Vote Information for Saturday 25 October 2008


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21:14U678??4171.243.181.*Swiss Gold FinanceDespite all the positive and glowing votes, Swiss Gold Finance is a total scam. I sent them $50 months ago, and never received a payment. They did not answer my e-mails, either.
20:18U467??68 74.196.113.* Obner Martimine Plc.Paid In Liberty Account Today. Great Going
19:52U194??1584.232.57.*Obner Martimine Plc.Stay in program. Keep thy good work going!
19:39U307??93 24.45.127.* Obner Martimine Plc.No problems with payouts. Thanks
19:29U268??56 92.226.136.* Obner Martimine Plc.paid and rate :) thanks admin
19:15U300??65137.118.217.*Obner Martimine Plc.Paid Very Good Thanks Admin.
17:37U837??88 79.139.140.* Vogizbig cash returned
17:34U019??63 124.120.111.* JifondReal profit
17:24U895??2468.71.75.*Obner Martimine Plc.Thanks admin! Paid over and over!
17:22U373??52 78.59.24.* Big percenteasy and working
17:19U609??58 65.33.177.* VogizAmazing!
17:19U085??45 216.249.74.* Obner Martimine Plc.Stable program! Much very well!
17:14U740??56 89.179.61.* Jifondgot paid
17:06U599??64209.5.176.*Obner Martimine Plc.Got payment! Excellent program!
17:01U019??63 77.253.180.* MegasotPays all that is promised! It's true because I'm trying for 2 weeks! And it's OK!
16:58U683??47 115.186.121.* 500-dollarsthanx
16:54U769??36200.3.249.*Dear InvestI got 3th payment (3/30). Thanks admin!!!
16:53U837??88 24.32.116.* Big percentSuccessful project as for me
16:49U918??2097.89.9.*Obner Martimine Plc.Excellent admin! Good Program
16:48U683??47 84.0.142.* VogizI received funds
16:43U373??52 195.170.43.* JifondGood!!
16:36U740??56 83.6.144.* MegasotI like the way it's paying
16:31U747??27 81.237.226.* Obner Martimine Plc.Paid on time! Thanks admin!
15:52U120??8567.159.56.*Hourly BankVery good my vote, because i am very thankful to you , for all good things!
15:45U095??8874.63.75.*Hourly BankSuper program. Always on time ! Paid again. Thank you !
15:35U317??31 74.63.75.* Hourly BankThank you very much ! Paying me on time ! They are OK !
15:25U470??79208.53.161.*Hourly BankReceive $8713 today ,Batch is 3448757.
15:13U110??9567.159.50.*Hourly BankReceive $872 today ,cool
14:44U993??2191.193.130.*W-MT FundThanks admin. Paid.
14:41U389??6924.227.175.*Dear InvestQuality program to paid every day,good!
14:26U224??23 213.232.89.* Dear InvestPaid again. So I'm happy - easy MONEY from this HYIP site!!
13:59U642??48 61.31.235.* Dear InvestReceive $15 again,really great hyip,i am happy to be in there!
13:54 U667??09 208.53.147.*W-MT FundExcellent program! Paid!
13:29U995??48122.210.123.*Dear InvestExcellent program, always pays on time.thanks
13:03U092??6367.159.50.*Cazinoxgot paid again, good jobs admin !!
10:23U406??7874.222.3.*1DailyFundsI earned almost hundred dollars.
10:17U732??90 85.175.61.* Strong CapitalIt's paid again, as usual ! Thanks, Admin!
10:16U283??97 202.168.66.* Dear Investvery nice and perfect my profit without any problem.thx
9:55U225??0999.228.217.*Dear InvestPay me again honest admin and very excellent program!
9:19U246??6270.38.3.*Dear Investpays without any trouble, thanks for payment again!
9:13U824??72217.116.239.*1DailyProfitsPaying only to Monitors, see TG,MMG & DTM
8:52U824??72217.116.239.*Line-InvestPaid today 3/30 Batch 7072681, thanks
7:57U464??60 123.140.193.* Dear InvestReceived pays from this so honest admin!It's the best. Very good.
7:23U295??07 125.83.185.* 1DailyProfitsThanks! I have again received fast payment.
7:16U295??68222.89.207.*1DailyProfitsI earned almost hundred dollars.
7:01U816??59 216.57.80.* Dear Investpaying without trouble, thanks for payment again!
7:00U496??23222.89.207.*1DailyFundsThis program and Admin are very impressive, Pay me everyday and ontime
6:54U663??38218.5.18.*ArcadiaHills FinanceGood work, I have already got my payment,thanks admin.
6:15U125??90207.210.242.*Solid Profitpaid me without problems!
6:10U125??90207.210.242.*Power Fundpaid me without problems!
6:09U125??90207.210.242.*Real600paid me without problems!
6:08U125??90207.210.242.*Snow Fundpaid me without problems!
6:07U125??90207.210.242.*Majestic Fundpaid me without problems!
6:06U125??90207.210.242.*The Payingpaid me without problems!
6:05U125??90207.210.242.*Hot-Fundpaid me without problems!
6:04U125??90207.210.242.*Might Tradepaid me without problems!
6:03U125??90207.210.242.*Mega Forexerpaid me without problems!
6:03U125??90207.210.242.*Gold-Payerpaid me without problems!
2:42U298??10119.148.161.*1DailyProfitspaying everyday, thanks admin, keep up the good work. realy payment.. batch:7050415
2:31U815??83 59.94.100.* EMI Fundpaid again. excellent.
2:14U906??46 116.214.70.* 1DailyProfitsVery satisfied with this program. Always PAID me fast. Great investment.
1:04U750??65 124.13.172.* Strong Capital24 hours has past yet no payment. Is this a sign?
23:49?51 92.241.135.* ProsperaFirst payment received! :)