Vote Information for Friday 18 September 2009


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21:29 U2816622 PROXY Finance Nova[Program Admin]> Finance Nova is not affiliated with any other program. You need to understand that Fullerton is location of hosting used by many HYIPs - If they use the same hoosting company, it does not mean that they are run by same person.
18:33U912??2194.23.114.*Fundex Investmentanother successful payment, thank you so much
18:21U879??36 114.84.217.* TroodosfundsNice work, admin!
17:29U388??0175.119.112.*Cold ForexThink about it... These are claiming to give out $100 for every $1 spent! So if somebody spends $100, they got to cough up $10,000. Do you honestly think you'll get what they claim back? NO YOU WON'T! Don't be stupid!
16:09U346??71219.64.73.*Interbank FX ClubThis is a worst site. Not paying. Invested on 29th August. Batch 19114650. It should be blacklisted. Let them beg in the street.
16:02U346??71219.64.73.*Global Market SolutionsInvested on 29th August. Batch 19114859. Not recd. any payout. Randomly given. The monitor may instruct them. I think they are properly paid to monitors. That is why still it is a paying site.
14:39U113??02208.110.81.*Atomfrech Co., LtdIt's pleasant to work with such good hyip and its support.
13:55U122??4580.217.110.*Money-TurboIt pays on time everytime
13:53U122??4580.217.110.*LibertyBrokerI was paid many honest admin.
13:47U702??3480.217.110.*Investment-ProgramMy favourite program! Very honest admin! Paid me again and again!
13:08U266??3782.36.58.*Money-TurboExcellent Very nice looking site!
13:02U266??3782.36.58.*LibertyBrokerGood job.I think the admin is so honest and conscientious.
12:52U634??1682.36.58.*Investment-ProgramExcellent program thanks to admin,got my payment within 20 min.Will invest more next time!!!
12:31U940??6491.146.166.*Money-TurboGot my paid 6$ again.
12:27U940??6491.146.166.*LibertyBrokerThe program seems more and more hotter.Paying all the time.
12:17U876??4491.146.166.*Investment-Programvery gooooooooood PROGRAM keep it up got PAID today,everyday.tell my friends to join
11:45U612??0687.118.100.*Green Financial ServicesAlways on time - thanks !
11:37U911??7282.160.29.*DBX ClubGot paid again !
9:06U714??0169.197.177.*Bis Fund9/19/2009 05:48 19965214 U2125841 (Bis Fund Withdraw) + $7.19
8:57U515??10112.140.186.*Bis FundStill instantly payment ,very good
8:48U615??20222.122.12.*Bis Fund9/19/2009 10:00 19969125 U2125841 (Bis Fund Withdraw) + $8.25
8:37U722??18 140.239.56.* GoldenStairPays! Excellent program! Quality program to invest.
8:34U374??16 94.183.145.* Bis Fund26.80$, Pay automatically by LR, thanks admin, great program
7:30U363??5498.248.172.*Money-Turboit is a very good site and honest admin.
7:27U013??78 222.182.6.* GoldenStairpayments without any problems.great admin. and paid to everyone.
7:21U363??5498.248.172.*LibertyBrokerThis is paying every day, good program !!!Thank you Admin!
7:03U190??9098.248.172.*Investment-ProgramVery good my vote, bacause im very thankful to this programm, for all good things that this company has done to me!
6:39U430??2789.102.222.*Money-TurboPaid again as always.
6:23U448??70 114.128.74.* Oil Forex Trading Co.Fine Program!!
6:12U430??27 89.102.162.* LibertyBrokerPay me on time so good ....honest admin Thanks! Got paid. I will invest more soon.
5:48U790??95 79.112.105.* Investment-ProgramGot paid every time, lost count of the number of times sometimes in only 3 minutes mony in my account. Thanks admin
5:17U674??38 212.102.0.* GoldenStairI have received payment. This investment is a reliable program!
4:45U702??24121.12.119.*Bis FundTo God be the glory that i know you, i got paid without tax
4:34U741??01221.122.78.*Bis Fundexcellent performance so far! i pray you will never change from your good work
4:27U273??32112.121.165.*Bis FundYour payment is impressive.........ohhhhhhhhhhh so nice
4:14U539??83113.93.20.*Bis Fundpaying
3:41U522??87115.68.55.*GoldenStairpaid to me. good site 9/18/2009 18.34 19952269 U8555618 ( + $10.50
23:13U098??20 67.21.82.* Bis FundPayment has been received. Thank You
23:09U649??68122.200.66.*Bis FundMember since start of the project. This one is
23:07U424??59222.73.44.*Bis FundPaing my ! Thanks admin !!! Very very Good !!! Always paing!!! I'll reinvest! Great program!
23:04U488??91202.133.246.*Bis Fundvcom Best HYUP! Always pays correctly and time
23:02U145??32118.142.35.*Bis FundGot payment. My deposit became larger and larger each day.
23:00U942??07222.122.12.*Bis FundI am always on easy street since I saw this fast paying.