Vote Information for Monday 20 October 2008


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23:291??7766.197.169.*Best FX WorldIt`s really wonderful program that has paid me over $500. You guys are rocking!
23:23U454??44212.117.160.*Best FX WorldIt`s really wonderful program that has paid me over $5000. You guys are rocking!
22:45U456??18194.105.97.*Platinum Trade Inc.One of the best programs. Fast payments after withdrawal request. Great.
22:44U456??18194.105.97.*Reliable Offshore ClubAlways fast payments. Really a great program.
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22:36U849??1176.235.204.*Platinum Trade Inc.paying me as promised,honest amdin,thanks
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22:27U909??0998.163.108.*Platinum Trade payment today, really nice.
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22:26U909??0998.163.108.*Cayman Gold Investmentslucky to find such a great company to invest in Cayman Gold Investments
22:19U966??8383.4.71.*Platinum Trade Inc.very good program, I will re-invest, thanks!!!
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22:17U966??8383.4.71.*Cayman Gold InvestmentsVery good looking program.I am sure I will put more money into it after some time.
22:15U230??7191.65.194.*Platinum Trade Inc.A very satisfied investor indeed!nice!
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21:53U959??41209.5.176.*Cayman Gold InvestmentsPaying on time and great e-mail support.
21:48U287??3375.87.134.*Platinum Trade Inc.i receive another payment today,admin paid on time,thank you!
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21:43U980??11151.49.80.*Platinum Trade Inc.very good program, I will re-invest, thanks!!!
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21:37U307??9324.45.174.*Cayman Gold InvestmentsStay in program. Keep thy good work going!
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21:30U085??45216.249.74.*Platinum Trade Inc.No problems with payouts. Thanks
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21:27U895??2468.71.75.*Platinum Trade Inc.Paid Very Good Thanks Admin.
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21:25U895??2468.71.75.*Cayman Gold InvestmentsStable program! Much very well!
21:22U268??5692.229.200.*Platinum Trade Inc.Got payment! Excellent program!
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20:07U218??83217.116.239.*1DailyProfitsNo payment No answer from Admin, it is over paying only Monitors SCAM!!!
18:36U153??15208.53.161.*Hourly Bankyes, perfect indeed. thanks hourlybank
18:26U120??8574.63.75.*Hourly BankHello i am very happy wow paid $2800 today
18:05U373??52 94.178.34.* VogizI like this hyip and all it gives to me
17:59U019??63 94.178.215.* JifondStill paying good
17:54U385??38 94.178.147.* MegasotI've got paid
16:46 U506??41 88.105.235.* Solid ProfitNot paying! pending for 4 days...stay away
16:41U334??7477.109.12.*GelaxtonNo payment $126.60! SCAM!! Be careful!
16:32U019??63 94.178.146.* 500-dollarsThat's right, good hyip
16:29U095??8867.159.56.*Hourly BankThanks for your support. very Good admin paid $8700
16:26U683??47 94.178.35.* Big percentPayments good!
16:24U837??88 92.112.46.* VogizToday got paid
16:21U950??31207.182.138.*Hourly BankTo my mind this program is the best of all ever seen!
16:18U740??56 92.112.64.* Jifondpaid
16:15U942??60 74.63.89.* Hourly Bankpaid again today. Keep up the good work admin.
16:14U019??63 94.178.36.* MegasotI'm working with it, seems to be successful
16:09U740??56 94.178.151.* 500-dollarspaid
16:08U385??38 94.178.10.* Big percentI've got a withdrawal!
16:04U609??58 94.178.149.* VogizI thank you for a payment!!
16:02U585??7364.136.26.*Snow FundNotice all the positive votes are from the same person. I have waited 1 week and have received nothing from my pending withdrawal. MaxHYIP shame on you to say they are paying. They only pay out to rating groups and their friends.
16:02U373??52 92.112.12.* JifondPercents excellent, good deal
15:59U740??56 92.112.69.* MegasotPAID
15:53U585??7364.136.26.*Real600After 1 week nothing! These positive votes are all from the same person and are false!! Scam!!
15:38U338??2284.16.234.*InoFundBatch_6877415,got $16.5 again,paid always fast,no problme,grt program.
15:02U092??6366.7.210.*CazinoxFirst payout received from this program! thx
14:53U296??1366.7.210.*CazinoxExellent program! Payment received very fast! Thanks!
14:35U389??69 85.234.133.* InoFundPaid $18 to me daily,whthout problem.thank you admin.
14:28U426??5767.159.44.*Cazinoxpaid 4/4 completed, reinvested $200
13:38U977??22203.174.87.*InoFundpaying in time every time that I ask for a withdraw!good program!!
13:20U290??33212.37.120.*Real600Real scam and the height of fraud on the internet. You never get paid and no response from admin. Maxhyip please why do you advice or deceive clients that they pay???
13:18U290??33212.37.120.*600 BuxThis is 100% fraud and i please advice investors to look elsewhere as you would not be paid by and no response either from their admin -BEWARE INVESTORS!!!
13:15U290??33212.37.120.*Snow FundI am waiting for days now and you cannot get any response from the support they have. This is your typical internet scam, and i'm sad why maxhyip continues to deceive people that they pay??? I have had a pending withrawal for over 5 days-investors BE
13:11U290??33212.37.120.*Power FundThis is very unfair i think maxhyip is involved in this scam with They have not paid and i have a pending withdrawal for 5 days now. They only pay HYIP users- pls beware this is a real scam on the internet!!!
12:13U911??7282.160.29.*OffshoreStockTradesPaid again !
11:02U914??7983.222.14.*Moneys-ProfitFast payments as usual. Very impressive
9:55U376??5681.18.70.*DayTennisBetThanks for paying out the money. $$$$$$$$$$$$$
9:50U376??5681.18.70.*Moneys-Profitthe best service. admin resolve my problem and pay me in 1 hour
9:30U625??92195.3.159.*DayTennisBetpay me everytime very good thanks administration
9:17U625??44195.3.159.*Moneys-ProfitWell managed hyip. Pays as promised.
8:43U625??4481.196.91.*DayTennisBetStill paying WOW! total payout: 330 %
8:37U481??5681.196.91.*Moneys-ProfitVOTE THIS SITE AND GET BIG MONEY GOD BLESS U
8:14U463??4962.67.240.*InoFundNext payment received on time,paid instantly.Batch 6859520
5:22U824??72217.116.239.*Dear InvestPayment received, thanks Batch: 6856337
3:46U157??9466.79.172.*JomaFundTotal aaded deposit $3,500,PAYING!!HOT HYIP!Thanks and rated
2:51U295??6864.55.144.*365fundsI earned almost hundred dollars.
2:12U463??49 218.93.154.* Dear InvestGot payment! Good site! Thanks!