Vote Information for Wednesday 24 September 2008


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19:58U018??5491.124.142.*VogizDoes not pay! Deception! Не платит!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
19:54U018??5491.124.142.*Power FundDoes not pay! Deception!
19:05U683??47 92.112.26.* Vogizpaid
17:39U683??47 92.50.238.* JifondWorks fine!
17:36U740??56 77.122.156.* MegasotReceived 5 payments
17:25U609??58 92.112.119.* 500-dollarsIt's just very good
17:20U609??58 89.74.26.* Big percentPaid
17:14U385??3879.116.113.*Vogizworking good
17:06U385??3879.116.113.*JifondPaid many times
16:23U373??52 91.146.45.* MegasotGot the payout
16:17U683??47 77.121.23.* 500-dollarsReceived 500$ to e-gold!
16:12U683??47 89.40.106.* Big percentpaying program
16:10U574??52 71.3.211.* Big percent4th attempt at withdraw. Funds never go to my account. Email always says batch number and account number are n/a. No response from admin. NOT PAID!!!
16:08U019??63 89.41.11.* Vogizgot paid without problems
15:59U837??88 88.148.110.* Megasotpaid
15:39 U311??87 83.40.241.* NorthPayWell, all I can say is FAKE! All the positive are fakes, here is the fact: Withdrawal request $ 46.50[cancel] Sep-14-2008 03:29:55 AM
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12:01U441??3066.228.113.*BOSS InvBest investment program in 2008 !
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9:12U588??48 116.48.17.* BOSS Inv$10 commision paided to me, between I just invested $500 in the first plan
8:49U184??87222.89.209.*1DailyFundsThanks! I have again received fast payment.
8:48U143??6477.109.12.*JDT Forex FundFrom September, 17 all is paid one time 4.40. Admin on questions does not answer. Big SCAM! Be careful!
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1:39 U187??83 69.144.148.* Fx4 InvestNot Paying. Stay away!!