Vote Information for Sunday 21 September 2008


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22:20U547??7469.41.198.*Honest InvestmentsI got paid , thanks admin, Sherri
21:57U547??7469.41.198.*Honest InvestmentsI got paid, thanks admin, Sherri
16:34U019??63 92.112.81.* Vogizstable working
16:33U740??56 92.112.41.* JifondAbsolutelly honest hyip
16:29U837??88 92.112.122.* Megasotnice
16:11U295??6864.55.144.*1DailyFundsI earned almost hundred dollars.
15:53U837??88 92.112.2.* 500-dollarsI had no problems with payouts. Thank you for the good work!
15:49U837??88 92.112.127.* Big percentWorking successfully
15:45U740??56 92.112.93.* Vogizthank you
15:43U373??52 94.178.39.* JifondI agree that this is a paying hyip
15:37U609??5892.112.5.*MegasotStill no fails from it. Like it.
15:31U609??58 92.112.241.* 500-dollarspayment received
15:28U609??58 92.112.88.* Big percentpaid
15:24U373??52 92.112.64.* VogizFirst day - and first payout! This is the greatest hyip for the last few months!
15:12U837??88 94.178.10.* JifondI've received a lot of money
15:08U683??47 92.112.245.* Megasotpaid
14:48U911??7282.160.29.*AXA HYIPPaid again !
14:44U496??23222.89.209.*1DailyFundsThis program and Admin are very impressive, Pay me everyday and ontime
12:39U574??5274.4.117.*Big percent3rd attempt at withdraw. Funds never go to my account. Email always says batch number and account number are n/a. No response from admin. NOT PAID!!!
12:20U911??7282.160.29.*OffshoreStockTradesThanks !
9:57U455??5566.199.251.*Wash FundVery good program, getting pay, never missed a payment thanks
9:50U695??78 125.243.55.* Wash FundPaid every day, directly into my LR account.
9:34U949??28 204.181.2.* Wash FundI earn my real profits in the program too.Thanks.
8:02U201??6361.221.54.*Wash FundReceiving payments every day without fail.thanks admin!
7:51U059??75 58.185.2.* Wash FundPayment received again!thanks a lot!
7:05U381??3084.16.234.*Wash FundThis program and Admin are very impressive.paid every day!
6:37U345??57163.180.125.*Wash FundExtremely fast in payment! Thank admin!
6:08U938??2567.135.51.*Wash FundPaid again!No problems with this problem!
5:05U463??4962.67.240.*Wash Fundinvest here and got paid ontime .they pay fast
4:37U041??26158.182.222.*Wash FundHonest payouts on time! Get paid today as usual. Nice serious project!!!