Vote Information for Monday 6 July 2009


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23:59U633??91 125.92.79.* Trusty FundExcellent program that never misses any payment. got paid today!
17:12U777??89124.122.193.*Onis Groupso honest admin,realible pogram.I like it, they are really paying...!!
16:25U777??89124.122.193.*Asian Invest GroupI think the program runs stronger.It is wothy to recommend highly.
13:24U316??09216.240.139.*Novalex Finance Inc.Affiliate Program received today,admin paid on time,total $82.thx
13:17U925??24 60.50.16.* Wwp-InvestmentReceived my profit an thank you!
12:48U170??13 60.48.53.* Wwp-InvestmentPaid $2 instantly today into my LR account :) Thanks admin
12:32U970??61 60.50.21.* Wwp-InvestmentPaying as usual after request was made. Received payment on 2 investments. Thx admin.
12:15U624??22 60.48.49.* Wwp-InvestmentDate : 7/6/2009 , Batch is 16946992 ,From : U9859994 (wwp-investment) & To U6243322
12:12U859??81 59.13.168.* Novalex Finance Inc.This program is really reliable easy to invest and got payment on time.Thank you!
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7:06U176??41 125.92.66.* Trusty FundPaid me again,thx
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