Vote Information for Saturday 17 October 2009


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22:13U747??27 81.225.22.* KBD Investment ServicesThe site always pays quickly and without problems!
21:22 U316??33 220.73.137.* AMA Investgood program always paying .
20:25 U435??64 203.82.91.*NDCA Traders FundSCAM !!!. not paid. not reply my email. becareful fren.
20:20U237??45203.82.91.*BePaidpaid & wdrawal success. tq admin.
20:12U297??07203.82.91.*Troodosfundspaid again. wdrawal success _ batch 21195184. tq admin.
19:55U502??14212.166.64.*Payonikapaid me tanks
19:54U502??14212.166.64.*Euro Wide Investi am right i have 5 days pending !
19:51U471??75 218.241.174.* Forex-InvFirst time I ever made profit from any program!
19:51U502??14212.166.64.*NBC Tradetanks for payment . Batch : 21197353
19:49U502??14212.166.64.*Oicogot paid . tanks
19:48U502??14212.166.64.*Investment Forgealways pay me , i dont have any problem with it
19:46U502??14212.166.64.*PanaMoneyALWAYS IS GOOD AND PAY ME
19:44U502??14212.166.64.*Perfect Business Solutioni have 40 days pending , not paid me and not reply to e-mails
19:43U502??14212.166.64.*Wealth Generation ClubALL GOOD VOTE . IT IS SCAM , I LOSED 25$ , NEVER PAID ME . SCAM , NEVER REPLY TO MY MAILS ! I HAVE 20 DAYS PENDING
19:38U502??14212.166.64.*Fundex Investmenti have 47 day pending ! help
19:36U502??14212.166.64.*Bern Business Clubnot paid scam . me and my 4 friends have 5 days pending . it never pay ! dont iunvest / all good votes is from paid posters and are fake
19:33U502??14212.166.64.*United Cash BankI HAVE 31 DAYS PENDING ! ALL GOOD VOTES ARE FAKE . IT IS SCAM
19:20U987??27 81.193.55.* KBD Investment ServicesOne of the best programs. Fast payments after withdrawal request. Great.
18:37U229??56 186.124.118.* Safe-Companyhot hyip for invest . i hope they continue his hot job and work i paid
18:34U402??88217.10.246.*Safe-CompanyGOT PAID ME . COOL
18:29U902??23 213.185.116.* Safe-Companythey paid me on time today
18:27U565??91 93.93.128.* Succeed InvestPAID
18:24U983??73189.90.250.*Succeed Investall of my friends got paid on time . best and hot program for investment
18:21U858??44 60.253.102.* Succeed Investthey paid me
18:20U617??12 115.31.137.* Succeed Investtanks admin . paid to me and all of my 6 friends . its really trusted
18:18U268??25 77.73.162.* Really Payingalready paid me and i sent this vote . its very good . cool program
18:15U402??88173.45.114.*Really Payingit a really instant hyip .nice pland fast support . i like it
17:59U475??41 213.37.186.* KBD Investment ServicesOne of the best systems on the market. Paying well, solid and honest.
17:55U617??1284.20.81.*Really Payingvery good ,it paid to me too . kind regards
17:49U858??44189.127.143.*Safe-Companyi hope success for this hyip , and tanks for payment , tanks
17:43U983??73173.45.114.*Safe-Companypaid , many tanks
17:41U402??88 202.87.41.* Succeed InvestGOT PAID , NICE
17:39U268??2588.191.61.*Succeed Investreally succed investment . very fast payments . cool
17:31U565??91 222.247.62.* Really PayingPAID ME VERY GOOD
17:29U229??5688.191.61.*Really Payingbest hyip . paying very fast , very good
17:25U060??70148.233.239.*Really Payingpaid : 900$ , Batch : 21193680
17:23U902??23200.7.196.*Safe EarningREALLY PAID ME FOR MY 2ST , ITS A REALLY FOREX PROGRAM !
17:21U983??73200.7.196.*Really Payingvery nice , i like it , i withdraw and they paid me very fast !
