Vote Information for Friday 7 August 2009


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18:05U729??62 124.122.98.* Onis Groupfantastic Program, thanks for payment, I am in Profit now
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15:17U384??25 118.34.104.* SolidFinanceI think the program runs smoothly and become stronger and stronger....
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9:15U741??0169.197.177.*Ten TradersDate: 8/7/2009 04:38 Batch: 18209304 From Account: U7838394
9:13U702??24222.122.12.*Ten TradersAPI 8/7/2009 04:40 18209396 U7838394 (Ten Traders) + $6.90
9:11U481??02119.133.154.*Ten Traders8/8/2009 07:05 18251205 U7838394 (Ten Traders) + $4.05
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