Vote Information for Friday 20 November 2009


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0:58 U581??43 124.82.166.* Express Profit3 DAY WAITING PAYMENT STILL NOT PAY. WAT THE HELL..
20:40U694??49121.28.34.*Forex-InvPaid again as always. This is a very good site and honest admin.
20:34U694??49121.28.34.*Honest ProgramVery cool looking site. Can see that the admin is very sincere in his program.
19:14U920??9277.87.124.*Forex-InvAlways paid! THANKS!!!
19:07U920??9277.87.124.*Honest Programstable and always paid on time.
17:41U654??8864.71.141.*BestMyFundsthe best program I even seen, recommend!
15:35U574??98 122.70.146.* VIP-Invest-TeamPays on time, rapid answer to queries and corrects any problem immediately.Great!!!
15:25U098??20203.194.245.*Cazirocaexcellent HYIP and support. Got payment, I like it!
15:19U098??20203.194.245.*Rosalin Financeexcellent HYIP and support. Got payment, I like it!
15:15U572??28 119.114.188.* VIP-Invest-TeamPaid on time without any problem, perfect program,honest admin !
14:38U649??68118.142.35.*Rosalin FinancePaying!
14:31U332??8964.120.153.*VIP-Invest-TeamNice design, one of the best program. Paid me again!
13:25U674??38 122.227.147.* VIP-Invest-TeamI see so many updates here. program is good and works for long time! support it.
12:47U896??71203.82.79.*Wealth Generation ClubDamn Scammer. Never pay profit since 14Nov2009. Do not invest your money here.
12:37U145??32208.110.81.*Rosalin FinanceI am got profit today, this is a serious paying investment program. Always pays without problems, Thanks!
12:28U896??71203.82.79.*NDCA Traders FundBloody Scam. Good rating all bullshit. Do not invest your money here.
12:23U942??0767.198.201.*CazirocaIf you want fast payout that is paying 7 days a week without any delays
12:11U942??0767.198.201.*Rosalin FinanceIf you want fast payout that is paying 7 days a week without any delays
12:03U266??37 79.117.171.* Profit-Capitalreinvested $20 after gotting the first payment
11:57U214??87 68.68.107.* BestMyFundsGood program, friendly admin and fast payment!
11:44U183??0967.198.201.*Myers BrokerIf you want fast payout that is paying 7 days a week without any delays
11:38U007??2869.197.177.*Myers BrokerThank Admin for fast payments everytime! keep up the good work
11:30U940??6489.159.243.*Finance-AIGI am very happy with you keep the good work up admin
11:19U363??5489.159.243.*Profit-Capitalyou just a bomb i got my payment this morning
11:02U363??5488.166.15.*Finance-AIGJust got $30 paid by this program just re-invest $50 we vote again if got paid
10:54U430??2788.166.15.*Profit-CapitalI INVESTED $150 NOW AND I CHECK MY BALANCE AND SEE PAYMENT
10:42U775??99221.6.159.*BestMyFundsvery good,it is a good program.Paid me and it is cool,so i will invest it,thanks admin
10:37 U675??33 95.214.13.* Forex-InvI'm waiting for my payment since 12 november and still nothing
10:31U228??73188.26.224.*Finance-AIGvoting na my job I will always vote for this Hyip.
10:27U113??02 123.232.187.* VIP-Invest-TeamThey are wonderful and BEST, BEST of all. They always pay on time.
10:18U219??40188.26.224.*Profit-Capitalyou are really great keep it up
9:56U950??18 115.60.49.* BestMyFundsIt is one of the good hyip worth investment!
9:45U703??3371.195.139.*Finance-AIGTHE ADMIN IS REALLY PAYING FAST THANKS.
9:13U702??3471.195.139.*Profit-CapitalI love this program! They pay me money!
8:46U996??83 112.142.84.* Oil Forex Trading Co.I have been getting my interest payments no problems.keep up the good work.
8:18U830??5169.197.177.*OctProfitNew Paid received today! I hope this one can last long.
8:05U515??1074.86.3.*OctProfitloving this program always pays!!Recommended!! thanks admin!
7:59U570??99 62.80.160.* RefMotorgot paid 5% cashback, batch# 23087656, username: sb, thanks.
7:57U714??0198.126.37.*OctProfitHigh recommend! super HYIP!!! Instant payment! Got paid several times. Thanks
7:46U393??11219.118.189.*OctProfitalways paid me without any problem.Thanks admin
7:39U183??09203.169.178.*OctProfitThis program is paying on time!Thank admin for paying me and other investors!
7:32U007??28203.194.245.*OctProfitThe good site! That's wonderful. Thank you very much!
6:59U560??19216.75.6.*VIP-Invest-TeamI have been paid today! paid me very fast.Thanks admin, keep your good work!
6:53U904??5086.58.155.*VIP-Invest-TeamHonest payment on time,thanks11/19/2009 13:07 23031104 U1776977 ( + $12.05
6:49U821??61 122.99.206.* VIP-Invest-TeamThis is very nice project,i got paid again.gonna to invest more.
6:44U746??8912.153.235.*VIP-Invest-TeamThis program and Admin are very impressive honest,i got paid today fast as promised.
6:39U451??89216.240.139.*VIP-Invest-Team11/19/2009 15:20 23040571 U1776977 ( + $3.00 Details Hide detailsMerchant Reference:Memo: Withdraw from
6:24U944??1796.9.169.*DocaProfitsHot PAYING,PAID ME MORE LR USD,very good programs
4:46U626??50113.30.68.*VIP-Invest-TeamJust got paid.Thanks admin.I hope your project last as long as possible.Keep good job please.
3:08U480??51125.211.197.*VIP-Invest-TeamThey continue paying well and as promised. Great program.
2:50U935??67 202.122.144.* Interbank FX ClubNo Payment after 3 days
2:15U762??71 121.61.235.* VIP-Invest-TeamGot my first payout, thank you.
2:09U626??50174.139.28.*RefMotorI got $80 instantly,This is really a good program to invest.