Vote Information for Monday 16 November 2009


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22:29U405??9224.1.192.*OneINVThis project is the best one. Always pays without problem.
22:29U405??9224.1.192.*Universal InvestmentGreat program and site! Got payment again. Thanks.
22:04U628??6785.137.56.*OneINVPaid again as always. This is a very good site with honest admin.
22:04U628??6785.137.56.*Universal InvestmentFantastic program! They keep on paying and paying!
21:48U678??5598.209.59.*Universal InvestmentI got money already to the LR account just.
21:48U678??5598.209.59.*OneINVI got paid again! This site still paid to me no problem.
21:24U747??2781.236.221.*OneINVPaying, great program and excellent site.
21:23U747??2781.236.221.*Universal InvestmentPays! Excellent program! Quality program to invest.
21:05U599??64209.104.100.*Universal InvestmentGot payment! Excellent program!
21:04U599??64209.104.100.*OneINVGot paid punctually and invest again. Thanks!
20:51U456??1877.21.156.*OneINVHot program, they paid me after the investing. Thanks admin.
20:50U456??1877.21.156.*Universal InvestmentVery good my vote! Thanks for paying admin! it's very good for us!!!
20:28U500??96118.220.175.*Honest ProgramThe perfect site... Do not wait, INVEST and receive the profit.
20:20U801??7199.13.102.*Universal InvestmentPAID! No problem now!best stable paying program! Thank you admin!!
20:19U801??7199.13.102.*OneINVVery good program. PAID me well today, best investment project!
20:02U228??7384.120.223.*Profit-CapitalI belive in them. They have minor problems but I receive my dividends
19:55U508??8785.75.218.*OneINVI got my paid. This is a good paying site. Thanks admin.
19:55U508??8785.75.218.*Universal InvestmentPaying program! Think this project will work else long!
19:52U219??4086.100.107.*Profit-CapitalInvesting for a year. No major problems ever. I trust them.
19:44U703??3391.146.151.*Profit-CapitalReinvested $5000 back. Got my profits again!
19:42U859??9682.61.173.*OneINVVery Good! Thanks for paying admin! It's very good for us!!!
19:41U859??9682.61.173.*Universal InvestmentFirst payment received here. Hope many will follow!! Thanks!!
19:23U432??0724.188.124.*Universal InvestmentReally great program! Payment received very fast! thanks!
19:23U702??3488.102.58.*Profit-CapitalGreat company! Timely payouts mostly all the time.
19:21U432??0724.188.124.*OneINVExtremely good program. It pays always on time no delay!!!!!
19:20U432??0724.188.124.*Perfect Cash, Ltd.Paid Very Good Thanks Admin.
18:53U634??16 79.117.162.* Profit-CapitalIn profit after a month of investing! Fair company.
17:48U799??77212.150.184.*Finance Nova:)
15:12U603??43 125.92.68.* OctProfit11/16/2009 05:50 22777140 U1314130 (Octprofit) + $3.30
7:32U411??1866.232.147.*OneINVThanks a lot for being so honest.I got payment from this great hyip.
5:35U935??67 202.122.144.* Luxe Capitalwaiting payment for 28hours.Scam?
3:12U539??83143.90.177.*OctProfitI have deposited to this one for many times and earn a lot money. good job,admin.
3:02U995??7189.19.6.*OneINVHyip paid! good, I receive payment no problem!Thanks!
2:58U649??68203.194.245.*OctProfitThis is honest project, i got paid. Gonna to invest more.
2:09U488??91219.118.189.*OctProfitGood designs.I'll be in for sure as well, I have some monies in LR to spend here..Cheers!!
2:02U145??3298.126.37.*OctProfitexcellent program
1:53U942??07 75.126.68.* OctProfitthanks, got paid. This is really a great program, support is very good and answers fast, I already finished one plan and reinvested a larger amount
1:45U603??43222.122.12.*OctProfitone of the best hyips, I almost gave it up investing again, but TGI is trully the greatest program,Thanks Max
1:40U883??31 210.222.126.* OneINVThere are many very good votes. I want to add another. Thank you for the good work))
1:28U781??42118.142.35.*OctProfitI am really happy with this program, I have already made my investment back and have reinvested, thanks TGI
1:22U115??34 122.195.5.* OneINVPaid!no problem now!pay fast and on time!!
1:21U633??91204.12.214.*OctProfitPerfect working investment project.Thanks for paying me again and again!