Vote Information for Sunday 18 October 2009


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23:22U693??29149.226.255.*DBX ClubNOT PAID !!! - really huge scam? (50$ loss !)
20:01U920??92195.95.29.*Forex-InvRequest my first profit and was paid immediately. It is indeed a great program to invest into. Thanx admin. Keep up the good work.
19:48U694??49 68.71.33.* Forex-Invi receive another payment today, admin paid on time, thank you!
15:34U303??49 116.22.86.* Extra ReturnWithdraw from Date:10/17/2009 20:14 Batch:21194902 From Account: U5859034 Amount: $1.50 Memo:
14:47U483??54 125.123.188.* Magic INVThis is a very nice program. Hope it will last forever. got paid on time $92.00!
14:39U991??8969.197.177.*Magic INVMy friend advised to invest money in your project. I am grateful to him and you. I got paid for $120.00 batch: 21209268
14:20U430??2777.78.143.*BePaidThinking about reinvesting money, hope program will paid as quick as usual.
14:14U797??69 66.197.137.* Magic INVHonest payouts on time! Get paid today as usual. batch: 21209204 Nice serious project!
14:01U228??7362.31.62.*BePaidRecieved payment again, probably the best programme now!
13:53U640??09119.110.108.*Extra ReturnGot paid still without any problem from the site,i think this one very real nice and perfect!
13:43U219??40 79.119.124.* BePaidIf you join any make it this one, you won't be sorry. they have the best program and Communication
13:38U889??41203.197.88.*Extra Returnthank admin paid me again 10/17/2009 18:44 21192667 U5859034 (Extra Return) + $1.80
13:27 U087??90 95.69.58.* ForexFundsOnline
13:26U703??3394.172.129.*BePaidFantastic Program!! They keep on paying and paying!!
12:58U702??34 85.84.211.* BePaidVery nice, stable program! Looks very promising!
12:28U410??84 60.163.1.* Magic INVI verify this program , Payment received $75.00 ! Very good site with stable plan!
11:07U243??66 222.123.43.* Oil Forex Trading Co.Excellent program.
10:33U448??70118.220.175.*Oil Forex Trading Co.Cool site , cool program ! paid me again.
10:02U942??07113.30.75.*SiS MoneyExcellent program paid without problem I stronglly recommend this program
9:47U633??9164.120.153.*SiS Moneykeep paying to me,very good site
9:46U911??7282.160.29.*OffshoreStockTradesPaying me on time !
9:40U781??4267.198.201.*SiS MoneyStill paying on time without a problem, thanks admin!
9:35U603??4369.197.177.*SiS MoneyUnique payment ! I always got paid on time.
9:31U162??25 125.92.66.* SiS MoneyTodays's payment received
7:36U502??14212.166.64.*Afon Businessi got paid for my 17st . hot program for invest
7:35U502??14212.166.64.*Hourly Bankpaid me tanks
7:30U502??14212.166.64.*Wall Street InvestmentsI have 14 days pending . no thing paid . no reply to e-mails . they not paid to my 3 friends
7:28U502??14212.166.64.*Infinitum Value Account15 days pending !
7:18 U5943421 PROXY Troodosfunds[Program Admin]> That bad vote is groundless and malicious. We have no investor with LR account like U663??03.
6:17U911??7282.160.29.*AMA InvestGreat, paying program !
1:26U448??70 222.123.177.* Oil Forex Trading Co.great payment thank you .