Vote Information for Friday 11 September 2009


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23:36U093??40 216.150.78.* Nove FundPaid on time like clock!Best program and best Admin!!
18:16U089??12 112.142.138.* Oil Forex Trading Co.Pays on time, rapid answer to queries and corrects any problem immediately.Great!!!
16:34U618??1424.11.174.*SEC Global FundNo delay payments! paid me without problems,thanks admin.
16:33U618??1424.11.174.*Perfect Business SolutionPay as usual,so great hyip. The admin is so honest.
16:32U618??1424.11.174.*NDCA Traders FundPerfect working investment project. Recommend for everyone
16:32U618??1424.11.174.*Tresor Money Unionsuper work guys thanks for the payment.
16:31U618??1424.11.174.*Diamond Instant ProfitsI get payment without any delay,really good program,thank you admin!
16:30U618??1424.11.174.*Barclay Premier FundThe best HYIP program that I have involved. Simple but flexible...
16:30U618??1424.11.174.*Interbank FX ClubI strongly recommend this program.They are fantastic
16:28U524??5970.254.206.*SEC Global FundSuper Program! Quality program!
16:27U524??5970.254.206.*Perfect Business SolutionConfirm! It is paying one!
16:26U524??5970.254.206.*NDCA Traders FundAlways Paid. Thanks Admin.
16:26U524??5970.254.206.*Tresor Money UnionVery GOOD choice to invest
16:25U524??5970.254.206.*Diamond Instant ProfitsPayment in my account within hours. Reasonable percentage assures longevity of this program.
16:25U524??5970.254.206.*Barclay Premier FundThey pay like clockwork! Recommended!
16:24U524??5970.254.206.*Interbank FX ClubVery solid program, serious approach and regular payouts.
16:24U388??0175.119.112.*US Trade InvI asked for a request, they sent me a message saying "Withdrawal has been sent" BUT to find out that NOTHING was transferred to my account. This site is GARBAGE! WATCH OUT!
16:23U569??1498.117.217.*SEC Global FundNew payment received like clockwork, great program, thanks!
16:22U569??1498.117.217.*Perfect Business SolutionI am in profit ,this is a serious paying investment program.
16:21U569??1498.117.217.*NDCA Traders FundSUPER program, paid on time my stable income. I will soon invest more! Good Luck !
16:21U569??1498.117.217.*Tresor Money UnionReal programm, real payments.Pays as promised
16:20U569??1498.117.217.*Diamond Instant ProfitsGreat program! Pay on time! Support is the Best!
16:19U569??1498.117.217.*Barclay Premier Fundi am glad with this project, paid and rate
16:19U569??1498.117.217.*Interbank FX ClubPaid to LR again, without problems.
16:16U917??4076.185.80.*SEC Global FundVery cool looking site. Can see that the admin is very sincere in his program
16:16U917??4076.185.80.*Perfect Business SolutionPays! Excellent program! Quality program to invest.
16:15U917??4076.185.80.*NDCA Traders FundGood job admins!!!
16:14U917??4076.185.80.*Tresor Money UnionThe site always pays quickly and without problems!
16:14U917??4076.185.80.*Diamond Instant ProfitsGot payment!Exellent programm!
16:13U917??4076.185.80.*Barclay Premier Fundpaid! With this site everyone will earn greater money!Thanks admin!!
16:13U917??4076.185.80.*Interbank FX ClubNo problems with this program, fast payouts, really good!!
16:11U335??6974.72.154.*SEC Global FundMy first payment here. I think it is one of the best hyip
16:10U335??6974.72.154.*Perfect Business SolutionToday paid again! Fine Program, excellent service!
16:10U335??6974.72.154.*NDCA Traders FundJust paying, paying and paying every trading day !
16:09U335??6974.72.154.*Tresor Money UnionBest program around! I keep re-invested my money
16:08U335??6974.72.154.*Diamond Instant Profitshonest admin,How excellent program! really nice and good site.
16:08U335??6974.72.154.*Barclay Premier Fundstill paying! great program ever, always paid for small and big invest.thanks
16:07U335??6974.72.154.*Interbank FX ClubPaid to my balance - requested cashout yesterday to return with more when paid.
16:03U121??7976.228.36.*Perfect Business SolutionCool program, my favorite place to invest, pays regularly!
16:03U121??7976.228.36.*NDCA Traders FundPays! Excellent program! Quality program to invest.
16:02U121??7976.228.36.*Tresor Money UnionI m happy to be here and recommend this hyip to my friends!
16:01U121??7976.228.36.*Diamond Instant ProfitsPaid on time like clock! Best program and best Admin.!!
16:01U121??7976.228.36.*Barclay Premier FundPayment is instantly as usual. Really GOOD! Thanks Admin.
16:00U121??7976.228.36.*Interbank FX ClubFast payment. Fast hyip. Very good! Paying to me again and again.
15:59U864??3576.246.38.*Perfect Business Solutionbeen paid instantly after request as always. thanks admin...very good.
15:58U864??3576.246.38.*NDCA Traders FundVery Realible program..Have received payouts twice in couple of hours upon cash out..
