Vote Information for Sunday 19 November 2006


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22:3017??44 202.165.196.* Age Of InvestNOT BAD! GOT MY 1st PAYOUT! Thank you Age Of Invest! I am re-investing for MORE!
22:22215??8482.207.45.*FRXCIVery good project!! Paid and fast!
22:21215??8482.207.45.*Nana313Very good project!! Paid and fast!
21:20 51??82 68.72.15.* Dep4Capitalinvested 40 usd gold and it did not apply to my acct.
21:03363??0960.50.119.*SavingSeason.comAbsolute Fabbo!!! Paid on time.
18:59299??8374.104.94.*Golden FlowProgram is the best one out there!
18:51326??4587.248.165.*OIL Fundpaid
18:50374??25 87.6.201.* BigHourlyProgramPrompt paying! It is very important!
18:50326??4587.248.165.*Mutual Investpaid
16:5167??87 91.76.112.* Hourly PercentTotal deposite is growing, they are paying, I deposited again. All is OK!
16:13 119??61 81.89.13.* Hourly Percent
15:29363??5268.96.185.*Hourly Percentthey have been consistently paying on every investment I have made. they are the great.
15:13372??78202.51.232.*Gold2007always pay on time..nice program. Thank you
14:43371??2272.232.94.*Perfect ForexYesterday received my $340 withdrawal. Everything is fine!
14:02355??55 125.162.191.* Golden FlowAlways Paid. Golden Flow is the best!!! - Thanks!
13:10 367??15 202.159.38.* Gold2007good paying
12:36158??34213.136.101.*Dollars-CollectionNice !!! today I earned $300 for $200 invested
12:24 141??48 4.153.232.* Lusty-Fundswaiting 12 hours+...
12:24365??89212.58.160.*Profit on CapitalBest program!Thanks admin!PAYING!!!
12:01355??55 125.162.188.* FX Golden UnionNot Paying!!! SCAM!
11:52206??95195.5.51.*Nana313Paid me! I'll invest more :)
11:46206??95195.5.51.*FRXCIHonest admin! I think this program will pay
10:53363??09 218.111.64.* Viva Fund ClubPAID!!! 1/5!!! Good Job Admin.
10:52373??25 70.225.174.* ST-ClubPaid again !
10:36354??17 88.118.251.* Hyip4EverPAYING. GOOD HYIP :D
10:25131??8587.247.118.*Hyip4Evernice groth of memberbase ! already got few payouts..
10:21335??90 219.95.242.* Hourly PercentPaid as mentioned. Secure your investment. Keep the good works. ID: acson2.
10:05 271??73 203.190.46.* BigHourlyProgramGOOD HYIP PROGRAM>>I LIKE THIS
10:05135??42217.77.220.*Nana313Got paid!
10:04135??42217.77.220.*FRXCIGot paid!
10:02135??42217.77.220.*RowentoGot paid!
10:01135??42217.77.220.*LifeDollarsGot paid!
10:00135??42217.77.220.*OIL FundGot paid!
9:59135??42217.77.220.*Mutual InvestGot paid!
9:58135??42217.77.220.*Q-InvestmentGot paid!
9:57135??42217.77.220.*AI-FundGot paid!
9:56367??6662.75.139.*ST-ClubPaying !
9:35358??74 61.94.9.* Gold2007not paid and not reply, do not invest here!!!!!
9:01272??97 69.158.48.* Sigma InvestmentGood paying program.
8:54296??62 71.198.4.* Sigma Investmentpay me again
8:50339??70 83.237.49.* Sigma InvestmentMy favourite invest program
7:48364??70 218.111.2.* Gold2007Paid for 23/50 ($50), 10/50 ($19). Plan 1 paid daily. If you choose plan 2-6, they should pay after trading days!
1:40 369??85 60.52.46.* Open TradePut in a test sum and got my first payment. wait till the next payment in 2 weeks before deciding to recommend to my clients