Vote Information for Thursday 23 November 2006


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23:23288??0182.99.233.*Zero InvestVery thanks admin Piad me very fast. thanks admin
23:21 350??28 80.70.236.* Golden FlowInvest whith me !!!
23:02229??28 172.176.95.* SavingSeason.compaid today again like a clockwork, BEST SITE EVER !!!
22:30321??64 193.108.170.* Fund of Growth IIIPaying Paying
22:13 372??30 81.83.135.*Zero InvestThis site is scam,paid only the Hyipmonitors,dont invest here you can not login
22:01215??8482.207.46.*RowentoVery good project!! Paid and fast!
21:58215??8482.207.46.*FRXCIVery good project!! Paid and fast!
21:56215??8482.207.46.*HYIP 100-200 TrustVery good project!! Paid and fast!
21:24375??13 82.155.196.* Hourly PercentPaid every time instantly,thank you admin
20:57 3808861 PROXY Lux-Gop[Program Admin]> good Paying For Me
20:55 3808861 PROXY Lux-Gop[Program Admin]> Thanks!nice program!
20:32326??4587.248.165.*OIL Fundpaid
20:30326??4587.248.165.*Mutual Investpaid
20:06158??34213.136.101.*Saga-DollarsThe Best
19:51362??40193.151.57.*OIL Fundpaidd!!
19:50362??40193.151.57.*Mutual Investpaidd!!
19:19 381??40 65.59.219.*TopInvestSitetopinvestsite
19:16 381??52 65.59.219.*TopInvestSitetoophyip
19:07242??79 151.37.103.* Hourly PercentPaid every time instantly. Very the BEST! ! ! ! !
18:21 381??19 81.169.147.* TopInvestSitesign up
17:41374??52 85.31.186.* ST-ClubSuper !
17:37 381??23 65.59.219.*TopInvestSitevery very good
17:37 381??01 65.59.219.*TopInvestSitebeeeeeeeeeesthyip
17:35 381??98 65.59.219.*TopInvestSitenice design
17:33206??95195.5.51.*RowentoExcellent!!! I like this program!!!
17:32206??95195.5.51.*HYIP 100-200 TrustExcellent!!! I like this program!!!
17:22206??95195.5.51.*FRXCIExcellent!!! I like this program!!!
17:18135??42217.77.220.*AI-FundPaid! Nice to work with!
17:17 363??55 65.59.219.*TopInvestSitegoodhyip
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17:12135??42217.77.220.*RowentoPaid! Nice to work with!
17:11135??42217.77.220.*FRXCIPaid! Nice to work with!
17:08235??91202.156.12.*Idea-ProfitPaid 1 of 5. $3.
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16:14261??99216.135.2.*Age Of InvestHOORAY!! For Age of Invest.....PAID ME TWICE, Not a Scam, but a PAYING PROGRAM!!
16:10344??41 200.93.106.* Dep4Capitaldo not invest here....they are a big scammer....BIG SCAMMERN
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15:35321??66217.15.145.*RowentoGreat project, paid! Join!
15:34321??66217.15.145.*HYIP 100-200 TrustGreat project, paid! Join!
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15:32321??66217.15.145.*Nana313Great project, paid! Join!
13:49355??55125.162.188.*Golden FlowAlways Paid. Golden Flow is the best!!! - Thanks!
13:42362??1182.160.48.*OnlineIncomeDirectAlways on time !
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12:46370??05 202.8.232.* Unit-Investmy withdrawal has been pending since 21 Nov
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9:09350??40 84.178.186.* Hourly PercentGot my first payment for the 2 weeks plan. Very good. thx admin. My username: rols32
9:00131??8587.247.118.*Hyip4Everi were paid X times X=7 xexe i love you, admin !
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8:27216??1662.231.179.*LuxxorrI'm in! batch 71383090. they paid me
6:07367??34212.138.64.*Age Of Investscam...don't invest
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0:15 371??00 195.93.60.* e-gold ReturnThey are NOT PAYING. DO NOT INVEST !!!!