15:58U864??3576.246.38.*Tresor Money UnionReceived payment again same day as request. Very Great!
15:57U864??3576.246.38.*Diamond Instant Profitsseem Good i made deposit yesterdayd and today recieve my payment instantly. thank you admin
15:56U864??3576.246.38.*Barclay Premier FundTHANK YOU ADMIN THANK YOU VERY MUCH.
15:47U864??3576.246.38.*Interbank FX ClubPaid for referral Commissions and regular!
15:45U728??8565.25.215.*SEC Global FundThank you admin,Very fast withdrawal received
15:44U728??8565.25.215.*Perfect Business SolutionThis program have sent me 1 payments in a row without any problems.
15:44U728??8565.25.215.*NDCA Traders Fundthat I neverseem before Simply Excellent Program! Paid
15:43U728??8565.25.215.*Tresor Money UnionVery good project and real investment program. 100% good place to get your profit!
15:43U728??8565.25.215.*Diamond Instant Profitswell seriouse program! Honest admin. hyip is one of the best!
15:42U728??8565.25.215.*Barclay Premier Fundreceived the seven payment. thanks thanks admin
15:41U728??8565.25.215.*Interbank FX Clubgood work expect to see some payouts soon
15:40U368??0024.159.29.*SEC Global Fundwow nice design man,very proffesinal
15:39U368??0024.159.29.*Perfect Business SolutionVery good project and real investment program. Paid well and always in time! Excellent site!
15:39U368??0024.159.29.*NDCA Traders FundI think it will work for a long time. Nice design
15:38U368??0024.159.29.*Tresor Money UnionThanks admin....paid for today i love you admin
15:38U368??0024.159.29.*Diamond Instant Profitsthanks admin,paid me on time!
15:37U368??0024.159.29.*Barclay Premier Fundvery very good hyip
15:36U368??0024.159.29.*Interbank FX ClubPaying as promised. Great program.
15:35U526??2176.29.138.*SEC Global FundNew payment received like clockwork, great program, thanks!
15:34U526??2176.29.138.*Perfect Business SolutionGot paid again,the site very hot now!really hot!
15:34U526??2176.29.138.*NDCA Traders FundOne of the best programs. Fast payments after withdrawal request. Great.
15:33U526??2176.29.138.*Tresor Money UnionAlways fast payments. Really a great program.
15:32U526??2176.29.138.*Diamond Instant ProfitsMy funds are growing and growing and growing ...! Very trustful admin, thanks !!!
15:31U526??2176.29.138.*Barclay Premier FundThey continue paying well and as promised. Great program.
15:31U526??2176.29.138.*Interbank FX Clubone of the most serious and PAYING INSTANTLY
15:28U934??6864.250.217.*SEC Global Fundlucky to find such a great company to invest
15:28U934??6864.250.217.*Perfect Business SolutionIt looks that will be one of the best programs in the near future. I was paid once and reinvested my profit.
15:27U934??6864.250.217.*NDCA Traders FundI get my paid.Honest admin.Thanks.
15:26U934??6864.250.217.*Tresor Money UnionWhat a great project! Always paying and no delays, fantastic!
15:26U430??2777.110.135.*LibertyBrokerOn time and fast paying.You are best and unique.thanks alot
15:26U934??6864.250.217.*Diamond Instant Profitsvery fast payment when requested and great support system
15:25U934??6864.250.217.*Barclay Premier Fundpaying me as promised,honest admin,thanks
15:24U934??6898.199.93.*Interbank FX ClubVery good site with stable plan! Got payment!
15:22U910??4298.199.93.*SEC Global FundVery-very good. I really like it !
15:21U910??4298.199.93.*Perfect Business SolutionA very satisfied investor indeed!nice!
15:20U910??4298.199.93.*NDCA Traders Fundvery good program, I will re-invest, thanks!!!
15:20U910??4298.199.93.*Tresor Money UnionVery trustworthy a serious investment program.....
15:19U910??4298.199.93.*Diamond Instant ProfitsVery good looking program.I am sure I will put more money into it after some time.
15:18U910??4298.199.93.*Barclay Premier Fundgot payment today, really nice.
15:18U910??4298.199.93.*Interbank FX ClubI agree this will become next big program
15:16U217??1270.251.226.*SEC Global FundThis program is the best of all
15:16U217??1270.251.226.*Perfect Business SolutionThank you Admin!!!
15:15U217??1270.251.226.*NDCA Traders Fundhyip paid! good, I receive payment!Thanks!
15:14U217??1270.251.226.*Tresor Money UnionI have received money from this best project!
15:14U217??1270.251.226.*Diamond Instant ProfitsPaying on time and great e-mail support.
15:13U217??1270.251.226.*Barclay Premier FundWell, just have been paid. Great hyip!
15:12U217??1270.251.226.*Interbank FX ClubIs paying every day, good program !!!
15:09U190??9077.110.135.*Investment-ProgramPaid $345 great progam, Payment on time
15:09U270??0472.199.62.*SEC Global FundMy favourite invest program
15:08U270??0472.199.62.*Perfect Business SolutionPaid on time without any problem, perfect program,honest admin !!!
