Vote Information for Thursday 23 April 2009


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23:54U119??83211.39.146.*Erty InvestIt's a rather reliable program. I'm satisfied with their services,got paid today!
19:45U858??44121.22.29.*USAForexerIT IS PAYING , TANKS ADMIN FOR PAY ME 600$ TODAY , COOL
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11:01U001??2366.206.198.*Dum Investnice to see everyone happy and get paid. Really looks great.
10:23U946??11 116.49.28.* Noval IncSite is back to normal and received my payment again
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3:36U653??77 121.12.43.* Gorgeous ProfitGot payment as fast as usually
3:09U640??09 212.7.7.* Global Trader GroupI received another payment today,admin paid me very fast ,thank you!
3:05U640??0962.149.18.*Casco FundsI received another payment today,admin paid me instantly ,thank you!
2:52U751??77 208.75.57.* Casco FundsGot paid on time,nice site. 4/22/2009 13:11 14273930 U0897837 (Casco Funds) + $2.60
2:00U694??26190.32.162.*Oil Forex Trading Co.Until now 3/22/09 they answer just to tell me that they will stay with my money. $401.00 and not pay.
1:25U751??77 115.68.54.* Global Trader GroupToday's payout received as usual, i am happy to joined this site.