Vote Information for Tuesday 21 November 2006


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23:02293??0384.19.181.*Hourly PercentGreat site! Paid instantly as always! New plan for 3 days is very good! ID:HyipRates.
22:51215??8482.207.108.*RowentoVery good project!! Paid and fast!
22:50215??8482.207.108.*HYIP 100-200 TrustVery good project!! Paid and fast!
22:48215??8482.207.108.*FRXCIVery good project!! Paid and fast!
22:46215??8482.207.108.*Nana313Very good project!! Paid and fast!
22:39355??32 89.110.7.* HYIP 100-200 TrustGot paid!
21:44229??28 172.180.122.* SavingSeason.comunique wonderful programm, again paid today big !!! frabi
20:10 234??72 217.225.123.* Dep4Capital!!!Paid at 3rd time!!!o00o--'(_)'--o00o!!!
19:37 375??52 88.118.234.* Hyip4EverThis one is good. Paying
19:32375??13 82.155.201.* Hourly Percentpay, every time
18:37350??52 217.26.88.* GIGroupthey pay to me instant and to my e-gold account direct
17:47363??0185.237.34.*HYIP 100-200 TrustReally excellent project!Thanks Admin.
17:46363??0185.237.34.*FRXCIReally excellent project!Thanks Admin.
17:45363??0185.237.34.*Nana313Really excellent project!Thanks Admin.
17:00326??4587.248.165.*HYIP 100-200 Trustpaid
16:45326??4587.248.165.*OIL Fundpaid
16:44326??4587.248.165.*Mutual Investpaid
16:29135??42217.77.220.*LifeDollarsHonest. Paid many times!
16:28135??42217.77.220.*OIL FundHonest. Paid many times!
16:27135??42217.77.220.*Mutual InvestHonest. Paid many times!
16:26135??42217.77.220.*Q-InvestmentHonest. Paid many times!
16:25135??42217.77.220.*AI-FundHonest. Paid many times!
16:21135??42217.77.220.*HYIP 100-200 TrustHonest. Paid many times!
16:20135??42217.77.220.*Nana313Honest. Paid many times!
16:19135??42217.77.220.*RowentoHonest. Paid many times!
16:19135??42217.77.220.*FRXCIHonest. Paid many times!
16:17335??90 219.95.62.* Hourly PercentInstant payout. Proven. Simply make your mind smooth to re-invest. ID:acson2.
15:49350??52 217.26.88.* Casio Investthey pay to me
15:34257??5289.179.49.*Europe Trade LtdEurotrade is unbelievably profitable program! IÒm lucky, because joined it long time ago and now IÒm in profit.
15:29314??42219.83.24.*Stable FundScamming: last payment (12/35) received Nov. 19, nothing since...
15:28131??8587.247.118.*Hyip4Everpaid again
13:15374??25 87.6.203.* Hourly PercentReally they pay instantly! - Very important! How many Hyip say "in 12 business hours" that frequently become "never"??
12:49367??6682.160.48.*ST-ClubGreat HYIP !
12:04379??99 61.152.238.* OnlineIncomeDirectGreat HYIP !
11:50273??13212.138.64.*SafeInvestmentsPAID !
11:19267??7266.98.134.*SafeInvestmentspaid again and again... really good
10:58332??24202.155.46.*Daily Profit ShareNew investment concept!! I love it... paid instantly and re-invest!
10:20374??89 60.53.33.* HYIP2007Payiing
9:31 303??63 60.48.85.* Hourly Percentreliable program...paying like clockwork
9:22357??86 125.229.210.* Age Of InvestOn November 20 invests, draws money on November 21 according to the pledge.
7:52 218??01 72.3.137.* Aurora HyipMy withdrawal request is pending for last 4 days.. No action from admin yet.. Not paying..
7:34233??80 83.149.3.* Granny Fund LtdPaying!
7:10288??70 218.83.81.* Mile Fundpaid 4/60, thanks
6:42 265??68 82.208.156.* PegprofitsI got paid again, manually but quickly! I'm so happy >:D< (spaima_misu)
4:48375??33 210.21.211.* Golden Flowpaid for the first time - on time! thanks
1:45367??34 218.61.103.* Viva Fund ClubSCAM!!!
0:47370??6183.133.125.*Cache-Goldpaid me instantly now , thanx admin