Vote Information for Wednesday 22 October 2008


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23:53U359??77195.34.252.*GelaxtonNew Pay!!! GOOD, Very GOOD!
18:51U837??88 92.50.164.* Vogizgot pad
18:48U740??56 79.116.97.* JifondI continue investing! Amazing program for me!
18:47U006??5987.236.197.*1DailyProfitsVery bad uncle!
18:43U019??63 92.101.49.* MegasotI have got a payout
18:39U837??88 213.156.112.* 500-dollarsFor 2 weeks returned almost $800 in total
18:35U740??56 98.229.245.* Big percentgot paid, thanx
18:32U609??58 85.234.165.* VogizGood, perfect
18:27U373??52 62.87.218.* JifondPAYING
18:23U740??56 67.61.40.* Megasotreceived payment
18:09U676??26202.63.116.*Trust-Payingnicle design , i like tanks admin for your payment
18:04U669??4485.217.255.*Trust-Payingi got paid cool
18:01U888??2238.105.86.*Trust-Payingexcellence , fast support , friendly admin , very good , i got paid and sent this rate.
17:58U546??49209.51.209.*Trust-Payingwow , they paid me , very good , tanks admin.
17:06U609??58 78.106.240.* 500-dollarsreceived payment
17:01U373??52 93.81.228.* Big percentVery good!
16:59U683??47 74.165.22.* VogizThanx for payout
16:55U837??88 85.140.124.* JifondGot paid! Fine!
16:44U373??52 79.139.161.* Megasotpaid
13:12U477??85 115.95.9.* InoFundGreatest Program. All withdrawals are paid fast through LR acc!Thank you very much!
11:55U998??43144.190.197.*InoFundI want to thank admin for paying me more than 1 month. I am in $500 again:D
11:53U815??83 59.94.107.* EMI Fundreceived payment here 1/12. Thanks admin
9:17U334??7477.109.12.*GelaxtonVoice of "Very bad" from 20 Oct ask to consider invalid. An error happened. Admin paid a profit $126.50. I offer apologies.Thanks admin!
8:56U330??7382.79.50.*Moneys-ProfitWelcome... Coooooooooooooool money is here... Thanks Admin..
8:41U769??4684.31.53.*DayTennisBetThanks very much for paying me my money this week, you are really helping me in this life..............
8:33U769??4684.31.53.*Moneys-ProfitExcellent source of making my Millions in this year.... Thats you Admin.. Counting on you.
8:15U426??5767.159.44.*CazinoxWell done I got PAID again !!
8:07U391??0382.211.176.*DayTennisBetGood Investment... Thanks for paying out the money.. ))))))))))
8:00U391??0382.211.176.*Moneys-ProfitThis is my payouts for last 7 days. Always paid within 3 hours.
7:51U064??9467.159.50.*Cazinoxpaid 4/4 total $560 plan 3 completed. Awesome program, Reinvest
7:40U531??26 124.195.115.* ArcadiaHills FinanceStill no payment, scam!
7:36U811??36193.173.93.*DayTennisBetI got my bonuses as yo promised.. thanks Admin
7:30U472??35193.173.93.*Moneys-ProfitCashout received plus bonus and upgrade completed.
4:09U561??56 124.120.54.* Accura MoneyGot paid user:123 Good site hornest admin Date: 2008-21-10 19:28:02 Batch: 6925526 From Account: U9595552 Amount: $7.77 Memo:
3:08 U530??13 212.116.219.*Line-InvestReceived 1st payout in the Daily program. Thank you LINE-INVEST.