Vote Information for Friday 26 December 2008


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22:15 U037??51 209.190.15.* Euro Wide InvestThanks admin, I have received $800 to mr LR account 12/26/2008 23:00 batch :9952292
17:51U439??33168.115.80.*Novalex Finance Inc.Everything ok with me too.Great!Congratulations to admin and to us all.
17:22U060??18 71.150.247.* Ging Investreceive a ref commission ,paid on time,thanks very much!
17:12U057??3584.16.234.*Ging InvestExellent program! Payment received very fast! Thanks!
16:48U368??96 125.188.9.* Ging Investpaid no problem,got $15 today ,admin so honest,thanks
16:35U005??05202.177.17.*Ging Investpayment recived!!!!very good site with stable plan!!
16:24U041??2662.67.240.*Ging InvestI once again thank the Administrator. Payment has received!
16:04U041??2662.67.240.*Erty InvestTry real happiness by investing paid today^_^
15:20U345??57204.10.232.*Ging InvestVery nice and perfect. A profitable program without any problem.
15:11U345??57204.10.232.*Erty Investreceive $110,admin paid on time,hope it run a long-term!
14:32U977??2266.102.192.*Ging InvestI received my payment Quickly! Now I can say I believe.
14:30U585??7364.136.26.*GoldenInvest ProPaid!! and quickly!! Thanks Admin!!
14:20U977??2266.102.192.*Erty InvestPay me 55$ today, rate it,thanks admin
13:54U977??2266.102.192.*Novalex Finance Inc.So nice program,invest $500 today,hope can got paid no problem!
13:07U381??30121.170.107.*Ging Investpaying to my LR acc,no problem thanks!
12:58U381??30121.170.107.*Erty Investpaid!thanks a lot!admin very honest!
8:58U520??26210.101.103.*Ging InvestToday i got my first profit,4.5$,thanks admin!
8:28U520??26210.101.103.*Erty InvestAdmins, ur project is the best one! give me more money,thank you!
7:58U998??43210.101.103.*Novalex Finance Inc.Paid me $35 again,it is the best program!!total got $130 for referral bonus!
3:09U938??25 208.43.148.* Ging InvestGot paid as promised,honest man,thanks a lot!