Vote Information for Friday 29 May 2009


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11:19U098??20 64.191.36.* CNNFxClubthank you for making me rich
11:07U488??91 98.126.3.* CNNFxClubPAYING
10:13U153??45 125.65.16.* StableCashpaying in time every time that I ask for a withdraw
9:56U781??4259.36.226.*CNNFxClubGot paid here. first payment. i will invest more if payment keep coming.
9:47U633??91 208.98.30.* CNNFxClubGood job Admin. I always get paid instantly
9:33U612??92 208.98.30.* Gary FundReceived payment again,great admin and hot web!Received payment again,great admin and hot web!Received payment again,great admin and hot web!
7:40 U798??86 217.24.21.* Working-LRPaying me since 22/May. This one will be hot!
4:15 U233??22 196.3.182.* Interbank FX ClubI invested since wednesday but no payment yet.My account is U2336722
3:57U694??26190.32.162.*Oil Forex Trading Co.Very bad site, they are stolen people money
3:13U649??6867.198.201.*CNNFxClubFast support,i got payment again
3:10U488??91174.37.27.*CNNFxClub5/28/2009 14:13 15621071 U4569265 (CNNFXCLUB.COM) + $1.40
3:07U145??32208.110.81.*CNNFxClubPaid me normal,thanks admin
3:01U942??07 119.133.149.* CNNFxClubpaid me again,thx
0:41 U211??59 190.232.213.* StableCashInvested $10 2 days ago, no payment yet, not even replying to my emails.
0:12U694??26190.32.162.*Liberty Reserve BankAlways paid in time good site. good job Admin