Vote Information for Friday 8 December 2006


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22:37290??45195.5.50.*FRXCIInvested more. Honest admin!
22:36290??45195.5.50.*Beolic LtdInvested more. Honest admin!
22:35290??45195.5.50.*DirectEarn IncInvested more. Honest admin!
22:32290??45195.5.50.*Happy Next DayInvested more. Honest admin!
22:30290??45195.5.50.*LifeDollarsInvested more. Honest admin!
22:28290??45195.5.50.*OIL FundInvested more. Honest admin!
22:27290??45195.5.50.*Mutual InvestInvested more. Honest admin!
22:25290??45195.5.50.*Q-InvestmentInvested more. Honest admin!
22:21363??0185.237.34.*FRXCIReally excellent project!Thanks Admin.
22:20363??0185.237.34.*Beolic LtdReally excellent project!Thanks Admin.
22:19363??0185.237.34.*DirectEarn IncReally excellent project!Thanks Admin.
22:19363??0185.237.34.*Happy Next DayReally excellent project!Thanks Admin.
22:16363??0185.237.34.*LifeDollarsReally excellent project!Thanks Admin.
22:15363??0185.237.34.*OIL FundReally excellent project!Thanks Admin.
22:14363??0185.237.34.*Mutual InvestReally excellent project!Thanks Admin.
22:12363??0185.237.34.*Q-InvestmentReally excellent project!Thanks Admin.
22:08135??42217.77.220.*LifeDollarsHonest! Paid on time!
22:08135??42217.77.220.*OIL FundHonest! Paid on time!
22:07314??02193.0.240.*Europe Trade LtdToday paid again! Fine program, excellent service.
22:07135??42217.77.220.*Mutual InvestHonest! Paid on time!
22:06135??42217.77.220.*Q-InvestmentHonest! Paid on time!
22:04135??42217.77.220.*FRXCIHonest! Paid on time!
22:04135??42217.77.220.*Beolic LtdHonest! Paid on time!
22:03135??42217.77.220.*DirectEarn IncHonest! Paid on time!
22:02135??42217.77.220.*Happy Next DayHonest! Paid on time!
21:06305??2586.56.0.*Casio Investvery good, payd instantly again
19:16277??22 216.144.235.* Europe Trade LtdNever aggrieved failure to payment me.Hope things will go perfectly
19:02 383??47 125.163.18.* OnlineIncomeDirectI cannot Login since 7 Dec 2006. Email not answered. Be careful..!
18:41362??1188.198.180.*OnlineIncomeDirectPaid again and again !
18:28168??4384.204.68.*TheBestHourlyscam, not paid
18:22369??8482.160.48.*ST-ClubPaying on time !
18:07379??9982.160.48.*OnlineIncomeDirectI trust them !
16:56241??0282.236.125.*e-gold Asset
16:53241??0282.236.125.*FX Golden Unionnot paid scam scam
16:42367??59 85.116.98.* GTO-BusinessExcellent program! Paying fast!
16:30359??74222.124.66.*OnlineIncomeDirectbakrigrup can't login I ask fund of bakrigrup over to my account bakrigrup55 not yet working admin
16:22200??57 217.119.148.* BoratMakePayBigTimeBorat Make Pay Big Times, thanks!
15:48359??74222.124.66.*Golden DividendsMy referal bonus from suherman 15% from $ 4.9 till now I not yet accept while to see bonus can't page[by] him
15:37359??74222.124.66.*Capital On LineI very disappointed with service of and admin of support capital on line because have never [replied/ answered] my complain as its member, I [is] bonus withdrawal of referal [do] not be paid $ 0,90 asked have never been reciprocated and till now earning w
15:09 371??40 196.201.87.* Golden Flowwooow!!! goldenflow makes enjoying invest. you are the top of the best!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
14:41343??98 213.136.127.* Money trade LTDpaid! paid! paid!
14:40294??67 88.83.221.* Economy HyipGot payment ... no problems with this site! Always pays automatically!
14:3080??05 86.211.7.* Emirates HYIPGOT PAID VERY VERY FAST !!!!! Thank you Admin !!!!!!
14:09246??58194.145.216.*DirectEarn IncPayments regular! I like to work with this program!
14:05246??58194.145.216.*Happy Next DayPayments regular! I like to work with this program!
13:29167??3667.15.183.*VolHyipspend 2500 USD yesterday, got paid today, total $5000 in this site
13:24229??15165.228.132.*VolHyipTotal spend $1675 in this pay everyday and spend 1000 again.
13:22358??51207.215.255.*ST-ClubThey took my money then they changed my password so I could not login this is a SCAM
13:06 365??00 24.63.134.* SportsPointerI put in $10 I was paid for 15 days then recieved noitice that they lost all my bets That is a net loss of %25
12:53341??32 201.78.70.* My 7 HYIP$0.86 paid! Thanks! (user freyath)
12:43 51??18 193.110.17.* Deco-FinanceNOT PAYING!!!
11:32175??16200.65.127.*MjHyipPaid me today.good.
11:18175??16200.65.127.*VolHyipPaid me again.thx.spend again and paid.
9:25 368??62 195.93.60.* TheBestHourlyPaid, very quickly Thanks
8:49384??77200.88.125.*VolHyippaid 6 times,thank you.Sepnd $2100 again today.
7:41241??9082.67.217.*Golden Flowpaid in time and directly to e-gold, no pending withdrawal.
5:34176??20202.152.64.*MjHyipEG time 5:00 pay me .it's good.
5:31377??7164.46.15.*Golden FlowPaid regularly. Thanks!
5:31295??64210.210.145.*FundsBizPaying..............paying................... ...........i like it
5:27176??20202.152.64.*VolHyipEG time 2:02 pay me .it's good.
3:52377??7164.46.15.*Land Earnpaid instantly
2:57 343??79 202.46.144.* 200AutoPaid me instantly.. Thank you...
2:20 339??58 161.139.211.* Nuclear Forexstill waiting for next payment. i hope.. admint must be pay to me....i invest USD100 for (plan 2) on 5/12/06..
0:48355??80125.163.111.*Economy HyipLike the -> Be careful...
0:30355??80125.163.111.*FX Golden UnionNot Paid. SCAM...!!
0:25355??80125.163.111.*Collect-DollarNot Paid. SCAM...!!
0:18355??80125.163.111.*Money Trading SystemNot Paid. SCAM...!!
0:09358??47125.163.111.*OnlineIncomeDirectI cannot Login since 2 Dec 2006. Email not answered. Be careful..!
0:00225??80 58.188.236.* GuteHyipNot PAY!