Vote Information for Saturday 14 February 2009


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22:37U902??23 118.143.0.* WayForProfiti am 2 years in investing in hyips and making money , it is very good , paid me today. cool
22:32U983??7367.19.148.*WayForProfiti paid from this one !
21:57U858??44203.160.1.*WayForProfitgot paid
21:49U253??03 210.238.184.* WayForProfitfast support and friendly admin , paid me and i sent this very good vote.
21:41U922??29 86.51.34.* WayForProfitexcellnece , paid to me and my son , on time , very good
21:27U229??5680.51.221.*MaxGoldEarnExcuse , My Libertyreserve account was incorrect in my account in and problem of it has been solved , it is best program for invest
20:13U444??96 71.187.87.* Kerry InvestStill not paid or emailed...Brooklyn is back as host city and IP is different...original? Love to think a tech issue what with change....will advise.
17:49 U013??78 84.192.38.* MaxGoldEarni ask withdrawl 2 times, it says within 6-24 hours it is already more than 3 days, i think just scam
14:42U686??66 61.250.224.* Novalex Finance Inc.New Paid received!admin paid me $600 again,I hope this one can last long.
12:12U508??53 218.66.209.* Oil Forex Trading Co.Just got my payment.very honest admin.
12:08U618??8666.207.166.*Amnezia-ProfitReceived your payment
11:59U618??8666.207.166.*Q - Profitpaid 5/7 thx
9:55 U900??72 62.173.49.* Kaylite Capitalsite is down but still got paid
9:12U213??21 98.240.40.* Novalex Finance Inc.So far never give me a problems..payment prompt and fast..Keep it up admin.
9:12 U035??78 86.57.155.* 150Profitpending 2 days admin do you hear me id:bmiha77
8:37U879??9568.48.172.*Novalex Finance Inc.Pays without problems...Serious investment program!The Perfect program.
8:21U677??41 60.2.89.* WayForProfiti got paid today on time , tanks
4:28U566??61204.19.128.*Novalex Finance Inc.200$ referral commission received into PM account.Really honest amdin,thank you!
3:23U112??6677.92.71.*Novalex Finance Inc.Many affiliate Program bonus received as usual,total $120,thanks admin,honest!
2:05U284??5881.208.60.*Oil Forex Trading Co.Don't pay me. Withdrawals pending for a long time. They won't reply to my messages. They make selective payments. They pay monitors to maintain good rating. People don't invest.