Vote Information for Monday 11 May 2009


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23:31U820??6785.159.65.*Mutual Funds LtdThis is a paying program. I have been paid many times and site still paying well!
23:24U246??99 173.23.237.* DBX ClubA great paying site like you are needed for big investors like me... i invested
23:21U820??6785.159.65.*Novalex Finance Inc.Great HYIP.All monitors now show paying ,They pay fast and on time without any problem!!
22:53U820??6785.159.65.*Erty InvestI am very happy that I INVESTED here!!! INVEST without worries,and paid on time!
22:42U474??74 67.80.50.* DBX ClubPerfect working investment project. Recommend for everyone
21:15U394??06 84.196.75.* DBX Clubthanks admin, paid me on time!
20:49 U889??80 93.81.68.* Wintegro Partnerfucking scam! do not invest here!
20:36U920??92 94.27.91.* Unit FXReceive my payment today. Date: 2009-05-11 15:02 Batch: 13749606 Amount: $3.60 Memo: Unit FX hyipdownline Thanks admin
17:58U508??87 85.72.217.* DBX ClubPaid In Liberty Account Today. Great Going
16:59U083??84 117.197.242.* USD earnNice payout received again.Thanks admin very much.
16:20U994??81 93.110.97.* USD earnvery very good web site always automatic paid
15:35U442??00202.60.64.*Erty InvestAs for me this program is easy in usage and it`s very reliable.I always get my payouts.
15:27U199??8469.132.193.*Reliable Offshore Clubi posted a vote5/10/09.did not get my confirmation e-mail,never got it.please check,and correct.send e-mail.
15:23U822??08 218.213.78.* Erty Investso amazing plans, and lots of fields, probably its the best project i have ever seen.
15:15U748??8258.180.164.*Erty InvestNot bad project, I hope it can give me more and more money^_^
14:43U153??4567.198.201.*BestProfitGreat HYIP. I recomenned 2 everyone!
14:40U148??4167.198.201.*Go2InvestStable payout. Well done!
14:37U117??2567.198.201.*U-MoneyLove this program pays always no excuses.
14:32U100??6067.198.201.*StableCashGot payment. Excellent customer support!
13:35U748??8258.180.164.*Mutual Funds LtdThis company makes very good work! Got paid again and never miss payment!!!
13:28U748??8258.180.164.*Novalex Finance Inc.paid me today.thank you admin. there is no problem!great program!
12:57U925??2475.6.149.*Mutual Funds LtdToday paid again! Fine program, excellent service.
12:40U925??2475.6.149.*Novalex Finance Inc.Principal Payment received today,i saw they have accept LR,invest $1,500 with LR again!
9:51U083??84 117.197.249.* Inbox TradeVery nice and perfect a profitable program almost pays instantly.
8:10U508??53 121.205.12.* Oil Forex Trading paid again.very on time.Batch:14979645
7:41U917??5193.103.9.*Global Market SolutionsThey are not paying nor responding to my mail. ADMIN how can rate them two stars?????
3:56U500??35 120.37.69.* Oil Forex Trading Co.Date 5/11/2009 04:04 Batch 14976984
0:13U927??84 110.165.32.* Novalex Finance Inc.As for me this program is easy in usage and it`s very reliable.I always get my payouts.