Vote Information for Tuesday 28 April 2009


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23:52U222??9788.157.226.*KBD Investment ServicesVery good project. Pays accurately as always.
23:52U222??9788.157.226.*OffshoreStockTradesThis project is the best one. Always pays without problem.
23:45U235??14 67.222.153.* Uncle DollarGot Paid directly to my LR.Great program!Thank you admin!
23:23U475??41213.37.86.*KBD Investment ServicesPAID always On Time. Thanks Admin. I hope it will a last for long time
23:22U475??41213.37.86.*OffshoreStockTradesGreat program and site! Got payment again. Thanks
22:41U081??6366.56.182.*KBD Investment ServicesThis program is very good and they pay on time.
22:41U081??6366.56.182.*OffshoreStockTradesPAID, very fast today. Thanks Admin. Pays as promised.
21:55U211??4424.141.189.*KBD Investment Servicesvery secure program and I always got paid within some hours.
21:54U211??4424.141.189.*OffshoreStockTradesgot my pays again and again,one the best investment project! thank you admin!
21:22U707??6470.240.108.*KBD Investment ServicesThis paying project has never missed a payment. I am very glad to be with site!
21:21U707??6470.240.108.*OffshoreStockTradesSo far never give me a problems.. payment prompt and fast.. Keep it up admin.
19:44 U4109662 PROXY USAForexer[Program Admin]> I AM ADMIN : WE Dont have any Pending : this vote is from another hyip admin , IT IS FROM ANOTHER HYIP ADMIN , BE AWARE ...Regards
19:10U920??9294.27.105.*Really PaidPaid. Support is very friendly!
15:56U500??96195.47.212.*Really PaidExcellent program! Never misses payment.
10:11U821??6185.25.151.*Global Trader GroupThank for paid me today.4/28/2009 08:08 14558318 U8861878 (Investment - GTG) + $11.00
8:56U694??49213.179.232.*Really PaidThis program is the best of all
8:54 U100??40 74.63.75.*Enveron Finance LtdReceived and made one more deposit.
7:53U846??19 77.25.210.* USAForexerwithdraw pending over 24h
6:49 U152??12 95.111.230.* USD earnI had a problem.Admin very quickly, all agreed.
3:04U451??89 92.193.78.* Global Trader GroupThis program is paying me constantly, i can envision a bright future here.
1:45U694??26190.32.162.*Oil Forex Trading Co.Very dishonest admin stole me 401.00 batch 13258871, please don't invest here they are thieves