Vote Information for Wednesday 10 September 2008


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20:22AG11??3068.243.161.*RagnapsaFirst time paid me but I did not withdraw I reinvested next time I will make a withdraw and see if they pay
18:40U740??5669.137.210.*Big percentgood for the investments
18:37U740??56 76.175.62.* VogizThis hyip is right for me
18:33U523??0585.199.36.*Jifondtold me that the payout is prozessed but did NOT receive any money nor ony answer from admin!!
18:33U609??58 64.57.200.* Jifondpaid
18:28U373??52 74.137.21.* MegasotREALLY high-profit hyip
18:22U373??52 69.122.10.* Big percentThank you! Payment received!
18:20U373??52 70.251.17.* Vogizvery good
18:11U385??3824.188.216.*JifondBig thanks to admin for the good work
18:05U837??88 70.225.88.* Megasotwell, it's very good, i think
17:59U837??8898.206.108.*Big percentpaid to me
17:54U837??88 12.226.30.* VogizThanx!
17:52U740??5668.12.114.*JifondIt's really excellent choice for me and for other skilled investors!
17:48U609??5871.201.96.*MegasotPays quickly
16:55AG11??3068.243.161.*JifondTook my money and did not put in my account these guys are crooks stay away don\'t invest here
15:22U303??76 212.9.31.* Cash NineDidn't recieve my payment yet. Always came on time but not today. Will post when i recieve it
14:55U572??28 218.58.8.* TopProfitWorldNext payment received :Batch: #5540938. THANKS ADMIN !
14:46AG11??35125.164.103.*NAT ProfitFantastic Program They keep on PAYING and paying
13:23U625??92 76.16.29.* MomentForexPaid again ahead of schedule. Gotta love great paying sites.Thank you very much
13:09U294??04 216.186.200.* MomentForexPaid like clockwork always ontime!!!!!! :)much, I am paid extremely fast today!!
13:00 U781??76 66.199.251.*Relax TradingVote for the great program! friendly customer service and consistent payments!
12:22U481??5676.170.192.*MomentForexthis programme is absolutely and extremely good thanks for this hyips
11:58U406??7864.66.192.*1DailyFundsI earned almost hundred dollars.
11:56U177??75 68.44.155.* MomentForexI am glad you perform a wonderful program, please move it up.
11:47U904??4664.66.192.*1DailyFundsI am thankful for all the helps which you have done.
11:11 U853??19 209.51.220.* Trade Securitiesnice paying programe, paying honeslty, received my 1st payments, user id jasho4
9:58U496??23 58.47.159.* 1DailyFundsI earned almost hundred dollars.
9:08U052??12222.89.221.*1DailyFundsThis program and Admin are very impressive, Pay me everyday and ontime
5:01 U852??43 65.49.14.* Hot-GoldI withdrawed 12 hours ago and still no sign of payment.I think this program is scam and not thrusworthy.I am elenor and if i am paid i will updait comment Africanscholar.
4:48U800??13 121.25.163.* TopProfitWorldWithdrawal to account U8******. Batch is 55409482008-10-09 03:56:40Top Profit Worldgengcb,thanks for paid me again!!!
0:08AG11??30 74.224.41.* Hot-GoldThese guys take your money post your profit but will not let you remove your profit do not invest here scam big time