Vote Information for Tuesday 10 November 2009


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19:24U920??92195.95.29.*Honest ProgramPaying program! Think this project will work else long!
18:57U694??49121.28.34.*Forex-InvI got my payment after short time of investment.... you are cool and i got paid instantly.
18:47U694??49121.28.34.*Honest ProgramHot program, they paid me after the investing. thanks admin
18:23U500??96118.220.175.*Forex-InvPaid. Support is very friendly!
18:14U500??96118.220.175.*Honest ProgramExcellent paying program! Perfect support!
17:40U780??36 112.142.63.* MicardoInvestDate: 11/10/2009 17:38 Batch: xxxxxxxx From Account: U4615214 Amount: $5.00 Very nice thank.
17:08U775??01 110.164.47.* MicardoInvestI like this program is so fast paid thank you admin.
16:56U322??11 124.121.205.* MicardoInvestStill Paying !! Trusted site Nice 4 invest.Thank you admin
16:54U327??51 110.164.31.* MicardoInvestDate: 11/10/2009 17:45 Batch: 22465374 From Account: U4615214 Amount: $140.00 Memo:
10:26U702??3489.228.246.*Profit-Capitalpaid every time quickly and complete. thank you largesum.
10:17U634??1685.67.3.*Profit-CapitalGot 2 payouts this week, thank you
10:02U876??44 79.116.226.* Profit-CapitalRun payment of $100.80 received into LR yesterday.
9:47U190??9089.103.228.*Profit-CapitalThey've sent my initial deposit of my 4th investment to my acc
9:12U790??9588.102.58.*Profit-Capitali thank you again today because you have kept your promise again today.
7:06U615??20 125.92.56.* OctProfitDate: 2009-11-09 23:34 Batch: 22414727 From Account: U9571960 (Octprofit) Amount: $52.40 Memo: Withdraw from
6:58U515??10122.224.6.*OctProfitDate: 2009-11-09 17:13 Batch: 22397392 From Account: U9571960 (Octprofit) Amount: $15.27 Memo: Withdraw from
6:49U714??01120.50.34.*OctProfitThanks for payment Ask for withdrawal: Withdrawal processed, batch_id: 22421427
6:40U183??09119.133.151.*OctProfitWithdrawal processed, batch_id: 22421485
6:32U393??11204.12.214.*OctProfitWithdrawal processed, batch_id: 22425955
6:31U626??5098.126.22.*RefMotorI got 400$ instantly, thanks you admin.
3:55U393??11222.122.12.*Rosalin Financeyou are an outstanding personnel for crying out loud
3:50U615??20118.142.35.*Rosalin FinanceThis is a easy and safe program for anyone looking for site to invest. Paid to me regularly,keep up good work.
3:47U636??51204.12.214.*Rosalin FinanceI think i like this program in here they pay you profits quick...
3:40U649??68174.139.23.*Rosalin FinanceThis company makes very good work! Got paid again and never miss payment!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
3:38U942??0769.197.177.*Rosalin Financefast support
3:36U162??25119.133.151.*Rosalin FinanceThanks for next payment