Vote Information for Sunday 28 June 2009


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21:34U088??85 60.48.54.* Geld-ProfitExcellent program! Payment received within an hour! Thanks
21:27U624??2260.48.48.*Geld-ProfitDate 6/28/2009 18:51Batch 16683548 From U8298845 (geld-profit) Amount $1.00
14:17 U760??49 60.52.61.* Asian Invest GroupGot my paid and will re invest this program agian....
13:49 U425??02 60.48.167.* Asian Invest GroupExcellent program! Payment received very fast! Thanks!
13:32 U737??24 60.49.92.* Asian Invest GroupStable & Good!
13:08 U011??77 60.49.88.* Asian Invest GroupI got paid yesterday $ 1.20 within 2 hours and user name Hussian
12:48 U933??87 60.49.90.* Asian Invest GroupAmazing site!!! Thanks! Got my payment today within an hour!
12:28 U053??94 60.49.93.* Asian Invest Groupfirst payment received thanks a lot
12:04 U457??06 60.48.161.* Asian Invest GroupSo far so good! the site paid me still very well��s am very happy with them
11:49 U513??24 60.48.52.* Asian Invest GroupGot my daily profit, earning good! Thanks!
11:45U982??39 217.24.21.* Elvitpaid again! thanks!
11:16 U854??84 60.50.25.* Asian Invest Groupreceived $3 and hope to profit from this site …always PAID and PAID!
10:53U088??85 60.49.89.* Asian Invest GroupIt is indeed a good investment program. Paying on time and received profits as per request withdraw.
10:26U485??25 60.52.60.* Onis GroupPaid fast and good program!!!
10:07 U212??20 60.49.94.* Onis GroupVery good Onis Group and can re invest this Onis Group. Thank you admin
9:48U081??6660.48.48.*Onis GroupReceive profit very fast, good program and thanks alot
9:27 U837??85 60.48.49.* Onis GroupMarvelous Onis Group, I hope to profit from this site. Keep PAID and PAID! Very happy!!!
9:11 U842??74 60.48.54.* Onis GroupGreat site and received my daily profit 6/28/2009 09:23 16673704 U4939759 (Onis Group) + $2.00
9:04U253??13203.142.18.*Onis Group6/27/2009 11:00 16653141 U4939759 (Onis Group) + $2.25 paid me as usual.without any problem.
8:44 U239??66 60.48.53.* Onis GroupVery good program, I’m satisfied with their services! Re-invest soon!
8:31U925??24 60.48.55.* Onis GroupMost reliable program and very responsible admin. Got paid again.
8:09 U527??58 60.48.53.* Onis GroupHonestly site and thanks you admin, received my paid!
7:59U970??61 60.52.60.* Onis GroupDraw as usual after request was made and received payment. Thx admin and Excellent program. Joann
7:38U624??22 60.50.31.* Onis GroupGot my paid within an hours and thank you Admin