15:08U270??0472.199.62.*NDCA Traders Fundi receive another payment today,admin paid on time,thank you!
15:07U270??0472.199.62.*Tresor Money Unionvery good program, I will re-invest, thanks!!!
15:07U270??0472.199.62.*Diamond Instant ProfitsExcellent program! Never misses payment.
15:06U270??0472.199.62.*Barclay Premier FundIt is really greate. Paid Me Fast.
15:05U270??0472.199.62.*Interbank FX ClubHonest payouts on time! Get paid today as usual. Nice serious project!
15:04U678??5076.174.110.*SEC Global FundMy first withdrawal received!
15:04U678??5076.174.110.*Perfect Business SolutionPaid In Liberty Account Today. Great Going
15:03U678??5076.174.110.*NDCA Traders FundStay in program. Keep thy good work going!
15:02U678??5076.174.110.*Tresor Money UnionWhat a great project!
15:02U678??5076.174.110.*Diamond Instant Profitsthe best HYIP!nice!
15:01U678??5076.174.110.*Barclay Premier FundVery trustworthy a serious investment program....
15:00U228??73213.89.106.*LibertyBrokerPaid again so quickly!going to invest again,thx!
15:00U678??5076.174.110.*Interbank FX ClubReceived your paiment
14:55U769??07220.112.47.*Amex Paystop invest here.the admin will scam your money
14:43U790??95213.89.106.*Investment-ProgramReceive $320 today,so hot program!thanks admin!
13:49U480??5167.198.201.*Atomfrech Co., LtdOne of the best programs. payments for everyone . Great.
12:31U219??4094.172.129.*LibertyBrokerExtremely fast in payment!paid again today!
12:25U108??35 114.128.167.* Oil Forex Trading Co.ADMIN VERY GOOD. LOOK LIKE REAL INVESTMENTS&TRADING.
12:16U996??83 111.84.127.* Oil Forex Trading Co.New payment received like clockwork, great program, thanks!
12:14U079??6094.172.129.*Investment-ProgramExcelent program!paid me on time again,thanks very much!
11:49U703??3380.217.105.*LibertyBrokerVery Prompt & Reliable Payouts!! Thanks!
11:38U122??4580.217.105.*Investment-ProgramReally great program,paid me on time!deposit $150 again:)
11:17U702??3482.16.121.*LibertyBrokerGOT $264 today,paid on time as usual,thanks a lot!
11:04U654??6172.11.142.*Bet and ForexSince the autumn, I receive stable payments.ThnX !
10:55U266??3782.16.121.*Investment-ProgramGreat HYIP,GOT REFERRAL BONUS!Thanks Admin.
10:12U102??1894.76.216.*Bet and ForexExcellent and stable program! Paid on time automatically directly
9:21 U233??33 80.254.146.* OneDayInv
9:02U560??19202.150.209.*Extra Return9/11/2009 07:54 1964277 U5859034 (Extra Return) + $3.00 thank admin!Paid again as always, this is a very good site with honest admin.
8:51U904??5093.104.210.*Extra ReturnI got paid again just! this site still paid to me well.
8:47U183??3558.137.129.*Oil Forex Trading Co.A great paying site like you are needed for big investors like me.
8:33 U523??44 210.187.102.* OneDayInvthis is my first time im joining this program..i choose 3 site..fortunate only this site paying me its true!after this im only come for this site THUMBS UP!!
7:32U831??54 203.82.92.* Quick Home Cashgood admin fast payment LR10.00 paid 2day TQ!
6:12U460??23 210.51.23.* Lone Star Fundswe attack your site add daily 10 or more negativ votes to all your monitors
6:08U388??0175.119.112.*OffshoreStockTradesThese people NEVER paid me. WATCH OUT! You might loose your money!
6:03U388??0175.119.112.*Global Market SolutionsThis Netherland operation along with three other ones took my $20s and I got NOTHING back. WATCH OUT! You might loose your mone!
5:59U460??23 64.56.70.* Trading ClubThanks! Got paid. I will invest more soon.
5:57 U370??64 119.147.24.* Lone Star FundsToday received my first payment…looks great!!
5:50 U306??52 202.155.239.*Lone Star FundsI was paid today, good job admin!!!
5:50U089??12 110.49.99.* Oil Forex Trading Co.No delay payments! Paid me without problems, thanks admin.
5:44 U986??03 115.68.55.*Lone Star FundsPAYING!!! - It's growing HOT now!!
5:40 U360??82 64.56.70.* Lone Star Fundspay $10 for monitoring fee to acc.U6669655 hyip365 we attack your site add daily 10 or more negativ votes to all your monitors.
4:23U108??35 114.128.167.* Oil Forex Trading Co.Pay as usual, so great hyip. The admin is so honest.
4:09 U750??17 202.187.4.* Hot Profit 4 Umy money is still pending..i think this site scam me already!!@#$
1:35U448??70 222.123.47.* Oil Forex Trading Co.Very GOOD Perfect Money.
0:31U183??35 117.47.194.* Oil Forex Trading Co.Best program around! I keep re-invested my money