Vote Information for Monday 19 October 2009


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16:03U071??96 66.96.235.* Magic INV$7.50 Paying on time! Admin please keep up the good work !
15:35U404??15212.108.33.*Extra Return10/18/2009 17:29 21217592 U5859034 (Extra Return) + $1.50 Memo: Withdraw from
15:34U573??6267.198.201.*Magic INVI got paid for $6.15!!!Paying with no problem.I received payment.
15:24U402??0264.56.70.*Extra ReturnReceived another payment today,this program is paying on time to me!Thank admin for paying me and all investors.
15:04U297??07203.82.91.*SiS Moneypaid. thanks admin_ batch 21265256.
14:43U477??94112.121.163.*Extra Returnthanks 10/19/2009 13:38 21251530 U5859034 (Extra Return) + $1.00
14:15U079??6086.49.96.*BePaidThey always pay fast.
13:43U879??36 114.92.185.* TroodosfundsI am in this program for more than 1 month.
13:41U122??45 79.112.12.* BePaidKeep It Up we rate again if gotten Paid
12:14U740??3866.197.137.*GreatInvestGroupVery good looking program.I am sure I will put more money into it after some time.
11:59U868??43204.12.214.*GreatInvestGroupWhat a great project! Always paying and no delays, fantastic!
11:18U999??1467.198.201.*GreatInvestGroupMy friend advised to invest money in your project. I am grateful to him and you.
10:52U654??61208.110.81.*GreatInvestGroupVery cool looking site. Can see that the admin is very sincere in his program.
10:20U102??1869.197.177.*GreatInvestGroupI have been paid.paid very fast.Best Program!Paid ! Really good ! Thanks !Great HYIP!!
9:26U266??3785.67.3.*BePaidBack and i got paid as usual
9:01U940??6477.71.16.*BePaidThanks for the payment, i have received the payout thanks admin
8:28U363??54212.187.39.*BePaidThank you admin for notifying me about the payout
7:40U662??73141.76.45.*Green Financial ServicesThey are the best !
7:36U615??20 208.110.67.* SiS MoneyAdmin is honest.I like this hyip site,it really worth to invest big money for me
7:32U481??02117.25.128.*SiS MoneyVery good program, i like it because they fast withdraw to me every time and keep good support.
7:26U830??51219.118.189.*SiS Money10/18/2009 14:01 21211021 U6072194 (S.M Withdraw) + $9.65
7:18U273??32219.118.189.*SiS Money10/19/2009 03:54 21229285 U6072194 (S.M Withdraw) + $7.38
7:12U539??83 119.133.149.* SiS Money10/19/2009 08:36 21235724 U6072194 (S.M Withdraw) + $15.10
4:02U297??07203.82.91.*Troodosfundstq admin. paid again_ batch 21217641.