Vote Information for Saturday 2 December 2006


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23:33371??5265.35.118.*Dona HyipsSCAM! marked our withdrawal as processed but did NOT process the payment. $22 loss. AVOID THIS SCAM!
21:49242??79 151.37.109.* Golden FlowPaid plan 4 1/2 $$$$...very, very the BEST PROGRAM ! ! ! thanks Admin.
21:19365??80 218.111.185.* Golden FlowPaid 2/56: 71947862 2006-12-02 00:06 4%(2/56). TQ
21:10 379??94 219.95.150.* Invest2Propaid on time... tq so much!!!
21:07326??4587.248.165.*OIL Fundpaid
21:06326??4587.248.165.*Mutual Investpaid
19:54359??41 196.201.65.* Money trade LTDgood hyip ,paying
18:56 37??52 74.135.126.* Invest with E-GoldPaid daily since I joined! Thanks!
18:48363??0369.114.179.*Gold2007They only pay on plan1. I lost 500 on plan 6
17:20175??16200.65.127.*VolHyipPaid me again.thx.spend again and paid.
16:58384??77200.88.125.*VolHyippaid first time,thank you.
16:54314??65 65.191.19.* FX Golden UnionGreat invest program!
16:52271??40 172.195.16.* FX Golden UnionThanks for payment!
16:49348??97 217.129.129.* FX Golden UnionPaid, pay and continue to pay
16:46280??15 213.66.251.* FX Golden UnionPaid like clock.
16:43339??46 142.163.153.* FX Golden UnionI am glad indeed
16:40375??44 72.134.139.* FX Golden UnionSerious paying program!
16:39335??46 84.187.215.* FX Golden UnionGreat customer support, super!
16:37375??13 201.9.138.* FX Golden UnionPaid!!!- Paid on time as usual
16:34296??62 208.102.156.* FX Golden UnionExcellent program !
16:31326??10 59.149.192.* FX Golden UnionAmazing program!
16:26260??54 85.107.113.* FX Golden UnionI recomend this HYIP!
16:24348??10 196.217.59.* FX Golden Unionpaid me today, the admin!
16:22272??52 71.83.132.* FX Golden UnionMy favourite invest program
16:14271??42 70.118.9.* FX Golden UnionPaid In E-Gold Account Today. Great Going
16:12270??63 85.140.80.* FX Golden Unionpaid me all the week
15:52297??53 151.37.112.* VolHyipPaid me again 4/45. Very good program, thanks admin.
15:30329??59 121.6.26.* JazzHYIPNo payment since 30-11
15:27 351??59 60.51.76.* InvestForAllInstant paid. well done
15:22290??45195.5.50.*Idea-ProfitPaid ! Thank you
15:18290??45195.5.50.*LuxxorrPaid ! Thank you
15:12290??45195.5.50.*Nana313Paid ! Thank you
15:07290??45195.5.50.*RowentoPaid ! Thank you
15:02290??45195.5.50.*FRXCIPaid ! Thank you
15:00290??45195.5.50.*LifeDollarsPaid ! Thank you
14:56290??45195.5.50.*OIL FundPaid ! Thank you
14:51290??45195.5.50.*Mutual InvestPaid ! Thank you
14:45290??45195.5.50.*Q-InvestmentPaid ! Thank you
14:40277??15165.21.154.*InvestForAllPAID PAID PAID!!!
14:08 301??08 172.174.132.* My 7 HYIPvery Good Thanks Juergen
13:48383??0585.187.163.*MigroHYIPPaying. After 1st day there was a problem, responded very fast by email and manuall paid me out 150% after one day and half
13:30 293??87 222.67.106.* Dona Hyipsfake payment. scam!
13:29382??18195.5.51.*Idea-ProfitExcellent!!! I like this program!!!
13:24382??18195.5.51.*FRXCIExcellent!!! I like this program!!!
13:19357??54212.138.64.*VolHyipadmin pay me daily and daily,thank you.
13:09382??18195.5.51.*RowentoExcellent!!! I like this program!!!
13:08382??18195.5.51.*LuxxorrExcellent!!! I like this program!!!
12:58382??18195.5.51.*Nana313Excellent!!! I like this program!!!
11:21383??0585.187.163.*EarnMoreFundsPaid instantly 1.2
10:21135??42217.77.220.*LifeDollarsJoin it! Paid always on time!
10:20135??42217.77.220.*OIL FundJoin it! Paid always on time!
10:19135??42217.77.220.*Mutual InvestJoin it! Paid always on time!
10:18135??42217.77.220.*Q-InvestmentJoin it! Paid always on time!
10:16135??42217.77.220.*Idea-ProfitJoin it! Paid always on time!
10:15135??42217.77.220.*LuxxorrJoin it! Paid always on time!
10:14135??42217.77.220.*Nana313Join it! Paid always on time!
10:14135??42217.77.220.*RowentoJoin it! Paid always on time!
10:13135??42217.77.220.*FRXCIJoin it! Paid always on time!
9:4680??05 86.206.208.* InvestForAllGOT PAID AGAIN INSTATLY !!!!!! Like that program !
9:32255??8682.207.127.*Q-InvestmentIt is really greate. Paid Me Fast.
9:14342??45 24.99.213.* Petrolium Investawaiting my pending withdrawal since 11/29 hyip-rater
8:52167??3667.15.151.*VolHyipgot paid in time daily, invest $999 today
5:50176??20202.152.64.*VolHyip3.30 pay me .it's good.
5:47 367??67 60.48.97.* InvestForAll
4:06369??3524.6.211.*InvestForAllPaid and reinvested. Best program right now. Thank you.
3:07379??28 60.53.1.* Nuclear Forexcayalah beb!! masuk jugak payment!! thanks admin!!!
2:23332??24202.155.46.*InvestForAllPaid instantly without delay anytime I want to wd!! Great program!