Vote Information for Saturday 5 December 2009


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14:40U773??30201.39.1.*Perfect Cash, Ltd.Receive my payment today.Date: 2009-12-05 06:45Batch: 24123511From Account: U7924428 (Perfect Cash, Ltd. Payout)Amount: $0.75Memo: Withdraw from Perfect Cash, LtdThanks admin
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14:32U640??09201.39.1.*Extra Return12/5/2009 03:06 24117103 U5859034 (Extra Return) + $1.00 $0.01 Details Hide detailsMerchant Reference:
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9:03U266??3777.78.143.*Persona-Finance3 days test plan Paid. lets reinvest. Good Work
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8:25U228??7385.67.3.*Profit-CapitalCome!!! come....!!! believe in me. u will know the truth.
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5:06U626??5094.76.208.*Xinvest12/5/2009 02:39 24116469 U4709747 (XINVEST.BIZ) + $3.60
4:48 U479??68 203.82.79.*Liberty Reservationive been foolish by this site.i already burn $1500 in the plan..members outhere, becarefull.!!!
1:40U480??51180.210.206.*Xinvestthis program paid for me, thanks admin, I am invest again.