Vote Information for Sunday 19 October 2008


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23:38U569??13 75.52.209.* Dear InvestVery Good Program. Honest. Thanks paid!
16:11U683??47 92.112.71.* Vogiznice
16:06U837??88 92.112.74.* Jifondpaying
16:01U373??52 92.112.101.* MegasotGot paid
15:55U373??52194.105.97.*500-dollarsI tried and now I'm satisfied!
15:52U019??63 78.48.3.* Big percentGood staff
15:48U385??38 85.180.34.* VogizMuch and much better then others, my mark is VER GOOD in any case!
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15:45U609??58 78.43.150.* JifondQuckly paid
15:41 U884??91 125.164.96.* CazinoxReceived payment, I'm on profit right now
15:40U837??88 85.180.30.* MegasotTrue! All the withdrew money reached my e-gold accout!
15:35U837??88 78.102.252.* 500-dollarsbest hyip
15:31U740??56 92.112.58.* Big percentanyway excellent working!!
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15:25U683??47 78.50.19.* JifondIt's a real opportunity to get huge profit in short time
15:19U609??58 91.89.226.* MegasotStable company
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15:08U177??03208.43.6.*Cazinoxgot PAID 3/4
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14:10U689??6074.173.102.*Miinvscammed me out of over $150.oo. NO PAYOUTS AND NO EMAIL REPLIES FROM ADMIN. beware you will lose all your money here.
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8:58 U326??18 89.24.4.* LibertyreserveInvestI waiting on last Withdrawal request 74 hours pending $ 64.66
8:54U601??7689.114.53.*Moneys-Profittotal payout: 250 %
8:12U820??9386.121.129.*Moneys-ProfitThat\'s a very good admin.paid me many you.
7:42U637??21 172.158.100.* Mutual Forex Fund
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