Vote Information for Monday 27 October 2008


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20:21U678??4171.243.181.*Nolan Trading SocietyI sent Nolan Trading Society $20 way back in September for its 35% daily for 25 days plan. I never received any payments, and they refused to answer my e-mails. This means that Nolan Trading Society is just a scam, and that Mr. Nolan is just a thief.
18:40U202??45 78.63.172.* Stable FundsRecived me referral comission of $7.03 AlertPay.Thank Admin#Senatorius.
18:14U740??56 77.123.192.* Jifondpaid
17:59U740??56 80.234.39.* Megasotworking
17:49U683??47 85.198.193.* 500-dollarsi got paid, thanx
17:35U385??38 83.11.115.* Big percentpaid
17:27U385??3878.22.239.*VogizInvesting for a week! Godd results already!
17:10U373??52 88.241.187.* MegasotI'm sure it's safe
16:50U019??63 92.112.109.* VogizI got paid on 26/10/08 to e-gold
16:46U373??52 87.118.165.* JifondThanx for good payout
16:39U837??88 99.150.167.* MegasotPaid
16:22U290??33212.37.120.*Platinum Trade Inc.Thay do not pay why do you deceieve people MAXHYIP??? Just wondering if you are not also involved in the SCAM????? Please do not invest 100% scam.
15:19?51 92.241.136.* ProsperaPaying every day! :)
10:05U493??12204.8.156.*AXA HYIPThanks !
6:24U125??9088.255.219.*Power FundPaying... Best wishes
6:23U125??9088.255.219.*Snow FundPaying... Best wishes
6:23U125??9088.255.219.*Majestic FundPaying... Best wishes
6:22U125??9088.255.219.*The PayingPaying... Best wishes
6:22U125??9088.255.219.*Hot-FundPaying... Best wishes
6:21U125??9088.255.219.*Solid ProfitPaying... Best wishes
6:20U125??9088.255.219.*Auto700Paying... Best wishes
6:20U125??9088.255.219.*Mega ForexerPaying... Best wishes
6:19U125??9088.255.219.*Gold-PayerPaying... Best wishes
5:34U906??46118.102.11.*1DailyProfitsvery hot site. and admin, i get payment evry day. I will reinvest $400.
5:08U295??0774.222.3.*1DailyProfitspaid $350 for PLan D , thank you admin your great work ! vote here !
4:41U298??10 125.83.185.* 1DailyProfitsPayment #11 received. Batch: 7125368
0:00U858??09213.4.106.*Trust-PayingI GOT PAID AGAIN INSTANT