Vote Information for Wednesday 6 December 2006


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0:12 367??50 68.221.111.* Land EarnGreat program Got Paid!
22:43 373??76 84.21.119.* Top-HourlyBeautiful
22:02373??26 59.100.0.* Atomic InvestWaited 3 days for 2 withdrawals. Sent admin many Emails, NO response. Finally sent Email threatening to rank "NOT PAID". NOW my pending withdrawals have just "DISAPPEARED". STOLLEN by Admin ! "BEWARE" they pay internally, but don't ask for your money.
22:01365??80 60.49.46.* Europe Trade LtdPayment Received 7225xxxx $15.15. Absolutely stunning! Thanks ET from ezuan15
20:43379??28 60.48.115.* Atomic Investpaid! tq..haristhegreat!!!
20:19 224??90 24.47.23.* Beolic Ltdpaid good. Thanks for your job!!!
20:13135??42217.77.220.*LifeDollarsPayment received!
20:11135??42217.77.220.*OIL FundPayment received!
20:10135??42217.77.220.*Mutual InvestPayment received!
20:10135??42217.77.220.*Q-InvestmentPayment received!
20:08135??42217.77.220.*FRXCIPayment received!
20:06135??42217.77.220.*DirectEarn IncPayment received!
20:05135??42217.77.220.*Happy Next DayPayment received!
19:02363??6689.102.74.*Europe Trade LtdThe program is the best! The site always pays quickly and without problems!
18:47255??8682.207.127.*LifeDollarsGot my withdrawal
18:45255??8682.207.127.*OIL FundGot my withdrawal
18:44255??8682.207.127.*Q-InvestmentGot my withdrawal
18:43255??8682.207.127.*Mutual InvestGot my withdrawal
18:41255??8682.207.127.*FRXCIGot my withdrawal
18:39255??8682.207.127.*DirectEarn IncGot my withdrawal
18:37255??8682.207.127.*Happy Next DayGot my withdrawal
18:20363??98 80.64.113.* Capital On LinePaid. Ok with admin. Very good! (gp_cos)
18:08362??40193.151.57.*FRXCIExcellent program!!!
18:08 372??52 67.173.107.* 200Autovery prompt, nice design, $20 paid 1/4!
18:07362??40193.151.57.*Happy Next DayExcellent program!!!
17:59225??80 58.188.12.* GuteHyipPAID Me! 0.45 1/4
17:56362??40193.151.57.*OIL FundExcellent program!!!
17:55362??40193.151.57.*Mutual InvestExcellent program!!!
17:55362??40193.151.57.*Q-InvestmentExcellent program!!!
17:54362??40193.151.57.*LifeDollarsExcellent program!!!
17:29384??77200.88.125.*VolHyippaid 5 times,thank you.
17:26246??58194.145.216.*FRXCIPayments regular! I like to work with this program!
17:23246??58194.145.216.*Nana313Payments regular! I like to work with this program!
16:55257??52142.165.3.*Europe Trade LtdThe Payment was received over and over again! thank You!. Continue this prominent and remarkable activity!!
16:47176??20202.152.64.*VolHyipEG time 2:03 pay me .it's good.
16:42 284??37 201.11.71.* UnknownGood
15:28317??00203.162.3.*Magic Fund Clubpaid thanks
15:24229??1280.227.0.*VolHyipToday,paid 9/45,great program.
14:59240??2670.127.69.*Profit Docknot paying
14:34283??68 199.222.143.* VolHyipI received one payment from volhyip and my deposit was Nov 27th
14:30272??53 205.206.113.* Sigma Investment+1 vote for very good cause i like it!
14:26314??65 172.174.63.* Sigma Investmentpaid me today!
14:23348??97 83.237.236.* Sigma InvestmentI recomend this HYIP!
14:18357??54212.138.64.*VolHyipadmin pay me daily and daily,thank you.
14:1480??05 86.206.80.* Invest Gold CenterGOT PAID SOOOOOOO FAST !!!!!! Thank you Admin !!!
13:46298??3480.123.120.*VolHyipvery good paid
13:15 355??00 202.175.95.* Europe Trade LtdGet constantly paid. Admins, you project is the best!
13:08341??32 201.78.109.* My 7 HYIP$0.22 received! Thanks!!! (user freyath)
12:54358??37202.154.184.*LOMO InvestGooood!!!!!! I always got paid on time. Thanks Admin
12:52358??37202.154.184.*Nuclear ForexVery..very..very good. join 3 times.. got paid on time.. thanks Admin
11:16229??15165.228.132.*VolHyipTotal spend $1675 in this pay everyday.
10:26382??7572.232.94.*HexPaygood paid
10:05175??16200.65.127.*VolHyipPaid me again.thx.spend again and paid.
10:04371??74 91.76.116.* Europe Trade LtdAdmin, thanks for your programm! I was paid again!
9:29299??30195.114.130.*Happy Next Dayvery good and nice program!
9:28299??30195.114.130.*FRXCIvery good and nice program!
9:23299??30195.114.130.*LifeDollarsvery good and nice program!
9:22299??30195.114.130.*OIL Fundvery good and nice program!
9:21299??30195.114.130.*Mutual Investvery good and nice program!
9:20299??30195.114.130.*Q-Investmentvery good and nice program!
7:54359??6683.33.42.*FX Golden Unionladrones!!! cuidado no invertir, no pagan ni un dolar$$$$
7:05382??18195.5.51.*RowentoExcellent!!! I like this program!!!
6:40 144??29 4.252.26.* FX Golden UnionNo payment whatsoever -- sick of these f-ing scammers
6:37167??3667.15.183.*VolHyipnice to got paid daily,excellent
5:57258??58140.142.200.*TheBestHourlypaid, instant withdrawal
1:57369??45 68.245.121.* Casio InvestInvested $100 and account got zapped. Scammed me good.