Vote Information for Wednesday 15 April 2009

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16:37U163??5072.28.168.*NEO Trust BankPaid again as always. This is a very good site and honest admin.
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16:27 U155??71 91.98.22.* ZEDprofitI received $36.83 LR immediately.thanks admin
16:19U184??72 66.152.183.* ZEDprofit
16:13U909??4676.4.115.*Mesirow FinancePaid again yesterday. Thanks admin.
14:20U909??4676.4.115.*Golden MarketAdmin closed my account when I asked why my pendings were not paid. Stay Away!
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1:15U746??8985.214.73.*POPLansReceived payment on time! 4/14/2009 04:43 14082527 U7325405 (POPLANS) + $6.00
1:01U451??89 218.19.27.* POPLanspaid me very well