Vote Information for Friday 25 September 2009


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19:25U388??0175.119.112.*Meta Stocks GroupLISTEN....They will take your money! They did it to me! $20 GONE JUST LIKE THAT! They even erased my account as nothing had happened. WHAT A SHAME!
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17:07U239??9424.45.34.*United Cash Bankstill get paid on time! Great program
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17:04U622??6124.100.111.*Perfect Business Solutiongood program problem
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16:55U634??9670.191.170.*United Cash Bankwithdraw my profit without problem. Thanks admin
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16:18U526??2164.130.164.*United Cash BankVery cool looking site. Can see that the admin is very sincere in his program
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16:05U217??1264.19.114.*Global Market SolutionsPaid to my balance - requested cashout yesterday to return with more when paid.
16:03U270??0476.188.72.*United Cash BankMy first payment here. I think it is one of the best hyip
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15:59U678??5074.76.230.*United Cash Bankbeen paid instantly after request as always. thanks admin...very good.
15:59U678??5074.76.230.*Perfect Business SolutionVery Realible program..Have received payouts twice in couple of hours upon cash out..
15:58U678??5074.76.230.*Interbank FX ClubReceived payment again same day as request. Very Great!
15:58U678??5074.76.230.*Global Market Solutionsseem Good i made deposit yesterdayd and today recieve my payment instantly. thank you admin
15:52U703??33188.25.237.*Money-TurboAfter acquainted with you , now I am rolling in money
15:37U079??60188.25.237.*LibertyBrokerAlready tested. Got my money.. :) Thinking to reinvest !!
15:27U228??73188.25.237.*Investment-ProgramIt is really greate HYIP. Paid Me Fast.
14:33U098??45 203.174.87.* Extra Returnmoney received on LR very fast! wonderful program, thanks for doing this great job.i hope the admin will keep his excellent work.
14:17U551??65 113.111.255.* Extra Returnreceived payment today Date: 9/25/2009 12:18 Batch: 20189508 From Account: U5859034 (Extra Return) Amount: $2.50 Memo: Withdraw from
9:03U702??34188.25.237.*Money-TurboGreat HYIP.All monitors now show paying
8:50U122??45188.25.237.*LibertyBrokerPaid again and again and again..! ! !
8:40U219??40188.25.237.*Investment-ProgramNever aggrieved failure to payment me.Hope things will go perfectly.Keep Work.
8:14U079??60188.25.237.*Money-TurboWhat a great project!
8:04U266??37188.25.237.*LibertyBrokergot paid ... I will try again ! :)
7:49U703??33188.25.237.*Investment-Programking invest is a new star at hyip arena. Absolutely the best program I ever seen before. Everyone must invest here!!!
7:44U702??2467.198.201.*Buxnexthank you admin again because you have kept your promise again today.
7:42U741??01123.130.123.*BuxnexStrong program. Constant stable payouts.
7:39U636??51204.12.214.*BuxnexThanks so much for your truly work.. Thanks admin.
7:37U273??3266.197.137.*BuxnexPayment received as normal,admin paid on time per day,thanks
7:35U539??8374.222.133.*BuxnexThanks for payment Batch: 20181790
7:19U122??4585.87.73.*Money-TurboStiil geting paid... Goood :)
7:13U940??6485.87.73.*LibertyBrokerThe Payment 18$ are received. Thank you!
7:12 U284??00 80.80.109.* NetworkInvestProTwo days does not pay money, after the reference in administration have blocked my account.
4:42U612??92 123.128.21.* AverFunddeposited $280 LR,paid me on time---thanks for admin,like the very good website
3:48 U684??55 89.179.0.* Auto Payment SystemDo not pay