Vote Information for Thursday 3 December 2009


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0:51U480??51113.30.68.*Extra Return12/3/2009 14:11 24003126 U5859030(Extra Return) + $3.30 got paid again, thx admin.
23:40U846??68 76.11.111.* Perfect Cash, Ltd.Admin are very impressive, got paid on time!
20:07U500??96140.116.23.*Forex-Invstill get paid on time! Great program
20:01U500??96140.116.23.*Honest ProgramThis program is the best of all
18:30U253??13110.173.49.*BestMyFunds12/3/2009 14:40 24006105 U8105704 (bestmyfunds) + $22.50 tks reliable admin.
18:28U919??48 115.92.104.* BestMyFundsstill paying me well.I trust the admin will keep on the work and do the site better.
18:11U512??94113.108.133.*Extra Returnall request are processed fastly.Really good site.get paid as promissed.
17:44U378??6592.62.224.*Succeed Tradenot paying!!! Dont believe anything!! I have pending for 4 days
15:37U214??8798.126.27.*TheBestOnlineInvestGreat! Fast payment $7.92 arrived again! Transaction batch is 24004131.
14:31U643??75 174.139.29.* TheBestOnlineInvest$10.80 has been successfully sent to your LibertyReserve account U6436675. Transaction batch is 23998155.
13:22U862??05 98.126.177.* Perfect Cash, Ltd.Date: 12/3/2009 13:32 Batch: 24000355 This one paid to me still regularly,keep up good work.
13:15U512??94113.108.133.*BestMyFunds12/3/2009 13:02 23998372 U8105704 (bestmyfunds) + $15.20 paid me without any problem.
13:13U539??83219.118.189.*CazirocaReceived Payment Again,as fast as usually,Thank ADmin
13:11U539??83219.118.189.*Rosalin FinanceReceived Payment Again,as fast as usually,Thank ADmin
13:09U098??2061.147.99.*Cazirocakeep paying to me,very good site
13:06U098??20119.147.116.*Rosalin Financekeep paying to me,very good site
13:03U649??68121.52.214.*CazirocaThe best site.thanks for payment.
13:01U649??68121.52.214.*Rosalin FinanceThe best site.thanks for payment.
13:00U911??7282.160.29.*OffshoreStockTradesGot paid again :-)
12:59U488??91117.25.128.*CazirocaVery Good,Thank ADmin
12:59 U999??39 208.75.212.*OffshoreStockTradesSuper paying program !
12:57U488??91117.25.128.*Rosalin FinanceVery Good,Thank ADmin
12:54U942??07222.73.85.*CazirocaNew payment received like clockwork, great program, thanks!
12:52U942??07222.73.85.*Rosalin FinanceNew payment received like clockwork, great program, thanks!
12:45U633??91203.194.245.*Rosalin FinancePaid me! Thanks.
12:42U781??42204.12.214.*CazirocaNo delay payments! Paid me without problems
12:40U781??42204.12.214.*Rosalin FinanceNo delay payments! Paid me without problems
12:37U603??4369.197.177.*CazirocaPaid as Usual! I really Love this site.
12:36U603??4369.197.177.*Rosalin FinancePaid as Usual! I really Love this site.
12:33U162??2566.186.58.*CazirocaReally great program! payment received very fast! thanks!
12:32U911??7282.160.29.*Green Financial ServicesPaid again and again !
12:32U162??2566.186.58.*Rosalin FinanceReally great program! payment received very fast! thanks!
12:28U808??84 61.145.44.* Rosalin FinanceI have been getting my interest payments no problems.keep up the good work.
10:55U662??73 95.105.167.* OffshoreStockTradesGreat admin. never miss a payment.
10:50U612??0669.71.222.*DBX ClubGreat admin. always never miss a payment.
10:20U702??3483.165.197.*Persona-FinanceEverybody enjoy invest here,you can invest here too!!!
10:16U702??3483.165.197.*Finance-AIGVery good HYIP Project.I was paid many times.
10:12U079??6083.165.197.*Profit-Capitalvery great site, always paid me ontime.
10:06U634??1688.167.42.*Persona-FinancePayment received always on time here, thanks admin!
9:58U876??4488.167.42.*Finance-AIGGet paid again and stable program for investors.
9:54U266??3788.167.42.*Profit-Capitalget profits as usual.very honest admin.
9:45U876??4489.73.40.*Persona-Financefantastic site, i will earn much money from this site!
9:41U190??9089.73.40.*Finance-AIGI get paid instantly,thanks a lot! get paid instantly,thanks a lot!
9:33U940??6489.73.40.*Profit-CapitalIt seems hot.I mean i got paid all the time and i think is one of the best HYIP Program.
9:26U190??90188.36.28.*Persona-FinanceVery good my vote, bacause im very thankful, for all good things that this company has done to me!
9:06U790??95188.36.28.*Finance-AIGGreat program and site!Got payment again. Thanks
8:59U626??5060.199.193.*XinvestThis is a really good program, the investment here, no problem, I will always support it.
8:47U363??54 190.50.206.* Profit-CapitalGot my payment again.i hoped the site will run for long time.
8:38U079??60 79.112.48.* Persona-FinanceJust got my principals back! Great prog!
7:57U079??6024.82.2.*Finance-AIGPaid again,get my profits very fast,so hot program.
7:44U430??2724.82.2.*Profit-CapitalThe program seems reliable and i get paid again and again.
7:34U480??5194.76.208.*Extra Return12/03/2009 08:16 23980520 U5859030(Extra Return) + $3.30 good! i got paid again.
7:16U480??5194.76.208.*Xinvesttoday always got my paid,I invest again, keep you good work admin.