Vote Information for Saturday 3 January 2009


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0:13U570??66209.58.229.*InoFundpaying me all profit!thanks admin please keep up your work!i invest again!
0:03U570??66209.58.229.*Novalex Finance Inc.Just have been paid. Payment is very fast for such big program! It meens project is well organized!
23:35U463??49 222.185.16.* LR Freedompaid again on time,honest admin,have a good job,thx
15:45U911??7282.160.29.*AXA HYIPPaid as always !
15:28U558??7669.249.247.*Mountain Mining InvestmenI have been paid many times.always paying on time,really good site!
15:08U558??7669.249.247.*InoFundSo far never give me a problems..payment prompt and fast..Keep it up admin.
14:37U558??7669.249.247.*Erty InvestVery good service,I really like this program.....would like to invest more!!
14:34U732??9085.175.48.*Fairfield FundsReceived 1/7 10$ Thanks Admin! Instant payment to shurko!
14:15U558??7669.249.247.*Ging InvestReiceived $4.5 as usual,admin so honest,hope it forever!!
14:07U558??7669.249.247.*Novalex Finance Inc.Thank you novalexfinance admin, for doing a great work..paid as on time. All the best!!
13:14U321??9978.156.207.*Erty InvestI got another paid,thanks again!$200 invest again!
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12:54U321??9978.156.207.*Mountain Mining Investmenthanks, I got paid. Awsome website, excellent support,love it.
12:34U321??9978.156.207.*Novalex Finance Inc.Received Payment 100.00 USD from account U1567312 to account Uxxxxxx Batch: 486789. Memo: Novalex Finance Inc. - Principal Payment
10:23U737??8470.81.79.*InoFundALWAYS BEST PAYING PROGRAM!Next payment received, thx....
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9:05U737??8470.81.79.*Novalex Finance Inc.Payment received within 8 hrs.Thank you admin. Excellent service and fast responses.
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4:42U296??22217.150.241.*BestFXWorldGot paid $260 via LR today Batch is 101263**
3:27U570??66211.55.81.*InoFundBatch_10175222,received $120 today,paid instantly as usual,thanks!
1:59U570??66211.55.81.*Mountain Mining Investmenprincipal returned as promised,really great program,thank you very very much!