30
10:00U228??7393.105.159.*Persona-FinanceYou give more reason to invest by increasing my profit.
9:55U219??4093.105.159.*Finance-AIGJust reinvest 17th cycle, amazing Program. Many Thanks Admin.
9:39U219??40 201.48.248.* Profit-CapitalI am glad you perform a wonderful program, please move it up.
9:32U219??4071.232.13.*Persona-FinanceExcellent program, paying fast. Thanks!
9:24U703??3371.232.13.*Finance-AIGGood payment... on time
9:18U703??3371.232.13.*Profit-CapitalI received my payment and will invest again Thank you honest admin very hot program
9:09U702??3484.126.132.*Persona-FinanceThe best HYIP in listed!! Got paid again!
9:06U702??3484.126.132.*Finance-AIGPaid again ahead of schedule. Gotta love great paying sites.Thank you very much
8:55U702??3484.126.132.*Profit-CapitalHEllo Received my second payout of 110, on time!
8:51U634??1689.103.47.*Persona-FinancePaid like clockwork always ontime!!!!!! :)much, I am paid extremely fast today!!
8:38U634??1689.103.47.*Finance-AIGPaid like clockwork always ontime!!!!!! :)much, I am paid extremely fast today!!
8:32U634??1689.103.47.*Profit-CapitalNow I got paid about 10 times by Cash Nine!! It's unusual for a fullautomated HYIP!!
8:28U876??4488.156.135.*Persona-FinanceJust got paid. Thanks much admin. I appreciate.
8:22U662??7366.230.230.*Green Financial ServicesThe best place to invest !
8:03U876??4488.156.135.*Finance-AIGthis programme is absolutely and extremely good thanks for this hyips
7:59U911??7282.160.29.*DBX ClubPaid again and again !
7:56U876??4488.156.135.*Profit-CapitalReally Pay...will invest at higher amount since a lot of HYIP do not pay when u invest more...
6:02U737??04 113.114.177.* EarnMarketGet paid from first plan, first day. 12/9/2009 15:30 24399338 U5079054 ( +$5.20 Thanks.