Vote Information for Thursday 30 October 2008


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23:57U230??71 92.244.243.* Obner Martimine Plc.Paid on time like clock! Best program and best Admin.!!
23:29U980??11 151.32.201.* Obner Martimine Plc.withdraw my profit without problem. Thanks admin
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22:46U266??1684.25.176.*Swiss Gold Financeone of the very good program,still paid to me
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16:59U125??90195.225.239.*Power Fundgot paid
16:59U125??90195.225.239.*Real600got paid
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16:52U740??56 92.241.239.* JifondGood!
16:48U125??90195.225.239.*Snow Fundgot paid
16:47U125??90195.225.239.*Majestic Fundgot paid
16:47U125??90195.225.239.*The Payinggot paid
16:46U125??90195.225.239.*Hot-Fundgot paid
16:45U125??90195.225.239.*Solid Profitgot paid
16:45U837??88 84.2.220.* MegasotI got paid!
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16:44U125??90195.225.239.*Mega Forexergot paid
16:43U125??90195.225.239.*Gold-Payergot paid
16:41U740??56 80.234.67.* 500-dollarsPowerful hyip
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16:30U373??52 91.148.179.* Vogizreceived payout many times
16:27U373??52 84.196.132.* Jifondpaid
16:20U609??58 24.176.84.* MegasotSuccessful program
16:17U373??52 85.27.9.* 500-dollarsAlright with it
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16:09U837??88 91.78.168.* VogizNice! This is the best hyip!
15:25U837??88 92.227.167.* JifondThanx! Great income!
15:20U683??47 92.112.17.* Megasotpaid
15:17 U880??30 125.164.103.* Bulbinv1/4, 2/4, 3/4 received, tommorrow all payments will be completed
15:10U136??3067.159.2.*Bulbinvgot paid again, i'm on profit now. Welldone Sir !!
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