Vote Information for Monday 13 April 2009


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22:34U707??64 70.240.223.* KBD Investment Servicesgot payment today, really nice.
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18:10U909??4676.4.115.*Golden MarketMy payments have been pending for several days. Admin is now only paying small selective payouts.
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15:40 U867??54 193.111.239.* Oil Forex Trading Co.Don't believe them! From my account - 302 $ I earn 0% and now my account 0$. Scam!!!
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2:55 U505??10 38.105.100.*Aprtrading4/13/2009 04:26 14054349 U8708134 (APR trading) + $50.84 $0.51 $**** Details Hide details
1:16U694??26190.32.162.*Oil Forex Trading Co.My friends, good news for you O. F. T returned my funds they explain problem with L.R.