Vote Information for Friday 1 December 2006


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0:42173??82 87.193.43.* Casio InvestVorsicht! Mein account öffnet sich nicht mehr nachdem ich über 200 investiert habe
0:36249??47 220.157.190.* Global-CarSCAM.DON'T INVEST
0:11253??93168.215.214.*Nuclear ForexAUTOMATIC payments to my e-gold,,,im happy
0:01195??65 68.223.239.* InvestForAllTHE BEST PROGRAM I HAVE EVER BEEN!!!!
21:46371??7491.76.119.*LifeDollarsNice to take part in this programm and get profit! Thanks, admin!
21:45371??7491.76.119.*OIL FundExcellent programm! I received payment again!
21:44371??7491.76.119.*Q-InvestmentExcellent programm! I received payment again!
21:43371??7491.76.119.*Mutual InvestNice to take part in this programm and get profit! Thanks, admin!
20:55326??4587.248.165.*OIL Fundpaid
20:54326??4587.248.165.*Mutual Investpaid
19:27363??5268.96.185.*Nuclear Forexthey keep paying on every investment I have made. thank you very much.
19:14 372??88 66.131.129.* Nana313not paid
18:27362??40193.151.57.*OIL FundExcellent!!!
18:27383??0585.187.163.*My 7 HYIPGot signup bonus, got paid!
18:25362??40193.151.57.*Mutual InvestExcellent!!!
16:33 317??49 202.155.123.* InvestForAllthanks admin, another instant withdrawl
16:03229??15165.228.132.*VolHyipTotal spend $675 in this pay everyday.
15:45355??55125.162.188.*AI-FundThey not pay me since 28 Nov 2006
15:24229??1280.227.0.*VolHyipYeah,paid out again.
15:11256??6487.103.180.*Europe Trade LtdEurope Trade is the most reliable program amongst other
15:04 369??94 125.161.195.* pick900same thing happened to me. SCAM!!!
14:35355??55125.162.188.*Capital On LineAlways Paid. COL is the best!!! - Thanks!
14:31355??55125.162.188.*Golden FlowAlways Paid. Golden Flow is the best!!! - Thanks!
13:44290??45195.5.50.*LuxxorrPaid ! Thank you
13:39307??81 83.255.68.* Alcom InvestPAID again.. 2/10 - Fast payouts
13:36290??45195.5.50.*Nana313Paid ! Thank you
13:32175??16200.65.127.*VolHyipPaid me again.thx.spend again.
13:27290??45195.5.50.*RowentoPaid ! Thank you
13:20290??45195.5.50.*FRXCIPaid ! Thank you
13:14290??45195.5.50.*LifeDollarsPaid ! Thank you
13:11290??45195.5.50.*OIL FundPaid ! Thank you
13:09290??45195.5.50.*Mutual InvestPaid ! Thank you
13:06290??45195.5.50.*Q-InvestmentPaid ! Thank you
10:06135??42217.77.220.*LifeDollarsHonest admin. Join it!
10:05135??42217.77.220.*OIL FundHonest admin. Join it!
10:04135??42217.77.220.*Mutual InvestHonest admin. Join it!
10:03135??42217.77.220.*Q-InvestmentHonest admin. Join it!
10:01135??42217.77.220.*LuxxorrHonest admin. Join it!
10:00135??42217.77.220.*Nana313Honest admin. Join it!
9:59135??42217.77.220.*RowentoHonest admin. Join it!
9:5778??61 213.102.132.* JazzHYIPnot paid 3 Days, not invest here! great Scam!!
9:53135??42217.77.220.*FRXCIHonest admin. Join it!
9:2180??05 82.122.238.* InvestForAllGOT PAID AGAN INSTANTLY !!! Great program !
9:03299??30195.114.130.*Nana313cool!!!COOL!!great program!
9:01299??30195.114.130.*Rowentogood program!
9:01299??30195.114.130.*FRXCIpaid!really paid
8:49299??30195.114.130.*LifeDollarscool!!!COOL!!great program!
8:48299??30195.114.130.*OIL Fundcool!!!COOL!!great program!
8:47367??20 125.160.64.* JazzHYIPMaybe SCAM ! Don't invest here ! Not paid since yestedays and today and not answering emails too.
8:46 381??98 72.232.94.*Pro-ProfitPAYING
8:45299??30195.114.130.*Mutual Investcool!!!COOL!!great program!
8:30167??3667.15.151.*VolHyippaid me, thanks
8:11359??41 196.201.89.* Money trade LTDvery, very ,very ,very ,good hyip
7:44365??74 61.5.0.* Golden FlowAMAZING........GOLDEN FLOW never being late for paying me
7:40299??8374.104.94.*Golden FlowYou rock admin!!!
6:57 206??08 203.162.3.*InvestForAllyou MUST invest with this SITE
5:31326??10 87.16.19.* Sigma InvestmentPaid without problems
5:28375??44205.206.107.*Sigma InvestmentOne of the best
5:26339??46 85.140.82.* Sigma InvestmentReliable investment.
4:35360??9361.91.191.*Finance Circul4 weekly paid. good
4:10 383??63 83.167.17.* pick900+1. They say they have paid me already but they do not have transaction batch for the transfer and I have not got any money!
3:41355??62 59.95.205.* pick900They say they have paid me already but they do not have transaction batch for the transfer and I have not got any money!
3:29261??99216.135.2.*Idea-ProfitDIRTY SCAM.......suckered me with one payout, then STOLE 50-DOLLARS. WON'T RESPOND TO EMAILS....LIARS, THIEVES, DON'T INVEST!!!!
3:18382??52 125.160.65.* Nana313do not pay my friend $ 11. deceiver.
2:14360??9361.91.191.*Capital On LineGood paid so far 35 days.
2:00369??35 64.166.145.* InvestForAllThanks a lot. Received payment as expected. Great job.
1:32164??5024.119.51.*Universal HYIPLiar and fraudster!!! Not paying, not answer!
1:25365??80 60.50.43.* Golden FlowPaid 1/56 directly into e-gold acc. batch 71879937. Simply stunning. TQ.