Vote Information for Thursday 7 December 2006


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0:48355??80125.163.111.*Economy HyipLike the -> Be careful...
0:30355??80125.163.111.*FX Golden UnionNot Paid. SCAM...!!
0:25355??80125.163.111.*Collect-DollarNot Paid. SCAM...!!
0:18355??80125.163.111.*Money Trading SystemNot Paid. SCAM...!!
0:09358??47125.163.111.*OnlineIncomeDirectI cannot Login since 2 Dec 2006. Email not answered. Be careful..!
0:00225??80 58.188.236.* GuteHyipNot PAY!
23:30 374??09 199.126.151.* AMC Program
22:32290??45195.5.50.*FRXCIGood site, well done!
22:31290??45195.5.50.*DirectEarn IncGood site, well done!
22:30290??45195.5.50.*Happy Next DayGood site, well done!
22:27290??45195.5.50.*LifeDollarsGood site, well done!
22:26290??45195.5.50.*OIL FundGood site, well done!
22:23290??45195.5.50.*Mutual InvestGood site, well done!
22:21290??45195.5.50.*Q-InvestmentGood site, well done!
22:15297??53 151.42.221.* VolHyipPaid anchor, also the new Deposit. Exceptional! ! ! Good program and Administrator.
22:10283??7082.182.228.*Profit-For-AllPaid since one week. Very good program
21:54 357??24 212.200.206.* My 7 HYIP$0.60 has been successfully sent to your e-gold account otrov77 :)
21:47240??2670.127.69.*GeniusHyipnot paying
21:25135??42217.77.220.*LifeDollarsGot paid!
21:24135??42217.77.220.*OIL FundGot paid!
21:23135??42217.77.220.*Mutual InvestGot paid!
21:23135??42217.77.220.*Q-InvestmentGot paid!
21:21135??42217.77.220.*FRXCIGot paid!
21:20135??42217.77.220.*DirectEarn IncGot paid!
21:19135??42217.77.220.*Happy Next DayGot paid!
21:18251??65213.154.206.*Happy Next DayI`m in!
21:17251??65213.154.206.*FRXCIThanks for such a great program.
21:15 382??62 213.154.206.*DirectEarn Incgoooooood
21:08385??27213.154.206.*OIL FundThanks for such a great program.
21:08385??27213.154.206.*LifeDollarsThanks for such a great program.
21:05385??54213.154.206.*LifeDollarsThanks for such a great program.
21:03385??54213.154.206.*Q-InvestmentThanks for such a great program.
20:01277??22 204.11.80.* Europe Trade LtdThe Perfect program. Do Not wait, are invested and get(receive) the profit.
20:01 320??85 41.207.192.* Orpheus Hyipi haven't yet got my money they are scam
19:51348??10 211.30.39.* Sigma InvestmentPayment received. Thank admin!Very good HYIP!
19:48375??13 72.194.80.* Sigma InvestmentPaid very fast again ! VERY GOOD !
19:47339??46 85.140.82.* Sigma InvestmentPaid today!Excellent!
19:45 379??97 82.179.77.* Golden FlowPaying!!! Great program!!!
18:40362??40193.151.57.*FRXCIExcellent program!!!
18:38362??40193.151.57.*DirectEarn IncExcellent program!!!
18:38362??40193.151.57.*Happy Next DayExcellent program!!!
18:23362??40193.151.57.*LifeDollarsExcellent program!!!
18:22362??40193.151.57.*OIL FundExcellent program!!!
18:21362??40193.151.57.*Mutual InvestExcellent program!!!
18:20362??40193.151.57.*Q-InvestmentExcellent program!!!
17:04357??54212.138.64.*VolHyipadmin pay me daily and daily,thank you.
17:03164??6784.10.78.*GuteHyipnot paid for today
16:40 336??65 196.201.95.* Hex Hyip
16:3989??51212.110.133.*Europe Trade LtdTONES of GOLD again on my e-gold.Thanks to admin!
16:32246??58194.145.216.*FRXCIPays constantly... I like!
16:30246??58194.145.216.*Nana313Pays constantly... I like!
16:08168??4384.204.68.*TheBestHourlyThe owner and many other SCAM projects. he deletes accounts of large investors and pays only to monitorings and small investors. Not real statistics. Don't make deposit!!!
15:57382??56202.145.5.*LOMO InvestAlexander The Great... no no i mean LOMO The Great
15:39286??60 213.136.101.* Profit Milesite bon reinvestissement par account balance.mais withdraw-1 non recu
15:36235??91 202.156.12.* Double NuggetPaid 3 of 40 to acit on 7th Dec. Thank you admin.
15:32229??1280.227.0.*VolHyipToday,paid 10/45,great program.
15:06379??48 202.176.254.* Golden Flowpembayaran pertama $ 4200 ok , thanks
15:03375??43 202.159.45.* RowentoScam! Not paid 1st deposit. Be carefull!
14:51 375??61 81.94.65.* 72HoursHyipThis is a scam. Don't pay out anymore.
13:24 263??69 60.50.160.* 200Autopaid me today. I hope it paid tomorrow!!
12:49334??07 222.124.226.* Golden FlowOne of the best investment program!!Always flowing...
11:51229??15165.228.132.*VolHyipTotal spend $1675 in this pay everyday.
11:41238??51202.155.128.*FundsBizpaid test spend, program
11:16351??91 213.160.136.* Europe Trade LtdVery good customer service and paid
11:13249??47 202.208.135.* E2InvThe first payment was received.
10:51299??30195.114.130.*DirectEarn Incpaid!cool
10:47 384??73 213.136.103.* Petrolium Investpaying!!!!!!!
10:45299??30195.114.130.*Happy Next Daypaid!cool
10:32299??30195.114.130.*OIL Fundpaid!cool
10:28299??30195.114.130.*Mutual Investpaid!cool
10:26175??16200.65.127.*VolHyipPaid me again.thx.spend again and paid.
9:51 308??33 202.162.192.*
9:44 303??31 87.178.180.* Golden FlowPaidout compled, very good
9:01200??57 217.119.148.* BoratMakePayBigTimeA humorist merchant of chicken who pays, why not? Batch 72267727, thx!
8:13256??6487.103.180.*Europe Trade LtdEurotrade always pays me fast and without problems. It’s great program
8:01 328??58 217.218.173.* NGFin
6:28265??7062.205.192.*Europe Trade LtdGot payment! Excellent program! Always pays without problems!!! Good job admins!!!
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6:12207??75 213.228.120.* InvestorsAllianceGroupPaid on time. Great program!!!
4:28 128??07 68.0.39.* Nuclear ForexNot Paid
4:18326??01 74.34.49.* FundsBizpaid on $1 test spend, first time - feels ok