Vote Information for Thursday 15 October 2009


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22:53U394??0684.196.66.*KBD Investment ServicesWell seriouse program! Honest admin. Hyip is one of the best!
22:53U394??0684.196.66.*EximFundVery good project and real investment program. Paid well and always in time! Excellent site!
22:04U983??73 221.229.124.* Super Star HYIPpaid
22:02U858??44 125.245.211.* Super Star HYIPgot paid. they paid me and after it i sent this vote
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21:59U922??29 212.11.143.* Super Star HYIPtoday paid me
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21:34U567??36172.191.109.*EximFundWell, just have been paid. Great hyip!
21:33U567??36172.191.109.*KBD Investment ServicesPaid on time without any problem, perfect program, honest admin!!!
19:29U500??96213.108.44.*Forex-InvThinking about reinvesting money, hope program will pay as quick as usual
15:49U297??07203.82.91.*SiS Moneypaid & wdrawal success. thanks admin.
15:35U703??33 85.231.65.* BePaidNo comments, best
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12:19U904??50 190.14.241.* Extra ReturnDate: 2009-10-15 03:14Batch: 21058958From Account: U5859034 (Extra Return)new payment received from
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11:45U821??6189.19.10.*Extra ReturnDate: 2009-10-14 18:38 Batch: 21039760From Account: U5859034 (Extra Return)Amount: $12.00Memo: Withdraw to from
10:25U065??22 74.195.244.* Wealth Generation ClubFast payment from the admin thanks
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8:12U145??3298.126.37.*SiS MoneyWithdrawal processed, batch_id: 21071417
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7:43U448??70 117.47.179.* Oil Forex Trading Co.Be pleased you, admin. Thank you very much for the payment.
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4:19U603??43 66.197.137.* SiS MoneyI put my investment on this program and behold i got paid instantly into my L/R... $31
3:50U633??91204.12.214.*SiS MoneyPayment is still fine here.