17:18U902??2385.252.203.*Succeed Investfast support and friendly admin , good place for investment
17:17U617??1285.252.203.*Safe-Companypaid 350$ , Batch : 21193344
17:15U858??4485.252.203.*Really Payingi hope admin continue payments . me and all of my friends got paid from this program till now , good
17:13U983??7385.252.203.*Safe Earningvery nice site and powerfull traders . paid and i sent this very good vote after my payment tanks
17:11U858??4485.252.203.*Super Star HYIPdear admin i hope success for you , and tanks for your payment : 1700$ , tanks
17:08U253??0368.40.169.*Succeed Investpaid 377$ , Batch : 21193171
17:07U253??0368.40.169.*Safe-Companypaid me today
17:02U253??0368.40.169.*Safe EarningGOT PAID 4,000 $ . Batch : 21193002
17:00U253??0368.40.169.*Really Payingtoday paid me and i sent this very good vote for this good hyip program
16:58U253??0368.40.169.*Super Star HYIPpaid to me and my 3 friends , powerfull hyip
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16:54U922??29194.170.32.*Succeed InvestNICE PANS . GOT PAID , MANY TANKSS
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16:52U922??29194.170.32.*Really PayingGOT PAID
16:51U922??29194.170.32.*Safe Earningexcellent paid me too . trusted hyip
16:48U677??41125.245.218.*Succeed Investpaid 250$ , Batch : 21192593
16:46U677??41125.245.218.*Really Payingvery nice payments . paid 2400 USD . Batch : 21192509
16:45U677??41125.245.218.*Safe-Companygot paid today
16:43U677??41125.245.218.*Safe Earninggot paid . excellent
16:41U539??07173.45.114.*Succeed Investvery nice design and very great hyip . paid me already and i sent this very good vote .
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16:38U539??07173.45.114.*Super Star HYIPpaid
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16:04U830??82 64.15.147.* Extra ReturnInvested their plans right now! site paying me fine.i can trust this program.The best support you can try it yourself.
15:47U773??30200.32.238.*Extra ReturnThe next payment on "Liberty Reserve" is received: 10/16/2009 10:16 21123826 Memo: Withdraw from
15:41U634??1694.171.104.*BePaidGot paid instanlty ($90.75). Thanks to admin.I think this project promises to be the hugest one in future. Compounded 100%
15:36U560??1986.58.155.*Extra ReturnThe site always paid me on time and did not miss a single payment,great site here! i am very happy with the program.
15:01U243??66 117.47.181.* Oil Forex Trading Co.received payment as usual, very good !!
14:51U190??9082.36.58.*BePaidloving this program always pays!!thanks a lot!!
13:27U838??0464.120.153.*Magic INV$1.50 Always Got the payment on time,thanks admin.
13:12U740??38204.12.214.*Magic INVGot paid,Thank to honest admin.batch 21182874
12:28U868??4367.198.201.*Magic INVThe Best of the Best, I received my payment today $2.26
11:48U999??1469.197.177.*Magic INVWith this site everyone will earn greater money!Thanks admin!! batch: 21180754
11:28U802??05 87.249.56.* Tradezoom Incnot paid! login: sergey
11:13U654??61208.110.81.*Magic INVThe Best Invest Program. paid!!$1.55
10:22U102??18174.139.23.*Magic INVI got paid for $4.15!!!Paying with no problem.I received payment.
10:17U297??07203.82.91.*SiS Moneypaid again. tq admin.
8:40U079??60 79.133.132.* BePaidPaid again. $220. paid on time,Thanks admin.
7:39U122??4580.99.175.*BePaidForget your problems,since this program will support you forever!
7:27U448??70 222.123.183.* Oil Forex Trading Co.Cool program. always pays in time
6:58U266??37212.187.39.*BePaidPaid every 10 days, directly into liberty account.
6:54U152??88 125.167.243.* High Luxury Fund, Inc.Paid $4,4 to user reserve, thanks admin Hiluxfund!
0:28U432??07 24.184.214.* KBD Investment ServicesThanks for paying out my payouts.