Vote Information for Sunday 5 July 2009


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19:33 U463??98 24.6.71.* Profit StyleAs I follow this rule "You may make an additional spend as many times as you like," an administrator has frozen my account. Watch out your funds!!! I just 400% in 10 minutes program 20 times or so.
17:47U777??89 124.121.17.* Asian Invest GroupExcellent! Good investment , Honest admin and always pays on time. Thank you and keep up the good work
15:48U170??13 60.49.93.* Wwp-Investmentreceived witin an hours and good site
15:21U970??61 60.50.29.* Wwp-InvestmentOh Yeah, received my 1st paid and thank you admin
14:56U624??22 60.48.166.* Wwp-InvestmentDate : 7/5/2009 , Batch is 16926187 ,From : U9859994 (wwp-investment) & To U6243322
11:16U777??89 124.121.29.* OilFundLTDBe careful don't invest. DANGEROUS. Have no recieved money from this site.
10:49U223??51 222.123.214.* OilFundLTDScammed Site, Do not Invest. Admin Really Pissed Off.
6:15 U988??41 93.136.109.* NDCA Traders Fundvery bad,no paid for me allready 5 days
2:34U130??42 61.145.45.* Trusty FundThis is the best hyip site i know,I reinvest 3 times on this
2:28U488??91 61.145.40.* Trusty FundHottest program on the web at present.
2:23U145??3266.186.58.*Trusty FundThanks admin for support,I got payment again
2:20U942??07112.140.186.*Trusty FundPaying!!!
2:18U424??59 67.21.78.* Trusty FundI like this hyip,They readly paid me
2:14U098??2091.207.192.*Trusty FundBatch 16910990 ,thanks
2:11U649??68 116.27.137.* Trusty Fundfast payment here,very good
0:41U653??77 59.36.224.* Trusty Fundre-invest today,good luck
0:33U808??84 121.12.40.* Trusty FundNext payment received again
0:26U603??4367.198.201.*Trusty FundPaid again as always. This is a very good site with honest admin.
0:24U781??42174.37.24.*Trusty Fundanother Payment received instantly,Thanks
0:22U633??91208.110.81.*Trusty Fundeveryday i received my payout except sat and sun
0:18U176??41 125.92.78.* Trusty Fundpaid me again,thx